…how can you say/ I go about things the wrong way? Saturday, Mar 7 2009 

All right, I delayed as long as I could, but I must at last succumb to the avalanche of peer pressure and post something..

Man but I do loves me my hyperboles.

Anyway, it is March now and I cannot wait for it to be spring. I am tired of cold and want to wear cute skirts and eat ice cream again. We had a crazy snowstorm to start the month thought, it was like winter was giving us a valiant last stand. It’s mostly melted now. And the temp has been yoyoing like mad, 18 one day and 55 the next. Bah.

But enough boring talk about the weather. What else has been going on?

Well, not much. Lots and lots of waiting. And being really cranky about all the waiting. I guess the disadvantage to having my grad school interview date early is that I get longer to wait.

I turned in my ‘homework’ last week, and I really felt like I’d done all I could do. ‘Course, now that it’s all in I’m having irrational thoughts along the lines of “perhaps I should have annoated my research more throughly!”… But in the end I don’t know that I should have done more. I had lots of primary source pictures, my renderings were some of the best watercolors I’ve ever done, I’d swatched the whole thing down to the collar and cuffs… Man! I even threw down 15 bucks on buttons! They had to be real horn, I felt. And the silly things were 3-4 dollars apiece, so even though I only needed 1 or two of each size to show for samples, it added up. Good thing I’m not really making this suit…

Anyway it’s in and done and I am waiting. Did I mention I was waiting? Arrarrrarrrarrr…

Was really unreasonably cranky all last week, didn’t even have the hormones to blame it on. Then I had two entire days off and wow is my whole world better all the sudden. Apparently I really needed that day of lying around my house naked doing absolutely nothing. The second day I did laundry. ALL of it. Sheets, towels, the handwashed delicates, every thread of laundry I could find.. And oh man does my room smell better. Mmm… detergent..

Oh, and the other day I took some friends to see a show- ‘Garden of Earthly Delights’. It’s based of the Bosch painting, just beautiful. And renewed my LOVE for the Cello. Oh but I do loves me the celloin’. Ahhh… So good! Also, near-naked people fly on harnesses. Way cool. Made me wiggle and cry, somewhat to the distraction of the nearby patrons… I’m the best audience member ever.

My cat is once again on the I-bought-food-you-don’t-like-but-that’s-all-you-get-so-deal-with-it diet. It’s done wonders for her energy level.. After two days now I do seem to be sort of winning the battle of wills, in that she’s begrudingly eating it and I did not buy her anymore of her old brand. I’m gonna stick with it if I can, it’s good to see her run around more even if she is annoying in the morning.

Oh, I’m also waiting to hear about a summer job in Allentown PA that would be working with a fellow I met at NYU. It’s not riches and it means camping out in Allentown for eight weeks, but I’d really love to work with this guy again because last time was really fun, and anyway it might be good for me to get out of the city for awhile. But I’ll hear after the weekend I guess.

And that’s all the news that’s fit to print for now, I suppose. Enough with your mockery!


…and she laid it on to he and me… Tuesday, Feb 10 2009 

stresemann1Good morning, chickens and chickadees!

Well, first off, since everybody and their dog has been harassing me about it, I must make this announcement. I don’t actually know when I find out about my grad school application. They finish the interviews mid-March, and so I suspect the letters get sent out first week of April. The website seems to confirm these suspicions. So then. You’ll find out when I do.

But I’m not gonna freak out about it too much. I did all I could do at the interview, and now I’m gonna concentrate on the homework and see what happens from there. Actually I’m beginning to suspect that they give out the homework in part to give us something to do while we wait…

The homework is going pretty well, I think. I got two more weeks, feels pretty good so far. I found some great pictures of the fellow I want to base my design off of. One Gustave Stresesmann. Was Chancellor of the Weimar Republic a few times (those dudes switched up their cabinet posts more often than the W administration), and won the Nobel Peace prize in, uh, 1929 I think? Anyway, all that is incidental to the fact that he wore the same high-collar-and silk-tie combo from 1910 to ‘round 1939. A man of habit, he.

Now I gotta find a way to document what sorts of fabrics his suit might have been made from, and go do me some swatching. Can’t wait for that, that’s the fun part! Mmmm… wools and linens… yes yes.

Today is my first real day off in like 6-8 weeks, and I am way happy to have it. The super is over fixing my ceiling, and I got big plans to clean my room, maybe even do laundry. I did already take down my Christmas tree… I know, shame on me for leaving it up so long. I’d have taken it down weeks ago, but my roommate really wanted to keep it as long as possible… and as I have mentioned there was that whole thing where I was working all the time. But it came down today. All gone! Now I have packed my little Christmas box, with all my ornaments and lights and my gigantic tree stand. And when I open it up again, it will be Christmas! This is a lovely thing.

