Oh my lovelies, I have returned!

My computer is still broken and I still have to fix it. But today I did what I’d been thinking about anyway and bought another. It is a tiny little netbook, just for going out and about and writing upon. It was super cheap and I totally walked into the store and out again in15 minutes ‘coz I knew exactly what I wanted. And now I have the internet again, so I can do things like order parts to fix my old one..

Other than having no CD dive, it seems pretty much like it is a mini version of the acer I already have. But it gets 7 hrs of battery life and it weighs less than a hardcover book. Also it is a lovely prussian blue.

I have named it Egil.

My other project for today was to clean my kitchen. Not as exciting, I know, but boy did I feel like I’d accomplished something. I even rubbed the walls down wwith bleachwater. They were filthy. Now they shine.

Tomorrow, the Bathroom! Dun dun dun! Also, laundry. And maybe a pie. Maybe. I did buy blueberries yesterday.

I love it when I have two days off in a row. I get so much more done! If I only have one day off I always end up just sleeping all day.

I am very excited for the impending visitation of one Kelly O’Brien. And then the week after that, my Mommy! I can’t wait. I sense much delicious resturant food in my future..