Oh holy crap look at this adorable time capsule! Man, what a chronicle of my twenties.

I feel I must explain. But wait, there’s no time for that. Let me sum up.

2010 sucked balls. Vacuumed massive hairy spheres.  I spent it being super poor, artistically unfulfilled, and extremely unhappy at my stupid dayjob that I couldn’t afford to quit because the economy was total crap. There was only one good thing happened to me in 2010, and his name was Phil.

I met him at the office Christmas party, the one I would have missed if I had managed to make it on a plane to st. Thomas like I was supposed to.  Since I was unable to get out of NY, I dressed up real nice and determined to make the most out of a night of free margaritas. Halfway through my third drink I didn’t give a crap about anything anymore and informed the quiet green-eyed new guy that I thought he was cute. Apparently a clumsy drunken proposition can turn out to be an effective if unsubtle strategy, because we spent the night making out.

We got married last weekend. And we’re moving to Seattle in the fall.

New York City, you were good to me for a while. I don’t regret in the slightest making the move here. But I’m done with you now, we’re finished. It’s time I went home. I need to be closer to my family again, and the hell if I’m putting any kids of mine through your insanely stressful school system. I want to pay less rent, have a garden, and smell fir trees again.

2011 sucked less, but only because I could see the light at the end of the tunnel. I was in love and small things in the rest of my life were slowly improving.

I got to a place in my writing where I don’t automatically hate everything I produce. I’m still not very good yet but I am at least better at it than I was.

My day job only got worse all the time, so I cut my hours there in half and found a new part time job, one that pays a bit less per hour but is a lot less stressful and a much shorter commute. I finally quit that stupid first job a few months ago and have been supplementing my income with babysitting instead. I’d been there for over five years and that is far too long to be in a place that I knew was a total dead end.

My career sputtered ‘coz the economy went bust, it’s the same story everywhere so I try not to feel too bad. I don’t even know that I want to work in theatre anymore, a lot of the things I loved about it are more profitably found elsewhere. I still want to go to grad school some day, but I am not entirely certain what for. But I have the next decade, nay, the rest of my life! to answer than question, and if I want to reproduce my genes sans unnecessary complications I had probably better get on that first.

Phil hates NY and has wanted to leave for years, and now seems as good a time as any. We got a timeline mapped out for the next 9-12 months, taking everything one step at a time. This summer is gonna be a lot of hunkering down, saving our pennies, and getting boring grownup tasks out of the way. I’m gonna get a learner’s permit and finally learn to drive, for example. And on September 1st we are piling all our worldly goods plus my cat into a uhaul and heading out west.

It’s gonna be all symbolic and romantical and junk. I can’t wait.