Well it has been a fair bit of time since I’ve posted, so here it is, I suppose.

Been working a fair amount- I got called by NYU at last! They must have found some overhire money from somewhere, coz there I am. It has been nice to put the boots back on for a few weeks. And even better to take them off again.. 

In similar news, remember how I was all going to reapply for grad schools this year? Well, after much self flagellation, I have put that plan on hold. You may recall I mentioned a list of things I had written up, things to do that were not grad school? There are a lot of awesome things on that list. Things that I really want to do. And I only got through about 30% of them. So I am giving myself more time.

And it my resume really isn’t different enough from last year’s, since the economy’s been so stinking bad and I hadn’t been getting as much freelance work as expected. Also I really should get my finaces in better order before I go back into school and screw them all up  again…

But mostly I just wasn’t feeling it. Wasn’t motivated, was inspired, and not at all ready to even consider packing up and moving cities again. Gonna give it another year. I’m 25. I got some time.

In the interim I am writng like a crazy woman and starting up the sewing machine again. Also I have a boy now. Life is really pretty sweet.

Gonna go visit Kelly again next month, looks like. Since there’s an airline what owes me a trip to st. Thomas.. I have to call them. I hate calling. Have to do it. Bah!

But I am gonna get me some rum on the beach!! Yessssss!