…and I’ll watch ’em roll away again… Saturday, Mar 28 2009 

Stop mocking me! My computer is broken and I haven’t gotten around to fixing it yet. 

Not like there’s a lot of news anyway. I’m still waiting for that call or letter from NYU, and that’s really all.

Been making a lot of pie, I guess that’s news. Last week was sweet potato. It was a big hit at work, but I don’t know that I’d make it for myself ever- little too much world of starch. Tomorrow I got big plans for cherry pie and everybody is excited so they better turn out. I was gonna make ’em from scratch but the grocery was out of frozen cherries so I just bought canned. It’ll be fine anyway I’m sure.

Waiting waiting waiting. I want mid-April to be here. Stupid March. At least the weather’s getting nicer. I wore a skirt yesterday, and that is a beautiful thing.

Oh and my cat is losing major weight. I thinks she likes the spring too. Also she is on the eat-only-food-you-don’t-like diet and that is the only thing that ever works for her. We had a kibble battle for nearly three days. I won. Yes yes.


…how can you say/ I go about things the wrong way? Saturday, Mar 7 2009 

All right, I delayed as long as I could, but I must at last succumb to the avalanche of peer pressure and post something..

Man but I do loves me my hyperboles.

Anyway, it is March now and I cannot wait for it to be spring. I am tired of cold and want to wear cute skirts and eat ice cream again. We had a crazy snowstorm to start the month thought, it was like winter was giving us a valiant last stand. It’s mostly melted now. And the temp has been yoyoing like mad, 18 one day and 55 the next. Bah.

But enough boring talk about the weather. What else has been going on?

Well, not much. Lots and lots of waiting. And being really cranky about all the waiting. I guess the disadvantage to having my grad school interview date early is that I get longer to wait.

I turned in my ‘homework’ last week, and I really felt like I’d done all I could do. ‘Course, now that it’s all in I’m having irrational thoughts along the lines of “perhaps I should have annoated my research more throughly!”… But in the end I don’t know that I should have done more. I had lots of primary source pictures, my renderings were some of the best watercolors I’ve ever done, I’d swatched the whole thing down to the collar and cuffs… Man! I even threw down 15 bucks on buttons! They had to be real horn, I felt. And the silly things were 3-4 dollars apiece, so even though I only needed 1 or two of each size to show for samples, it added up. Good thing I’m not really making this suit…

Anyway it’s in and done and I am waiting. Did I mention I was waiting? Arrarrrarrrarrr…

Was really unreasonably cranky all last week, didn’t even have the hormones to blame it on. Then I had two entire days off and wow is my whole world better all the sudden. Apparently I really needed that day of lying around my house naked doing absolutely nothing. The second day I did laundry. ALL of it. Sheets, towels, the handwashed delicates, every thread of laundry I could find.. And oh man does my room smell better. Mmm… detergent..

Oh, and the other day I took some friends to see a show- ‘Garden of Earthly Delights’. It’s based of the Bosch painting, just beautiful. And renewed my LOVE for the Cello. Oh but I do loves me the celloin’. Ahhh… So good! Also, near-naked people fly on harnesses. Way cool. Made me wiggle and cry, somewhat to the distraction of the nearby patrons… I’m the best audience member ever.

My cat is once again on the I-bought-food-you-don’t-like-but-that’s-all-you-get-so-deal-with-it diet. It’s done wonders for her energy level.. After two days now I do seem to be sort of winning the battle of wills, in that she’s begrudingly eating it and I did not buy her anymore of her old brand. I’m gonna stick with it if I can, it’s good to see her run around more even if she is annoying in the morning.

Oh, I’m also waiting to hear about a summer job in Allentown PA that would be working with a fellow I met at NYU. It’s not riches and it means camping out in Allentown for eight weeks, but I’d really love to work with this guy again because last time was really fun, and anyway it might be good for me to get out of the city for awhile. But I’ll hear after the weekend I guess.

And that’s all the news that’s fit to print for now, I suppose. Enough with your mockery!