…you can take the kid out of the fight… Saturday, Nov 22 2008 

Hellloooo everybodeeee!

I have weathered the storm of crazy work! Do you know what I am going to do tomorrow? That’s right, folks. I am going to SLEEP IN! I will Not get out of bed before 11. And I shall fry myself some lovely bacon for my breakfast! YAAAAYYYY!

My weeks of painting are over until they hire me again in January, and my kids’ show went up tonight. Hooray for the kids! They did so good! Once again they pull it together just in time, and they looked great if I do say so myself. I make miracles, yes I do. I was working for half of what I usually get paid on account of ‘cuz their budgets got slashed, but I am a softie and I took the job anyway. I threw the thing together in three days, because I couldn’t afford to take much time off my other jobs. But they arranged it that any of the budget I didn’t spend would go straight to me- so I costumed the whole show with under 50 bucks. I didn’t think I could do it, but I got lucky and somebody’s mom had just donated a bunch of fabric. Tablecloths and such, plus an awful lot of very shiny polyester gauze that someone had used to decorate the house for a sweet 16 party. Hooray for parental donations! So I built the show with that, and I also did an awful lot of recycling from previous shows. Now the rest of that there budget goes straight into my check… and will pretty much make up for the money I lost for the time I DID take off my dayjob. Everything evens out in the end! Yaaayyyy!

I don’t actually get a full day off until Thanksgiving, but that’s okay. Other than striking on Tuesday, (easy) this week is nothing but the Bodies. And there ain’t nothing like a month of real physical labor to make my cheeseball dayjob seem like the cakewalk that it really is.

I’ve got big plans to clean my house, see a show and/or the new Bond movie, and make ready for my awesome Orphan’s Thanksgiving. I really really hope they fix my oven before then. That would really really suck not to have. I’ve got a plan B, but it’ll be really inconvenient and involves me carting a fully-cooked 20 pound turkey on the subway across the park.. The dudes have come to my house twice already, and both times they tell me they need a part that isn’t in stock yet. Stupid stupid.

I just want to cook 6 punkin pies and a turkey in my own kitchen this week! Why is that so hard?!! Wahhhh!

But I am very happy to not be working like a crazy madwoman. And I will be even happier once I start getting those checks in the mail. My hollow bank account cries out to me.. WaMu’s totally got me pegged as a delinquent. Damn.

I would really really like it if this were to be the last time I was ever this short on cash dollars. It may be too much to ask. But I think I’m gonna make that my new grown-up goal. I just gotta make it past this week. And I will. I always do..

I wrote four pages of story while sitting backstage today. That is awesome, especially since I haven’t written anything for like a month. I am totally gonna type it up as soon as I finish this post. My life is sweet! Be you aware, my K&K peeps!

Also, quote of the day:

“Who thought having two boyfriends was a good idea?

*cue cheesy grin*

…………….no no, is not from my life, more’s the pity. But I can share the grin anyway, right?


…get me some more of that 12-ounce nutrition… Thursday, Nov 6 2008 

I don’t have much to say today. I’m tired. Here’s a pic of me getting drunk with my friend Cherish.


I don’t know when this was taken though. Probably last spring sometime… Man PAPEDOTHW is hard to do without no cameras. I oughtta get bonus points. Also I wish I’d had Kelly’s genius GoggleEarth idea…

…let it resound, loud as the rolling sea… Wednesday, Nov 5 2008 

O man was I happy to wake up this morning. You know, except for the actual getting out of bed part… But man was I happy.

These are everywhere here.

…With liberty and law… Tuesday, Nov 4 2008 


I was gonna do it this morning but the line was crazy long- I stood there for 40 minutes and then I had to go to work. So I did it after work. The line was shorter this time. Go fig. Anyway, crazy voter turnout! And the actual voting took all of 30 seconds ‘coz I had my cheat sheet with me and there was only one proposition anyway. Something to do with extending vetern’s benefits, obviously just a legalese correction. Anyway, I am SUPER EXCITED to have voted this year. Like I just helped make some history. Let’s hope my optimism is not misplaced. I don’t think it is.