…falling in love again, play it as I may… Monday, Feb 2 2009 

Big day today kids!

I had my interview at Tisch this morning and I feel pretty good about it. Susan Hilferty said my drawings were beautiful! Then she gave me homework.

Yup, homework. They want to see me draw more detail, so I have three weeks to learn everything there is to know about 1920s menswear, and redesign a suit for the Duke in my Wiemar Republican Measure for Measure. Buttons and lapels and cufflinks and all, really specific like as if it’s for a movie.

Menswear is terrifying and boys are hard to draw. But I’m pretty excited. I’m sensing some library time in my future.

Of course they asked questions I wasn’t expecting, and didn’t say anything about other things I was expecting questions on, but that’s par for the course for these sorts o’ things I guess.

After that was over I sat through a studio class. They were doing early design presentations on the opera Wozzek, and I got really excited about it. Like I was having a hard time keeping my mouth shut (I did succeed, though. Mostly) . The other interviewees that day left during the break, but I was really interested, so I stayed the whole time, 12-5. Long class. But like I said, I got WAY excited. My fingers were itching! I wanted to throw my ideas out there SO BAD. It was all just really fascinating and I felt like I wanted to be a part of it.

So I dunno. Maybe someone noticed I was chomping at the bit, and maybe that’s a good thing. But I’m more determined than ever now- my backup plans all pale to blank in comparison. I really really want to go there.

I hope they accept me and give me the money I need. I WANT I WANT I WANT!

Thaet was gud cyning! Saturday, Jan 31 2009 

This isn’t a real post, I just had to archive this AWESOME thing that I found in the dark depths of the internetz…

Hw@37! W3 G@rd2/\/@ in g3@rd@gum,
þ30dcyn|/\/ga, þry/\/\ g3frun0n,
hu ð@ @3þ3ling@5 3113n fr3m3d0n.
Of7 Scyld Sc3fing sc3@þ3n@ þr3@+um

… oh it made me so happy…

…what so proudly we held… Wednesday, Jan 21 2009 

Oh I was there!

It was amazing.

It was very cold.

and crowded.

And we had to walk for miles.

and nobody got much sleep.

So worth it. I cried and screamed and cried and cried and cried.


I was dressed so festively! Red coat and blue blankie FTW!


It was Very Cold!


Sometimes my view was like this..


Mostly my view was like this. I got to see what I came for though, so I didn’t care.


This is W leaving! He flew right over us.


So much crowd!


We were all so happy!


The trains were packed, of course. Everybody was super nice.

DC metro is much cleaner than New York’s. Less old school cred though.

I still have the metrocard. It’s my only souvenir. Got a pic of Obama and a 1.35$ still on it… I’m gonna keep it forever.

Pics provided by my friend (and our driver) Mike Keane. Thanks Mike!

…Now I drink from a paper cup… Monday, Jan 19 2009 

Oh disaster my babies!

So I won’t be in DC tomorrow after all and I am VERY SAD. Well, I could be sadder, but I felt capital letters were warranted anyway. Anyhoo, it seems that something went HORRIBLY WRONG with our van rental, the one thing we didn’t think could go wrong. Like, the guy driving our bus s’had this reservation for Weeks now. Apparently it was one of those where the guy on the phone said something different than the guy at the desk and it was a big fat mess that I don’t actually know anything about because I wasn’t there. I was only responsible for blankets and snack foods- which I had all packed and ready, mind you. I was PREPARED.

ALAS!!! I was getting really excited too. Not my fault though. I mostly feel bad for our van driver, he is all sorts of sad.

But I still have the day off, so I’m gonna go with my original plan and stand to watch in Times Square. That way I still get a massive happy crowd, with the added bonus of that I can have an umbrella if it snows, it’s a only an hour commute from my house, and I can get WASTED DRUNK if I want to. See, if we went to DC we would all have to be sober and not carry anything that might get stopped by security and we would have had to do a lot more walking. So there. TOMORROW WILL BE AWESOME!!! No matter where I’m standing at noon.

Speaking of sober, if this post is rambly it is because I came home and had two shots of bourbon. Can you tell?

MMMMMMmmmmm…. Life is good.


.. *EDIT*

Oh wait I may be going after all, there’s some alternate plan involving someone’s roomate’s car … Oh god the suspense is mad and did I mention I LOVE BOURBON!?! Well, I just did.

I am going to read this post and be embarassed later. My decision making skills are not up to par.

…take it to the limit, one more time… Monday, Jan 19 2009 

Ahoy there!

