… I sure hope that’s it… Sunday, Aug 31 2008 

Had to jump on ye old bandwagon and post this. Hope it works!


… in a coat he borrowed from James Dean… Monday, Aug 25 2008 

Well, if I’m gonna get songs stuck in other people’s heads.. obviously I must find a way to use this power for evil. Further evil, I mean. It is kind of like necromancy. And by that I mean that if you’re lawful good and doing it, you’d better have a really awesome explanation.

All of this is merely a prelude to a mighty


Anyway, it’s been another week in agust and nothing much has happened. My new roommate is messy and wants to talk to me all the time. But she sure can cook, so I guess I can learn to deal. Anyway she starts school for reals this week.

I have started nothing for reals at all yet- nobody has called me to tell me when I’ll be painting for them. I know I will be, but not when. This is frustrating.

Also frustrating is the fact that the super was supposed to come on Thursday and look at the oven, and I was home all day off work, and nobody came. Except the UPS man. Now, I’m always excited to sign for packages, but the UPS man? Can’t fix my oven.

The package wasn’t even for me. Stupid Thursday.

Anyway I reemailed everybody and their bosses, and if I don’t hear back tomorrow I am making several nasty phone calls. I hate making phone calls. Have I mentioned that ever? Well, I do.

I started a comic project. I’m halfway through inking the second page, very exciting. It’s gonna be at least 4 or 5 pages, maybe longer. The longest storyline I’ve ever put in comic form! I’m kinda stoked. It’s about a long involved dream I had wherein I turned into a giant bird of prey and flew around Seattle. And if you know more than that, don’t be giving it away all willy-nilly! You know why. You’d better know.
Cleaned the bathroom this weekend. My hands smelled like bleach for the next 24 hrs. Worth it though. I clean a mean bathroom.

All right now! Put your pitchforks away already. Geez.

…come walking behind, come riding before… Tuesday, Aug 12 2008 

Okay I only have a wee bit of time to post this but it seems necessary. It’s gonna involve a lot of run on sentences though, so be you warned.

After a week and a half of procrastinating I finally called the guy at Julliard, and it turns out it was okay that I waited because he just started at the office yesterday. Anyway, he say he will have work for me but he doesn’t know when yet, and he probably won’t really know until early September. He did give me another number to call for work, that being the company that does a bunch of the window displays long 5th ave… (and I had totally heard of them too) and he said I should bother them soon because right about now is when they realize they are behind. So now I have another scary phone call to procrastinate on.

I shouldn’t procrastinate too much though, because I am sort of running low on money again… not badly, just that the cushion I had squirreled away to facilitate my lazy spendthrift summer is pretty much gone. Now I have to start watching my budget more carefully.¬† Pssh… Being a grownup is dumb.

Maybe NYU will call me this week, that would be cool. Then I can maybe start putting dates to this super busy fall I seem destined to have. I think I may just tell my dayjob I want to only work weekends starting in Sept, regardless. I don;t know though. Without other work lined up for certain sure it do seem a wee bit risky.

Speaking of work, that is where I must now go. Cheer me as I gird my loins for boredom!

…something like a phenomenon, baby… Wednesday, Aug 6 2008 

Boys and girls! I have a new roommate. No, Kirsten has not moved out, (although I never see her these days as she is spending lots of time with her boyfriend).

No no, as of last night our house of two has become a house of three. My friend/archnemesis Dante from college has moved here  to attend grad school and shall now reside in the living room. My Giant living room that was mostly wasted space before anyway. Whoohoo! I am excited because splitting rent 3 ways makes my life massively cheaper.

Kelly says that I have the most exciting stories about not getting laid than anyone else she knows. Kelly is always right.

I have to call the guy from Juilliard sometime this week. May take me a few days to work up the courage. But I’ll get to it.

I had a party last weekend and it was super fun. Except that we managed to break the oven. I don’t know how. But it meant that I got to meet one of my neighbors. We were desperate! We had to finish baking the cornbread. So we borrowed her oven. it was super cool of her. And the cornbread was delicious.

Best quotes of the night- a tie! “The cat! The cat is real?” and “Wait a minute… these are HEALTHY snacks!”

Was that kind of night, babies.