All right fine. It is true, two whole months is a long time to go without a post. It’s like I’ve been distracted with facebook or something. Lame excuse, I know. But yeah.

Anyway, I also for a long time felt like nothing truly of interest had happened- er, at least that I want to share with everybody anyway. Been long enough now I am surely able to dredge up some news now, what?

Full disclosure- some of this is gonna be copied and pasted from emails. Sorry mom. I am a lazy blogger.

I am having computer again and facebook messages do not always want to load properly. I think that Egil’s HD is to blame because I can hear it
clicking when it freezes. So that means I’ll have to take it back and
prolly get a new one. At least I am not a total fool and bought the
warranty. I do have back up all my word files and pics first though..
Big pain in my butt. Also these computer problems are totally cramping
my ‘stay up late and write’ binges. How am I supposed to get my word
nerd on? Writing it out in my scribbly handwriting on paper is just not
the same.

Been doing it anyway though. And saving on to my flash drive because I am paranoid about losing my word files now.  I’m hittng some scenes that are fairly important to the story- the kind I’ve been thinking about for a long time and am nervous to actually write them. Like no skill I have can possibly do justice to what I got in my head. It’s a scary place to be. But I gotta get it down and out of me or it’ll never go anywhere.

In other news, there’s been some crazy management shakeups at work that have been stressing me out a bit, but they’re supposed to make things better in the end. Like supposedly I’m supposed to have health insurance starting this week. I am very excited about this. It’s a tiny bit of insurance, but a little is a far sight better than the Nothing I got now. Baby needs to see her a doctor. I haven’t even had a checkup in like a decade. Man I kinda cannot wait to do that.

I did get a solid 33 hours scheduled this week, so that’s good. I had previously been operating on 25-30ish and just squeaking by. A few more hours, especially reliable steady hours, is gonna do wonders for my bank account I feel, since the freelance work has dried up so very drastically this year. It’s a bit depressing but at least I am employed. I really hope I did not just jinx myself by saying that… aaaaaa

My roomate just lost his job this week, though he actually seems much less stressed about it than I would be. Maybe coz he’s got some savings and hasn’t been here as long so he also doesn’t have as much stuff. He’s planning to move into the living room though, so we can rent out his bedroom to some unsuspecting soul and make us a bit more cash per month. This may also be good for the ol’ minnick dollar.

We do need to clean out the disaster area that is our kitchen first. We’ve both been sick for the last few weeks and nothing has been done to satisfaction. What it is though is that our counter is so tiny and the room is so small that even managable messes look like we are total hopeless slobs. Which we are not. I hope.

One nice thing about this damned recession is that all my friends are just as poor as me, so at least I don’t feel alone. Nutty artists everywhere be feelin’ the slow heat.. bah.

Also I came home the other day to Grand Jury Summons! Oh boy, Jury Duty!! Haven’t had to go yet, it’ll be my first time. Previously I have always been living out of state. Got no reason not to do it this time though. So I’ll just have to see how it goes.

Well kids, I am tired of writing this so this is all you get. If there’s  anybody even reading anymore….