So my big news of the week is that I Finally got Paid! That check from NYU that I been waitin’ on since november came at last, and all is well. Got my rents all paid, bought some much needed work pants, and best of all- I have a new winter coat. And just in time too, because the day after I got it, like, the Very Next Day, it got reallly really cold here. Temp has been hovering in the teens since Tuesday. Today it warmed up into the 20s and we got some real snow. It’s amazing how warm 29 degrees feels when you’ve been slogging through 17 degree weather for a few days.

Anyway, the coat is Beautiful. It is bright red. Like the red of mom’s peacoat I wore all the time in middle school. I was gonna get black, but they only had mediums in black and the small red one fit me much better. I took it as a sign from above that I should be wearing more red. Who am I to fight it? It’s from a store that has a lot of well-made stuff I like, and I usually can’t afford to shop there, but the economy’s so bad they’re desperate and everything is on mad sale. I walked in and had three people tell me all about their crazy sales, it was almost funny. I bought two velvet blazers while I was there too. One black (of course) and one in purple. I needed a new costume designer jacket- my old one is getting mighty worn out.

Anyway, enough of this boring talk of shopping. The real thing to talk about is that I will be standing out in the cold all day on Tuesday and I will be mighty glad of the new coat. Because I, my friends am going to DC.

Oh yes. That’s right. Me and some friends are piling into a minivan and roadtrippin’ it down. It’s madness. I can’t wait. We don’t have tickets or nuthin, we’re just gonna show up with the clothes on our backs and a song in our hearts. Doesn’t even matter if we never get close to the action. Our goal is just to be standing on the mall at 12:00 Tuesday, watching the Jumbotron with however many millions of other people as Barack Obama get sworn in. That’s it. And for that we will brave hours and hours of horrible traffic, crazy security lines, frigid East Coast cold, and the very real possibility we will be doing without full meals and/or proper toilets for 24 hours.

I don’t care. It will be worth it. I’m gonna scream like a banshee and cry like a baby. It will be wonderful.



Oh yes, almost forgot. My Grad school interview/portfolio review for Tisch School of the Arts at NYU is on February 2nd at 10:20 am. Please please please wish me lots of luck and awesomeness! I really really want this.

…damn your eyes! For taking my breath away… Monday, Jan 5 2009 

Happy New Year! 2009 is gonna be a good one, I can feel it.

Big news in Minnick Land- I have put forth my grad school application. To Tisch School of the Arts, yes yes. I hit the ‘submit’ button at 3 am on the morning of January 1st. Hooray for me!

I still have to put in my UW application, but that one requires printing and envelopes and postage and what-have-you, and that deadline is weeks away, so I am not nearly so stressed about it.

I have to take my christmas tree down this week and that makes me sad. I am however, excited to pack up that christmas box. You know, the box in the closet that when you bring it out, it’s Christmas. I will have one! And that makes me happy.

But I am doing none of that today, no sir. I am sick. Gots me a sore throat and a fever. Lucky I also got three days off, so I can sort of afford it. Bleah.

I was gonna run errands and work on my portfolio, but I think that’s gonna have to wait. Maybe tomorrow I won’t be so warm and achy.

My cat is on a new kind of food and it appears tht she has lost some weight. Hooray! Fat kitty..

…’huh!’ said the lady to the man… Tuesday, Dec 23 2008 

Well, my dears, it is nearly Christmas, and what have we here? I for one have an ADORABLE christmas tree! My very first tree, and it is covered in paper. Cranes and snowflakes, specifically. It is a ‘Frasier” fir tree, and slightly taller than yours truly. So, a real tree indeed.

We got some snow the other day, which was quick to turn to gross icy piles of dirty gunk, but them’s the beats. I’m hoping it will snow again and be pretty for Christmas, but I betcha anything it’s gonna rain instead. Seems the northwest and northeast have switched weather again this year. It’s madness.

I had a day off today, and I was gonna get all sorts of things done… I had a nice long list and everything. Guess what I did? NOTHING! I am so lazy.

Well, that’s not really true, I did update my resume so I can send my grad school app off before the week is out. I told myself that I wanted to have them done by Christmas, with the knowledge that I would likely be a week late and thus still in time for the Jan. first Deadline. Thus does my plot unfold.

But no errands were run, I never left the house, no phone calls made nor emails sent. I didn’t even do any baking. Although there’s still time for that, I suppose. If my roommates ever leave the kitchen.

I have a sad story about a cherry pie I made last week. I did it up from scratch- frozen cherries, homemade butter crust, the whole thing. I spiced it with cinnamon and a little nutmeg, and it baked up perfectly. So I put it on the stove to cool and was really excited about it. Then my roommate Dante came home and went to make some tea. And turned on the wrong burner. And BURNED MY PIE! I was so sad. She felt really terrible and made me some tea, but still, man. She Burned my Pie!

