Stop mocking me! My computer is broken and I haven’t gotten around to fixing it yet. 

Not like there’s a lot of news anyway. I’m still waiting for that call or letter from NYU, and that’s really all.

Been making a lot of pie, I guess that’s news. Last week was sweet potato. It was a big hit at work, but I don’t know that I’d make it for myself ever- little too much world of starch. Tomorrow I got big plans for cherry pie and everybody is excited so they better turn out. I was gonna make ’em from scratch but the grocery was out of frozen cherries so I just bought canned. It’ll be fine anyway I’m sure.

Waiting waiting waiting. I want mid-April to be here. Stupid March. At least the weather’s getting nicer. I wore a skirt yesterday, and that is a beautiful thing.

Oh and my cat is losing major weight. I thinks she likes the spring too. Also she is on the eat-only-food-you-don’t-like diet and that is the only thing that ever works for her. We had a kibble battle for nearly three days. I won. Yes yes.