Well chaps and chapesses, I realize I have not posted in a great long time. And, since I amd trapped at the airport and have a lovely tale of woe to share, why not?

So I am SUPPOSED to be on a beach drinking rum right now. I am not. This makes me very sad.

I missed my flight yesterday morning, because my trainride that was supposed to take an hour took two, and then I got in the wrong line. And there were no more direct flight to St. Thomas that day. The next flight I could get was a connection in Miami, but that wasn’t for like eight hours so i figured I’d go home and come back. I got all the way out of the airtrain, went to buy another metrocard home, and realized my wallet was gone. So not only was I not drinking rum on a beach that afternoon, I couldn’t even go home and have the nice meal and a cry like I planned to. Instead, I got to file a police report and cancell all my credit cards.

But there was some light! The police officer was super nice. (Also, kinda hot). I got sent to travelaid and they gave me a metrocard so I could get home that day after all. I had a meal and a wee bit of a nap, hung out with the kittycat and all. Then tromped back to the airport to get there before the ticket counter closed. That way I was checked in for my stand by flight in the morning already and did not have to stand in line and risk doing the same thing I’d done earlier that made me miss my original flight. I then spent the night on a cot next to baggage claim.

To no avail! I was high up on the standby list, but the flight was overbooked and I did not get on it. Now I am a determined airport camper. For I am sticking around to see if I can get on either connecting flight to San Juan, in which case I have a confirmation for a flight to St Thomas in the morning. If not, I will be even higher on the list for that same direct flight in tomorrow morning…

Yes, for optimal travelling experience, do not try to fly standby on a holiday week just after a snowstorm. There were 75 people on the standby list for the flight to Miami this morning. And they were bumping people and  calling for volunteers becasue the plane was smaller than the one that was originally booked. Impossible!

So here I am, stressed out and very tired, waiting in the airport with my fingers crossed I can get on a plane before Christmas. If my ass can just get on a plane my vacation is saved…

One good stroke of luck though. I lost my wallet, but I still have my ID. It was in my pocket coz I’d taken it out to go through security. So I can still  travel and I won’t be too screwed when I get home. I was even able to go to a bank and get a little cash to buy trashy magazines and airport food with. By the time I get home (if I ever get to leave), I may even find my new issued cards in the mail. So it could be worse.

I miss my wallet though.. there were some sentimental things in there. And now I don’t really know what to do with my cash, it’s sort of floating homeless in my empty sad purse.

So that is my tale of vacation woe. At least I am not passportless in China though. But I hate airports. Love flying, hate airports.

At least the christmas music they got pipinng in is reletively inoffensive.

So cross you fingers and wish me luck y’all! I need to get on a plane!!