All right fine. In an endeavor to extinguish these pathetic yet strangely insistent flames of mockery, and also to avoid becoming the most uninteresting man in the world, I shall offer you this missive.

It is August. My least favorite month. It is hot and sticky and LOOONG, and as ever in August, I am Super Poor. This month is cursed.

Since I, as aforementioned, am super poor, I have been doing many small things to allay my budget shortfalls. Gone are the days of eating ten dollar lunches at the deli everyday! Away with my monthly expenditures on stacks of delicious books! No more spontaneous shopping for shiny new shoes and adorable dresses. I can’t really tell you which one of these hurts more.

Wait. Yes I can. It’s the books. I gotta have new things to read on the train or my commute becomes an arduous trudge, instead of a welcome respite in the passage of my working day.

So I’ve been cooking meals at home to take to work, this saves me much money in the food line, especially since my roommate and I share groceries and he eats out a lot. I’ve also worked out this deal where I borrow books from a coworker in exchange for food. Icelandic Chicken in particular is a big hit. So I just make extra when I cook, and receive delicious knowledge for my delicious foods.

It’s a pretty good deal. I’ve been reading a lot of science coz that’s what he brings me. GenomesĀ  and physics and computers, oh my! It’s awesome. The last book was about famous equations and thus had like four whole chapters just on Einstein. I gotta say, reading about Einstein’s gig at the patent office, it make me feel a little better about my boring dayjob.

I painted a mural on another coworker’s bathroom wall last month and was partially paid in massive amounts of acrylic paint. So I got myself some cheap canvases and have been painting again. I did a series on blood moons coz I was in a dark mood for a while. They turned out nice though I think. Now I believe I shall switch to happier subjects. Like Bunnies. Cute adorable bunnies.

I am not kidding. If ever I am in a scuzzy public restroom (which is often as that’s the only kind the likes of me inhabits here), I have oft been known to grace said establishment’s collection of graffiti with my own rabbity contributions. Those bunnies shall spread throughout the hipster enclaves of Brooklyn, and shall also make their marks around St. Marks. That’s in the village if you did not know. Anyway, cue maniacal laugh here.

I am also poor enough that I am considering an attempt to sell some of said paintings. I don’t know that anyone will care about blood moons. But Bunniez, now. Bunniez will sell. People love them.

But enough about rabbits. Back to complaining about being poor!

Since I can’t afford lots of clothes shopping this season, I have continued to sew up a storm. A summer dress storm. Also I have been hemming people’s pants and sewing buttons for pocket change. So that’s good.

I think my next project will be to redye a bunch of my black clothes, because they have faded but are otherwise perfectly good and I don’t want to buy new ones just yet. I’m gonna see if anybody else at work wants their pants redyed too. Might as well be efficient with the dyepot, since it’s such a pain. Specially in this weather..

Gods have I mentioned the weather? I know you folks on the west coast been having it bad, but it is crazy hot and HUMID here and I can’t wait for it to stop. Yucky yucky!

I do have a giant fan that blows right over my bed and that is lovely even if it does dry out my eyes. And I been drinking liquids like I am Thor, God of Thunder. There’s a mythology reference for all you history nerds out there.

Well this has been a nice long post and I am tired of writing it so I am gonna stop. So there. Nyah.

…… but if you were to leave me some nice comments then I would not feel so lonely……