okay let there not be overt mockery!

Well, it is getting on towards summer for reals here. Lots of thunderstorms. They like to occur at 3 am when I can’t enjoy them properly.

My biggest news is that both my roomates are now gone and I have a new one. He is a fellow I used to work with at Bodies, then he moved to Atlanta, but he hated Atlanta so when his job there offered him a promotion to move back here he took it with relish. Now my big empty apartment is less empty.

It is however very clean because I had a lot of time to myself when I was living alone for the past three weeks. I am super excited about this. There’s something so wonderful about the fresh smell of murphy’s oil soap on all my hardwood floors. I also got way too excited about the fact that I bought a new shower curtain. One of my roomies had torn a hole in the old one.

I have been doing lots of writing and sewing for myself. I just finished a new bathrobe at 4 am. Now that I live with a dude again I can’t just be running around nekkid -ALL- the time.. It is green with white ‘crysanthemums’ that I hand dyed myself. Also all the visible stitching is done by hand. I’ll get some pics eventually. I’m super happy with it.

Also been playing a lot of facebook scrabble. Oh, and watching old tv shows on hulu. I love the internet.