Well, here I am again..

Lots has happened which is why I have not blogged. Kelly came to visit me! We ate at many a resturant and spent all our money on shiny things.

Then last week my Mommy came to visit! She spent four days here and I think we spent at least 18 hours of that riding trains or buses.  We went to the Cloisters for one, which is fabulously beautiful and also far far away. We spent another day at the Met, and I really gotta get out there more often because I forget how fabulous it is.

My roommate Kirsten has moved out, and my other roomie Dante is planning to leave early June. I shall swiftly need more roommates. I got a couple of friends moving here late June, so I think what I’ll do is sublet the furnished room for the end of this month and beginning of next to make up the money I won’t otherwise have then. Nothing’s final yet though.

I need a day off to clean..

I am still sewing like mad. Dante commissioned a dress from me that I finished when Mom was here. It is bright orange, red belt, yellow lining. O so bright! I could never wear such colors.. but they look good on some other people I know.

Kelly got me wathing Battlestar Galactica, and now I have nightmares that Cylons are chasing me which is Awesome. No seriously. Awesome.

She also brought me some new music and that is the bestest thing ever. Anybody want to get me a present? It’s easy. Just burn me a CD (or 8) with whatever on it. I guarantee I won’t have heard some of it, probably don’t own most of it, and will in any case love you forever.

Just sayin’.

Well that is my blog post for today and I have thus averted all mockery. Whoohoo!