… just a dash of formaldehyde… Monday, Jul 21 2008 

Wow, what a weekend I had! It totally made up for my crap week. I got all stupid shifts at work because I asked for Sat and Sun off. I kept getting back to back evening then mornings shifts, which threw off my sleeping schedule like, whoah, as Kelly might say.  So by Friday I was sort of a zombie and asked to leave work early.  I then went home and slept  like the dead. It was  good.

Then later that night I met up with Devin and Robyn and we went and saw Gypsy. It was absolutly fabulous and I really should go see shows more often. Man, it was good! Especially the second act. Lots of drama and some drop-dead awesome singing.

Then on Saturday I picked them up and they came to stay at my house. We went all about lower manhattan, saw Canal st and Battery park, the WTC site and the Statue, and generally walked all around. We topped off the evening in the lovely air conditioned movie theater. We watched Hellboy (which I wanted to see anyway), because TDK was sold out for like the next three days or something. It was fun though. I enjoyed it throughly. Then we came home and drank delicious drinks and played Soul Calibur. A fine time was had!

Then Sunday we slept in and did a lot of nothing, then packed up a picnic and went to the park, where we also sat around and did nothing. That was an excellent day. We saw ducks and a swan family, and it was a beautiful sunny day with big poofy clouds and a lovely strong breeze. Very relaxing.

Then they had to get on a long bus ride home and I am alone again. Kirsten my roommate came back last night though. She’d been staying all week with her boyfriend in Inwood and I hadn’t seen her in like a million years. Boys are distracting like that. Anyway, of course she comes home before I’ve even made a dent in the mess I made cooking and such. Oh well.

Now it is monday and I have to go back to work. Man, these actual weekends off- it’s almost like I am a normal person..


…to offset the shakes… Thursday, Jul 17 2008 


So it is summer and getting mighty warm here. It’s supposed to be above 100 on Friday. BOOOO!

But I, my babies have regained what I feared lost. The drive is back! I have finished two paintings and am sketching out another, and I have also written massive pages of story. Productiveness is mine!

I got the crap schedule at work this week because I asked for the weekend off. The other day I worked from 4 to 10. The next day from 10 to 4. Tonight I work from 3 to 9. Tomorrow from 9 to 3. This is all feasible, you see, it just mucks up my sleep schedule to no end. I don’t know what time zone I’m in anymore!

But, my babies, it must be, for Devin and Robyn are coming to visit, and there shall be massive tomfoolery! I’m very excited.

I got a birthday package from my mommy! Enclosed was my old baby doll Maria. She closes her eyes when you put her horizontal. Thanks Mom!

…snap snap snap your fingers for me… Tuesday, Jul 8 2008 

Hello all!

So I had a birthday and am now the aged age of 24. Nice even number, that. 12 twice! 12 is my favorite number. I could tell you all why, but I would soon grow tedious. Suffice it to say that it is easy to do math with.

I made lamburgers and me and my roomate ate them all ourselves, since all my friends I like enough to invite for dinner are lame and out of town or had to work or had a family crisis the night before. Sad! But that turned out to be just fine actually, since I had a good time anyway, and if I’d had more people over I would not have been able to take all the lovely phone calls that I got. This sounds much more pathetic than it is, trust me. I had a really good day.

My roomate is so awesome! She bought me a big bottle of Brazillian spirits (oh so potent and deliciously good!), and a book of instructions for pornographic origami. This is hilarious in oh so many ways.

Also I forgot to mention that Lamburgers are Delicious with cranberry walnut sauce as the condiment, on potato rolls, with mint leaves or basil instead of lettuce. Man, I am so awesome. They were, so good.

My 4th was okay but not as smashing as I had expected. I had to work the evening that night, which should have been fine, as there was a fireworks display literally right outside the museum and we figured everyone would leave off examining the dead chinese dudes and go watch them so we’d all get out early. Alas! It was not to be. For two couples- that’s four people to you- decide to waltz on in five minutes before closing and then take their precious time. All while there are Mighty Explosions going on above our heads, and fully audible all throughout the flimsy building. It was baffling. Who prefers dead plasticized bodies, that you can come see anytime, to Fireworks! I mean, come on, people. I could have wished severe bodily harm upon them.

Fortunately my boss was sympathetic to my severe state of cranky and let me watch part of the show through the office window. It was a good show too. Lots of those white sparkly kind that rain down slow and look like willow trees. Those are my favorite.

Afterwards I went to a party, but it turned out to be mostly populated with people I didn’t know, and since I wasn’t feeling energized enough to run a gauntlet of small talk and drunken introductions I left early. Oh well.

I am easily influenced by certain of my peers, and as can perhaps be deduced by my title, I have taken music recommendations from Kelly. I have also received many art books in the mail, with which I am attempting to jumpstart my drive. It’s going slow right now but I suspect it may rev up full bore soon.

But I beat myself up too much, I do. I have half a sketchbook filled already and a nice long all-new section to my story, and it reads much better compared to the stuff I wrote last summer. So really I should stop complaining. And stop complaining about how I should stop complaining…

I did not go to the movies last week after all, I was too busy cleaning. I’m gonna go this week though, I swear! And I am excited, particularly since it is supposed to be super miserable muggy all week and I will be glad of the delicious air conditioning.

I’m to have some visitors this weekend, I hope. I am excited about this. And next weekend I am throwing a party for a coworker who is moving. There shall be revelry!