Turns out it was not as great a tragedy as it could have been though. I hadn’t used enough cornstarch in the filling, so the pie was runny anyway. Oh well. It still tasted really good. At least the parts of it that weren’t all burnt.

In other disappointing news, I still don’t have my check from NYU. Turns out payroll is eight weeks behind. This is a big fat problem in so many ways it is not even funny. It seems my only option now may be to call them first thing next week and demand an advance. Because if I don’t get that money before the first I am really pretty well SCREWED. Not cool.

We had our office party at my dayjob last Thursday, and I was certain this time would be uneventful as I had no plans to get smashed and planned to stick to that. I figured I’d have a glass or two of wine, maybe a shot of something if someone else was buying, then sober up and go home. Oh, the best-laid plans on mice and men..

So I was working the late shift that night, and as we are closing up, someone who will not be named brings out a bottle of rum, and proposes we each do a shot before we go over. Now, I am certainly not one to turn down free rum. Good rum, golden imported special puerto rican rum… Oh, we all know how I feel about rum.

So he pours out shots, (BIG shots, like doubles or triples), and we all fall to. But fate was not on my side, for as I am downing mine, someone makes me laugh. Horrors ensue! For I proceed to sputter, and a goodly portion of said delicious alcohol takes the scenic route through my sinus cavity and comes out my nose.

Oh. The. Pain. Now, I thought I’d be okay. Thought I could just walk it off and be all right. Oh no. For you see, the other side effect of any mind-altering substance taken (albeit accidentally) through the nose, other than the incredible pain of it… is that I was Drunk in no time flat. Off one shot. So embarrassing.

So I felt like crap and was already loopy by the time I arrived at the party. Thus I had no more drinks and did not stay long. Just long enough to show my face, eat some free food, say some hellos, get my picture taken (I looked great too, what a waste), and then I was on the subway home to my nice warm bed and my soft kitty and a cup of very soothing mint tea. Alas! That was this year’s Christmas party. I’m sorry kids! I know y’all were looking forward to seeing me get turned upside down..

I volunteered to work on Christmas eve because I thought it would be fun. I’m gonna bring cookies and maybe a pie. Baked goods shall be had by all.

I made fudge the other day and it is very tasty, however I think I put in too few marshmallows because it will not set no matter how long it lives in the freezer. But that’s okay, we’ve been melting it and putting hot fudge on our ice cream instead. Yummy!

Well now that I have made myself all hungry, perhaps it is time for a raid on the kitchen.

…why can’t we give love that one more chance?… Saturday, Dec 6 2008 

aaaa wordpress redid their formats and I am confused and afraid…..

I guess it’s been enough time that I should post something before somebody mocks me.

I just threw out the last of the turkey carcass. Well, not really true, as I still have the wings and one of the legs saved. I suspect that Iso will be eating most of that, as I am not as fond of dark meat but she doesn’t seem to care. Iso loves turkey. And chicken, too. She’s pro-poultry.

Anyway now that my oven works again I have been crazy into making pies. I made like 5 of them for Thanksgiving. I knew that was a lot but punkin pie is my very favorite breakfast in all the world so I figured better too many than too few. Well, there were only 15-20 people actually made it to dinner that night instead of the 25-30 I was hoping for, so some of my guests got sent home with whole pies. Because I am just that awesome. I treats the orphans right!

The fact that all three of said guests happen to be boys I like is entirely coincidental.

I also disposed of much of the turkey in a similar fashion. I made a 22-pound turkey, guys! That is a giant bird! I felt pretty burly hefting that thing around, let me tell you. Turned out great though. And thanks to mom’s genius foil trick, the whole thing got cooked through, but the breast was still deliciously moist and not too dry. Also, I make a good gravy. The cranberry sauce got the most compliments though, which makes me smile becasue it is also the thing that takes the least actual effort. Just boil the suckers and add the proper spices. Makes my kitchen look like a crime scene though. Red spatters everywhere!

But now all that is over and the dishes are one load away from being done. I don’t ahve a dishwasher and I had to work all day for three days straight afterward… bleh and I hate dishes. Oh well.

I got the kitchen clean enough to make a cherry pie all for myself on monday. I ate that whole thing all by my lonesome, yumm! Just finished the last piece for breakfast this morning. Next up, apple! Whoooooo!!!

Uhhh… not much else going on with me other than that I have officially started on my grad school application. Deadline is Jan. 1st. I wanna have it submitted by Christmas though. Seems like a good goal to me.

Also I have decided that although there are few things in this world I enjoy more than singing- I don’t really like to Karoke all that much. I don’t really have a good explanation as to why just yet though. That may require some uncomfortable self-examination.

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