Hi Everybody!

Well, I have big news, I guess. I got my results from NYU and they were not the ones I wanted, so I am not going to grad school this year after all. But after a weekend of thinking and talking to people about it (not to mention the drinking and boys), I’m actually pretty cool about it now.  It’s another year of freedom! And next year when I try again, I’ll be more prepared to entertain offers outside of New York, so that’ll be another card to play.

And since I really felt the interview went well, I have decided that what they are doing is hoping I’ll come back next year, when they can give me lots more money ‘coz I’ll be a repeat applicant. It’s happened before- my friend Simms got in that way on his second try, so there is precedent.

Anyway, I was sad for a while, but all will be well.

I made a list of things to do this year that are not grad school, and there’s some pretty awesome things on it.

I said not to mention the drinking and the boys.

I am super excited becasue Kelly is coming on Friday! And after she leaves, Mommy! This is gonna be all sorts of fun.

I have to find at least one new roommate this month. I want to do it when I am not so busy because the process is such a pain. Not looking forward to it, trying not to stress about it prematurely. So that’s that.

All of this involves me cleaning my house. It never ends!

I was supposed to have a date tonight but he just cancelled ‘coz he’s stuck at school. Lame. I was already shaved too.

Maybe I will make another pie instead. I wonder what I got in my house?