…’huh!’ said the lady to the man… Tuesday, Dec 23 2008 

Well, my dears, it is nearly Christmas, and what have we here? I for one have an ADORABLE christmas tree! My very first tree, and it is covered in paper. Cranes and snowflakes, specifically. It is a ‘Frasier” fir tree, and slightly taller than yours truly. So, a real tree indeed.

We got some snow the other day, which was quick to turn to gross icy piles of dirty gunk, but them’s the beats. I’m hoping it will snow again and be pretty for Christmas, but I betcha anything it’s gonna rain instead. Seems the northwest and northeast have switched weather again this year. It’s madness.

I had a day off today, and I was gonna get all sorts of things done… I had a nice long list and everything. Guess what I did? NOTHING! I am so lazy.

Well, that’s not really true, I did update my resume so I can send my grad school app off before the week is out. I told myself that I wanted to have them done by Christmas, with the knowledge that I would likely be a week late and thus still in time for the Jan. first Deadline. Thus does my plot unfold.

But no errands were run, I never left the house, no phone calls made nor emails sent. I didn’t even do any baking. Although there’s still time for that, I suppose. If my roommates ever leave the kitchen.

I have a sad story about a cherry pie I made last week. I did it up from scratch- frozen cherries, homemade butter crust, the whole thing. I spiced it with cinnamon and a little nutmeg, and it baked up perfectly. So I put it on the stove to cool and was really excited about it. Then my roommate Dante came home and went to make some tea. And turned on the wrong burner. And BURNED MY PIE! I was so sad. She felt really terrible and made me some tea, but still, man. She Burned my Pie!

Turns out it was not as great a tragedy as it could have been though. I hadn’t used enough cornstarch in the filling, so the pie was runny anyway. Oh well. It still tasted really good. At least the parts of it that weren’t all burnt.

In other disappointing news, I still don’t have my check from NYU. Turns out payroll is eight weeks behind. This is a big fat problem in so many ways it is not even funny. It seems my only option now may be to call them first thing next week and demand an advance. Because if I don’t get that money before the first I am really pretty well SCREWED. Not cool.

We had our office party at my dayjob last Thursday, and I was certain this time would be uneventful as I had no plans to get smashed and planned to stick to that. I figured I’d have a glass or two of wine, maybe a shot of something if someone else was buying, then sober up and go home. Oh, the best-laid plans on mice and men..

So I was working the late shift that night, and as we are closing up, someone who will not be named brings out a bottle of rum, and proposes we each do a shot before we go over. Now, I am certainly not one to turn down free rum. Good rum, golden imported special puerto rican rum… Oh, we all know how I feel about rum.

So he pours out shots, (BIG shots, like doubles or triples), and we all fall to. But fate was not on my side, for as I am downing mine, someone makes me laugh. Horrors ensue! For I proceed to sputter, and a goodly portion of said delicious alcohol takes the scenic route through my sinus cavity and comes out my nose.

Oh. The. Pain. Now, I thought I’d be okay. Thought I could just walk it off and be all right. Oh no. For you see, the other side effect of any mind-altering substance taken (albeit accidentally) through the nose, other than the incredible pain of it… is that I was Drunk in no time flat. Off one shot. So embarrassing.

So I felt like crap and was already loopy by the time I arrived at the party. Thus I had no more drinks and did not stay long. Just long enough to show my face, eat some free food, say some hellos, get my picture taken (I looked great too, what a waste), and then I was on the subway home to my nice warm bed and my soft kitty and a cup of very soothing mint tea. Alas! That was this year’s Christmas party. I’m sorry kids! I know y’all were looking forward to seeing me get turned upside down..

I volunteered to work on Christmas eve because I thought it would be fun. I’m gonna bring cookies and maybe a pie. Baked goods shall be had by all.

I made fudge the other day and it is very tasty, however I think I put in too few marshmallows because it will not set no matter how long it lives in the freezer. But that’s okay, we’ve been melting it and putting hot fudge on our ice cream instead. Yummy!

Well now that I have made myself all hungry, perhaps it is time for a raid on the kitchen.


…why can’t we give love that one more chance?… Saturday, Dec 6 2008 

aaaa wordpress redid their formats and I am confused and afraid…..

I guess it’s been enough time that I should post something before somebody mocks me.

I just threw out the last of the turkey carcass. Well, not really true, as I still have the wings and one of the legs saved. I suspect that Iso will be eating most of that, as I am not as fond of dark meat but she doesn’t seem to care. Iso loves turkey. And chicken, too. She’s pro-poultry.

Anyway now that my oven works again I have been crazy into making pies. I made like 5 of them for Thanksgiving. I knew that was a lot but punkin pie is my very favorite breakfast in all the world so I figured better too many than too few. Well, there were only 15-20 people actually made it to dinner that night instead of the 25-30 I was hoping for, so some of my guests got sent home with whole pies. Because I am just that awesome. I treats the orphans right!

The fact that all three of said guests happen to be boys I like is entirely coincidental.

I also disposed of much of the turkey in a similar fashion. I made a 22-pound turkey, guys! That is a giant bird! I felt pretty burly hefting that thing around, let me tell you. Turned out great though. And thanks to mom’s genius foil trick, the whole thing got cooked through, but the breast was still deliciously moist and not too dry. Also, I make a good gravy. The cranberry sauce got the most compliments though, which makes me smile becasue it is also the thing that takes the least actual effort. Just boil the suckers and add the proper spices. Makes my kitchen look like a crime scene though. Red spatters everywhere!

But now all that is over and the dishes are one load away from being done. I don’t ahve a dishwasher and I had to work all day for three days straight afterward… bleh and I hate dishes. Oh well.

I got the kitchen clean enough to make a cherry pie all for myself on monday. I ate that whole thing all by my lonesome, yumm! Just finished the last piece for breakfast this morning. Next up, apple! Whoooooo!!!

Uhhh… not much else going on with me other than that I have officially started on my grad school application. Deadline is Jan. 1st. I wanna have it submitted by Christmas though. Seems like a good goal to me.

Also I have decided that although there are few things in this world I enjoy more than singing- I don’t really like to Karoke all that much. I don’t really have a good explanation as to why just yet though. That may require some uncomfortable self-examination.