Thaet was gud cyning! Saturday, Jan 31 2009 

This isn’t a real post, I just had to archive this AWESOME thing that I found in the dark depths of the internetz…

Hw@37! W3 G@rd2/\/@ in g3@rd@gum,
þ30dcyn|/\/ga, þry/\/\ g3frun0n,
hu ð@ @3þ3ling@5 3113n fr3m3d0n.
Of7 Scyld Sc3fing sc3@þ3n@ þr3@+um

… oh it made me so happy…


…what so proudly we held… Wednesday, Jan 21 2009 

Oh I was there!

It was amazing.

It was very cold.

and crowded.

And we had to walk for miles.

and nobody got much sleep.

So worth it. I cried and screamed and cried and cried and cried.


I was dressed so festively! Red coat and blue blankie FTW!


It was Very Cold!


Sometimes my view was like this..


Mostly my view was like this. I got to see what I came for though, so I didn’t care.


This is W leaving! He flew right over us.


So much crowd!


We were all so happy!


The trains were packed, of course. Everybody was super nice.

DC metro is much cleaner than New York’s. Less old school cred though.

I still have the metrocard. It’s my only souvenir. Got a pic of Obama and a 1.35$ still on it… I’m gonna keep it forever.

Pics provided by my friend (and our driver) Mike Keane. Thanks Mike!

…Now I drink from a paper cup… Monday, Jan 19 2009 

Oh disaster my babies!

So I won’t be in DC tomorrow after all and I am VERY SAD. Well, I could be sadder, but I felt capital letters were warranted anyway. Anyhoo, it seems that something went HORRIBLY WRONG with our van rental, the one thing we didn’t think could go wrong. Like, the guy driving our bus s’had this reservation for Weeks now. Apparently it was one of those where the guy on the phone said something different than the guy at the desk and it was a big fat mess that I don’t actually know anything about because I wasn’t there. I was only responsible for blankets and snack foods- which I had all packed and ready, mind you. I was PREPARED.

ALAS!!! I was getting really excited too. Not my fault though. I mostly feel bad for our van driver, he is all sorts of sad.

But I still have the day off, so I’m gonna go with my original plan and stand to watch in Times Square. That way I still get a massive happy crowd, with the added bonus of that I can have an umbrella if it snows, it’s a only an hour commute from my house, and I can get WASTED DRUNK if I want to. See, if we went to DC we would all have to be sober and not carry anything that might get stopped by security and we would have had to do a lot more walking. So there. TOMORROW WILL BE AWESOME!!! No matter where I’m standing at noon.

Speaking of sober, if this post is rambly it is because I came home and had two shots of bourbon. Can you tell?

MMMMMMmmmmm…. Life is good.


.. *EDIT*

Oh wait I may be going after all, there’s some alternate plan involving someone’s roomate’s car … Oh god the suspense is mad and did I mention I LOVE BOURBON!?! Well, I just did.

I am going to read this post and be embarassed later. My decision making skills are not up to par.

…take it to the limit, one more time… Monday, Jan 19 2009 

Ahoy there!

So my big news of the week is that I Finally got Paid! That check from NYU that I been waitin’ on since november came at last, and all is well. Got my rents all paid, bought some much needed work pants, and best of all- I have a new winter coat. And just in time too, because the day after I got it, like, the Very Next Day, it got reallly really cold here. Temp has been hovering in the teens since Tuesday. Today it warmed up into the 20s and we got some real snow. It’s amazing how warm 29 degrees feels when you’ve been slogging through 17 degree weather for a few days.

Anyway, the coat is Beautiful. It is bright red. Like the red of mom’s peacoat I wore all the time in middle school. I was gonna get black, but they only had mediums in black and the small red one fit me much better. I took it as a sign from above that I should be wearing more red. Who am I to fight it? It’s from a store that has a lot of well-made stuff I like, and I usually can’t afford to shop there, but the economy’s so bad they’re desperate and everything is on mad sale. I walked in and had three people tell me all about their crazy sales, it was almost funny. I bought two velvet blazers while I was there too. One black (of course) and one in purple. I needed a new costume designer jacket- my old one is getting mighty worn out.

Anyway, enough of this boring talk of shopping. The real thing to talk about is that I will be standing out in the cold all day on Tuesday and I will be mighty glad of the new coat. Because I, my friends am going to DC.

Oh yes. That’s right. Me and some friends are piling into a minivan and roadtrippin’ it down. It’s madness. I can’t wait. We don’t have tickets or nuthin, we’re just gonna show up with the clothes on our backs and a song in our hearts. Doesn’t even matter if we never get close to the action. Our goal is just to be standing on the mall at 12:00 Tuesday, watching the Jumbotron with however many millions of other people as Barack Obama get sworn in. That’s it. And for that we will brave hours and hours of horrible traffic, crazy security lines, frigid East Coast cold, and the very real possibility we will be doing without full meals and/or proper toilets for 24 hours.

I don’t care. It will be worth it. I’m gonna scream like a banshee and cry like a baby. It will be wonderful.



Oh yes, almost forgot. My Grad school interview/portfolio review for Tisch School of the Arts at NYU is on February 2nd at 10:20 am. Please please please wish me lots of luck and awesomeness! I really really want this.

…damn your eyes! For taking my breath away… Monday, Jan 5 2009 

Happy New Year! 2009 is gonna be a good one, I can feel it.

Big news in Minnick Land- I have put forth my grad school application. To Tisch School of the Arts, yes yes. I hit the ‘submit’ button at 3 am on the morning of January 1st. Hooray for me!

I still have to put in my UW application, but that one requires printing and envelopes and postage and what-have-you, and that deadline is weeks away, so I am not nearly so stressed about it.

I have to take my christmas tree down this week and that makes me sad. I am however, excited to pack up that christmas box. You know, the box in the closet that when you bring it out, it’s Christmas. I will have one! And that makes me happy.

But I am doing none of that today, no sir. I am sick. Gots me a sore throat and a fever. Lucky I also got three days off, so I can sort of afford it. Bleah.

I was gonna run errands and work on my portfolio, but I think that’s gonna have to wait. Maybe tomorrow I won’t be so warm and achy.

My cat is on a new kind of food and it appears tht she has lost some weight. Hooray! Fat kitty..