…and she laid it on to he and me… Tuesday, Feb 10 2009 

stresemann1Good morning, chickens and chickadees!

Well, first off, since everybody and their dog has been harassing me about it, I must make this announcement. I don’t actually know when I find out about my grad school application. They finish the interviews mid-March, and so I suspect the letters get sent out first week of April. The website seems to confirm these suspicions. So then. You’ll find out when I do.

But I’m not gonna freak out about it too much. I did all I could do at the interview, and now I’m gonna concentrate on the homework and see what happens from there. Actually I’m beginning to suspect that they give out the homework in part to give us something to do while we wait…

The homework is going pretty well, I think. I got two more weeks, feels pretty good so far. I found some great pictures of the fellow I want to base my design off of. One Gustave Stresesmann. Was Chancellor of the Weimar Republic a few times (those dudes switched up their cabinet posts more often than the W administration), and won the Nobel Peace prize in, uh, 1929 I think? Anyway, all that is incidental to the fact that he wore the same high-collar-and silk-tie combo from 1910 to ‘round 1939. A man of habit, he.

Now I gotta find a way to document what sorts of fabrics his suit might have been made from, and go do me some swatching. Can’t wait for that, that’s the fun part! Mmmm… wools and linens… yes yes.

Today is my first real day off in like 6-8 weeks, and I am way happy to have it. The super is over fixing my ceiling, and I got big plans to clean my room, maybe even do laundry. I did already take down my Christmas tree… I know, shame on me for leaving it up so long. I’d have taken it down weeks ago, but my roommate really wanted to keep it as long as possible… and as I have mentioned there was that whole thing where I was working all the time. But it came down today. All gone! Now I have packed my little Christmas box, with all my ornaments and lights and my gigantic tree stand. And when I open it up again, it will be Christmas! This is a lovely thing.


…falling in love again, play it as I may… Monday, Feb 2 2009 

Big day today kids!

I had my interview at Tisch this morning and I feel pretty good about it. Susan Hilferty said my drawings were beautiful! Then she gave me homework.

Yup, homework. They want to see me draw more detail, so I have three weeks to learn everything there is to know about 1920s menswear, and redesign a suit for the Duke in my Wiemar Republican Measure for Measure. Buttons and lapels and cufflinks and all, really specific like as if it’s for a movie.

Menswear is terrifying and boys are hard to draw. But I’m pretty excited. I’m sensing some library time in my future.

Of course they asked questions I wasn’t expecting, and didn’t say anything about other things I was expecting questions on, but that’s par for the course for these sorts o’ things I guess.

After that was over I sat through a studio class. They were doing early design presentations on the opera Wozzek, and I got really excited about it. Like I was having a hard time keeping my mouth shut (I did succeed, though. Mostly) . The other interviewees that day left during the break, but I was really interested, so I stayed the whole time, 12-5. Long class. But like I said, I got WAY excited. My fingers were itching! I wanted to throw my ideas out there SO BAD. It was all just really fascinating and I felt like I wanted to be a part of it.

So I dunno. Maybe someone noticed I was chomping at the bit, and maybe that’s a good thing. But I’m more determined than ever now- my backup plans all pale to blank in comparison. I really really want to go there.

I hope they accept me and give me the money I need. I WANT I WANT I WANT!