…and in the shape of the waves… Sunday, Sep 21 2008 

I am back from the Caribbean! I had an amazing time. Here are some pictures! If I can get this work..

There’s more on my facebook, but these are the best ones.. Enjoy!


… we watched the frog eat the goggle-eye bee… Monday, Sep 15 2008 

Well, Kelly is currently in an important academic conference with Tegan, so I shall take this opportunity to relay this very important message.
I am on a tropical island. And if you are not yet jealous, you should be.
Point the first- I got off the plane on St. Thomas and there was-
Free shots of rum. Delicious rum. For free.
Then we missed our ferry and had to wait an hour and so Kelly bought me a drink. With rum. Delicious rum.
Point the second- it is sunny and 88 degrees here and the water all around is turquoise. Except when it is cobalt blue. And the plants are crazy green and there are adorable geckos everywhere. Also frogs, which are really noisy but you can’t see them because they are much better at hiding than the geckos.
Point the third- I just got out of a hot tub. And I plan to fall asleep watching Horatio Hornblower on a giant flat screen TV in an even more giant king sized bed that Kelly has commandeered for me, all in the house where she is house sitting. Which is directly upstairs from her adorable apartment. Adorable.
Point the fourth- We just spent more on dinner than I normally spend on groceries in a week… and it was totally worth every penny. I had perfectly cooked scallops in a honey sauce, with sweet peas and rice.. Kelly had raviolis with bacon and butter and shrimp. We split a bottle of wine, we got dessert (Bananas Foster, yum!) And, and, even though the sun was setting on the wrong side of the island to see, but we got instead a Magnificent Moonrise. It came up big and pink. Then it was marigold yellow. Then it lightened and got smaller, and was super bright, and it turned the inky seas to silver. We sat out there for like three hours. It was amazing.
I do suspect we will be cooking the rest of our dinners here ourselves. Man, food is expensive when you live on an island.

Oh, and I guess while I’m writing the bad stuff, I suppose I should mention that I have not slept for more than a half hour at a time in probably 40-odd hours… on account of ’cause my plane out of JFK left at 6 am- means I leave my house at 3:30- means I got off work at 10 pm and so decided to just stay up all night…

But who cares about that? Not me! I’m going snorkeling tomorrow.

…a holiday, a holiday, and the first one of the year… Friday, Sep 12 2008 

Well, I didn’t have much to report before this week, just a few tales of drunken debauchery that I thought wise not to publish on the internetz- Thus the slackpostage. But today, glorious day, I have news indeed! The skies shall sing, the blood shall pound, and the very stones of the earth shall weep with joy! For thus is my news!

My oven works now.

Hooray hooray hooray!

Seriously though, this was like an eight week ordeal actually getting the dude who’s qualified over here to fix the silly thing. Freakin’ apartment management company. Gah! But today the dude showed up just as I awoke. I put some pants on and let him in. And in all of 10 minutes I had a working stove again. Even fixed my pilot lights too, so we don’t have to light the thing with matches anymore.

Hooray hooray hooray hooray!

Now I can make chickens and brownies and gingerbread and cornbread and thanksgiving turkeys and chocolate chip cookies and lemon bars and all sorts of wonderful wonderful things! And my roommates will stop bugging me about when do we get our oven back and I will have no more guilt!
Hooray hooray hooray!

In other news, I may be going to the caribbean next week. I have this friend who lives there now. And mama could use a vacation.
OMG spontaneous!

This is a month for dramatic risk taking I feel.

My favorite boss at my dayjob is leaving and that makes me very sad. So sad that after the company meeting where this was announced, I drank too much tequila and spent half an hour in close proximity to a certain porcelain appliance. Yeah, that’s right. For once I was that girl. But it’s okay, I got home safe and didn’t have to work the next day, so I spent 18 hours in bed watching cartoons. I love my life.

Also nobody has called me yet for painting work and I’m getting tired of waiting around. So I’m gonna leave town for a bit. How much you want to bet I get those phone calls as I’m sitting on the beach? Man that’ll be awesome.

I can’t really afford it, but my rent is super cheap now that I have lots of roommates so I’m gonna splurge and go anyway. I just gotta get someone to cover a couple of shifts for me, and buy the silly ticket. Then pack my bags and go.
Man, I can’t believe I’m doing this. First tequila and now crazy vacationing. I think somebody’s transplanted my brain or something.

Oh, and by the way