… come again some other day… Thursday, Oct 16 2008 

Well, it seems that my curse towards the heavens has not been in vain! Apparently Omar went around St. John instead of over it. This is amazing news. Because Kelly is coming to see me after all! She’s even gonna make it to that wedding and everything. Holey rusted metal, Batman!
I am SUPER super super SUPER excited!
Now the only difficulty is that they scheduled me to work next week after all. So I’m gonna either have to leave Kelly to her own devices for an afternoon or two, or else get someone to cover my shifts. Probably a combination of both. But this is a minor annoyance. Most likely. I hope.
Today I bought two pairs of really nice thick winter tights, and some sweet insulated leather gloves. Bring it on, winter! I am ready for you!
Except I still need a good coat, so maybe you can hold off on that winter thing for a few more weeks at least…. kthanxbai!
I might have to talk to the weather all the time now.


…who’ll stop the rain?… Wednesday, Oct 15 2008 

Curses and WOE! I have this morning received a frantic missive from one Kelly O’Brien. It seems she cannot come and visit me this week, as there is a HURRICANE in the way. I for one was skeptical that such petty concerns might dissuade her, but the anxious tone in her voice has convinced me that yes, this is indeed a most formidable obstacle.
Anyways I really really hope that she can manage to stay safe and dry and not get blown off a hill. Everybody cross your fingers for her!

WAAAAAUGH! I am very sad. I had to call my work and tell them “So… yeah, you know all that time off I asked for next week? Well, you can ignore that.” So I guess the one upside to not taking another Kelly-related vacation is that I will be slightly less poor. That is if I can stop myself from committing any unnecessary retail therapy. Because I am so VERY VERY SAD.
CURSE YOU, OMAR! With Bell, Book, and Candle I Curse You!
Can you curse a weather pattern? What would be an appropriate demise for such a thing? The world may never know.

…if I lived to be a hundred and three… Tuesday, Oct 14 2008 

Hey kids!

So I guess I gots some news- I have painting work again! Starting at the end of this month. Which is wonderfully timed, as that is just after Kelly leaves me. Same deal as always, a good solid four weeks of 9-5 work, and I’ll still be pulling in hours at my dayjob on the weekend. Hello exhaustion! But also hello money! I should be getting the last check just in time for the holidays too. Yay! My life is awesome.

Oh yes, the Kelly is coming to visit! In like, two days! I am super excited. We have big plans to go shopping. And to eat much much delicious food. Oh man I cannot wait.

The weather here has been absolutely beautiful and I hope it stays that way while she’s here. Gorgeous, perfect autumn sunshine. Crisp crunchy leaves and all. Oh, it’s good.

I have had a headache that keeps coming and going for the past three days. And my trusty ibuprofen seems not to phase it at all. It’s probably posture related or something. Or perhaps due to the fact that I have broken my sunglasses and thus must squint. But I’m only out in the sunshine proper for maybe 40 minutes a day, I don’t know that it would make that much of a difference, would it? Anyway I wish this headache would just go away.

One of my roomates had a friend form out of town over the weekend, and we had a sunday breakfast. Bacon and eggs and pancakes and- mimosas! Delicious orange juice and champagne. The best part was that somebody else cleaned up the kitchen. It looks really nice now. Living with other people has its perks.

…Da do ron, ron, ron, Da doo ron ron… Monday, Oct 6 2008 

Well, I suppose since the populace demands it, I shall post a wee post.
Not much going on, really. Course, I do always say that…
I went to a birthday party on Saturday, made the best birthday present ever. This fellow’s roommate commissioned me to make a paper doll of the birthday boy.. So I did. Pen and ink on bristol. It was awesome. I made several outfits, including one pretty dress. Hilarious!
In work news, the new boss is doing the schedule now. He’s very nice, but lots of the old hands were getting mighty irate because we were getting screwed for hours, and new people were not. That is, the more experienced workers were no longer getting priority when it came to the best shifts. Turns out the new boss just doesn’t know who the old hands were, nobody told him. So I made a list. And took a survey while I was at it- who likes what positions and such. I hope it helps. But I kinda feel like a ringleader of something. Whoo, look at me, assuming a leadership role! This last sentence is much funnier when read in a squeaky voice.
Today I had off, and it was usefully employed in sleeping. And I really needed the sleep. I’ve had crazy mad insomnia lately, mostly due to the fact that I keep getting crazy artistic drive late at night, then having to work random morning shifts instead of my habitual evenings. Hopefully this will stop, now that the new boss is aware of my preferred work schedule… my addled circadian rhythms can’t take this sort of thing much longer.
So far no calls for painting work. I’d be more worried about this, except for the fact that my rent is super cheap now, and I’m enjoying my extended summer a lot more than I expected to. Especially now that the weather is cool and lovely.
Well, that’s all I gots to say, especially since the cat has just left my lap, leaving me free to move about once more. Perhaps I shall go eat something…