…corresponding shapes like puzzle pieces.. Sunday, Jun 29 2008 

Okay I confess. The reason I have not posted is the riveting,  fascinating,  tantalizingly explosive fact that

nothing much has happened.

I stay at home. I go to work. I got some netflix movies and a bunch of my cds I ordered from amazon came. So I lounge about in my room and listen to my new music, and think about maybe cleaning up so I can set up to paint, or maybe try to write some story. But I mostly dance around, or surf the internet and play my silly game instead.

I haven’t drawn much except when I am on the way to work, which as I may have mentioned makes me that pretentious arty girl that draws people on the train. Have half a sketchbook filled now though, so it’s not as lame as it could be. I’ll get my groove back soon, I’m not too worried.

It has been warm and sunny here, and with consistent thunderstorms, which are pretty cool, really. The only problem is that the AC at work keeps breaking. And since there is NO airflow at all in that stupid place without it, it is stuffy like you would not believe, and much warmer than it is outside even. And still the people come! I do not understand. But maybe it is more or less bearable if you are not stuck there all day. Anyway, it sucks and I don’t have anything polite to say bout it.

Birthday coming! I have Tuesday and Wednesday off. I think I will go see Wall-E and grocery shop on Tues, and on Wednesday I am gonna have a bunch of people over for lamburgers. Mmmmm… Not all the people I hoped, since my birthday is ill timed, as lots of people are getting the heck out of town to start their long weekend early. But it’ll be fun even if only a few people show up. I mean, c’mon. Lamburgers!

And fireworks from atop my friend’s roof on Friday! I can get drunk twice in one week, that’s not completely excessive. Yes, it will be fun.


…girl’s not a tonic or a pill… Tuesday, Jun 17 2008 

Okay, I do declare that any mockery within a ten day period is excessive.

That being said, I do have news.

My stove works! Yes, the dude came and fixed my oven pilot light, but he couldn’t fix the burner lights, so he just switched them off, and now we have to light the stove with matches, the old-fashioned way. Which is fine. I have successfully baked things and that makes me happy.

My birthday is coming up and I have used this as an excuse to go on a buying spree at amazon and Powell’s online. I don’t even know how much I spent. It doesn’t matter.

Next week I intend to buy myself some dresses and shoes. Whoa, nellie!

Today is my Saturday, as I have tues and weds off this week. I was gonna get a bunch of work done. I didn’t do hardly anything. Well, I did write another page to my story. But my major accomplishment was this:

I have finally beaten BG2: Shadows of Amn. With my half-elf skald, and No Cheats. Hahaha!

Yes, that’s right, the same silly computer game that came out in ancient times (like, ’01 or something), and that I have literally been playing off and on for Years. Well, I finally beat it.  The ending  could have been more satisfying, but I hear there’s an expansion pack…

I am the slowest gamer ever.
And now I shall have to do all of my housework and errand-running and laundry tomorrow, because I was a lazy slut and didn’t even shower today. Oh well.

The only other news I have is that I, in my endeavor  to become better at drawing draperies, have  become the annoying pretentious art girl that draws people  on the subway. Mostly pant legs. I think I may be getting better at shadowing folds though. So maybe it’s worth it.

Also it got me into a conversation with a cute boy the other day. For which I am still cursing my luck that it did not last long enough for him to ask for my number.. If I hadn’t been so nervous I might have thought to just give it to him. Man I sure am dense sometimes.

… fever, yea, I burn forsooth… Monday, Jun 9 2008 

Oh man it is hot here. And muggy. The mornings are beautiful and then bam! Hot n’ sticky and not in the good way.

Tomorrow I shall embark upon a quest for a new fan (or three), as I killed my last one by putting it horizontally under my computer. Also a new trash can since the one in the kitchen has sprung a leak. Oh, and a vacuum. My life defines excitement!

Wednesday I gotta be home all day coz the dude is coming to fix my stove. Again.

I’ve had several visits about my stove. One from the plumber to tell me the gas was off, one from the gas man but he couldn’t get to the basement to turn on the gas, and one from the gas man who could get to the basement. That one was almost successful, but alas. It seems that not only was the gas off, but my stove is defective. The pilot lights won’t stay lit! So the gas man turned the gas back Off at the valve, on account of the fact that gas coming in with out a pilot light = possible death. Woe!

Not that I’d be doing a lot of heavy cooking this month any way, but still. It’d be nice to boil pasta and simmer sauce at the same time again. And the oven! I’ve had no oven and an incredible urge to bake something. Woe is me.

Poor Iso just does not understand that warm and fuzzy is just not a desired characteristic for neckwear in this weather. Sad kitty..

…I’d like to dream my troubles all away… Monday, Jun 2 2008 

O, for bliss is mine! I have spent all the livelong day in bed and darned if I didn’t deserve it too.

My show closed yesterday, and all is well. I will go clean up my mess and strike it tomorrow, but since the building is closed on mondays I had nowhere to be.

And lo, for there was much rejoicing! For as of 5:30 pm yesterday, my summer has officially started. I bought a new sketchbook in anticipation. Whoohoo!

Yes, Midsummer went up, and while it is still my least favorite Shakespeare, I am forced to admit that parts of it are kind of funny.

I made Bottom’s head out of a cardboard pinata. I am so awesome.

Aside from such crafty triumphs, I did not do as well on this show as I might have liked. I felt like I was always late for meetings, always 1-3 days behind where I wanted to be. There were several whole outfits that did not make it onto the kids until opening day. For which I am professionally embarrassed. But they did make it. The show went on. And it’s no good to keep beating myself up on it , so I won’t.

And as far as the kids were concerned, they did Great. Nobody was an irritating diva, everyone was polite nobody made my life more stressful than it had to be. Things like I only had to ask the kids to hang their clothes up once, and they helped each other out with hair and makeup so I didn’t have to do it all. They were super and I love them. I think it helps that they’ve all worked with me before, and they already know what things annoy me, so they tried not to do them. Man, they were fantastic. I wish all the casts I work for could be so nice.

I should really tally up my receipts and find out how badly I went over budget. I stopped keeping track once I figured I’d go over. It seemed more important to get the stupid thing done with already. I’ll probably just hold back some of the receipts and take  the equivalent monies worth of clothes home with me. Hooray for justified embezzlement! Guess who’s gonna care? Nobody, that’s who.

And to think I got a nice fat A in ethics class. Yay art school!

Happy Birthday to my dorkfaced brother Stephen! Get yourself nice and trashed for me tonight, hey?

Kelly, I want you to get this job just so that I can come visit you in you exotic locale. Because I think that would be awesometacular. You know it!
Okay I am gonna go back to playing games now.