I got to use one of the old lever machines! It makes a very satisfying ‘kachunk’ sound. Here’s a pic!



…’Naaawww!’ ‘Me neither!’…. Monday, Nov 3 2008 

Here is a little picture of me yelling. I believe I am singing background to somebody else’s karoke.

This pic must be at least six months old because my hair is about four inches longer now.

…I wanna do bad things with you… Sunday, Nov 2 2008 

Alright crowns and coronets! At last, an update.

First the requisite excuses. I have started on my painting job and thus have no free time ever. Ever. I work 7 days a week now, pretty much until thanksgiving. But it is awesome so I’m not complaining.

I had an Amazing visit from one Kelly O’Brien last week. It was like the perfect 3-day New york city vacation. We had so much awesome food! We had Chinese food in chinatown… it was one of those lunch places where if you don’t know any chinese you just kind of have to point and eat what they give you. My plate had mostly green beans and pork bits, but also these suspicious looking slimey white balls with purpley streaks. I says to myself “Well, they *could* be eyeballs… but I’m gonna try them anyway.” They turned out to be some sort of potato/tarot root dumpling. And they were abosolutely delicious. Kelly was ready to give me full points for bravery anyway. ‘Coz they sure did look like eyeballs.

Also we had delicious pizza, and scotch at a pub, and on lour last evening a four-hour dinner of indian food in the East Village. Which was amazing in alls sorts of ways, as not only was the food just perfect but there was fabulous live music the whole time. Man it was good.

Also I fed her lamburgers and then got her really drunk. Hilarity ensues! Mwahahahaha!

Now I spend my days painting things. It is awesome. This week I spent most of my time painting birch trees. I see them in my sleep now.

I didn’t have much of a Halloween this year, as I worked both jobs that day and didn’t much feel like partying after 14 hours of labouring.  But I had predicted this, so I did my halloweening on Tuesday. I got my zombie skank on and went to see a friend’s band play at the goth club on 14th. It was really fun. Dancey dancey dancey! And I look pretty good in lots of black eyeliner if I do say so myself. Hooray!

Oh man I can’t believe I almost forgot to mention this. I have Gained Weight! And I am super happy about it. No woman I have yet talked to understands my excitement about this. But as I was out shopping with Kelly last week, and perusing my figure in the three way mirrors provided, I discovered that there is a layer of padding that simply was not there before. Like a nice inch and a half gain, all smooth and pretty. And nobody understands! I have ALWAYS been underweight to varying degrees. And now, for the first time Ever, YOU CAN’T SEE MY RIBS unless I suck it in and/or you’re looking for them. This is amazing. I feel the healthiest I have ever been. Like I could have babies now without imperiling the health of everyone involved. Like I could get stuck in an elevator and not be the first to starve to death. Like I can walk against the wind and not get blown away like a kite, never to be seen again…

Not that I want to KEEP gaining weight, mind you. But I would be pretty jazzed if it were to stay right where it is for a good long time. It is so soft and cushiony… mmm…

Like i said, no woman I have talked to yet has any joy to share with me. And that is a crying shame, and also not my fault. So I am going to say that it’s my party, and I’ll feel smug if I want to.

In other news, I am super super excited to vote on Tuesday. I may even get up early to do it in the morning, so that I can feel all civic duty girl at work for the rest of the day. Man! For the first time in my voting career I feel like I’m voting FOR someone rather than against somebody else. And that, my friends, is an excellent feeling indeed. Ooooh! I can’t wait!

Life is good.


Oh right, a picture. I’ll see what I can do. Here’s me trying on my new boots, and in a dress that didn’t fit me quite as good before I gained the weight..

Me  in  Boots!

Me in Boots!