…it doesn’t matter. To me it’s hair… Monday, May 26 2008 

Man, frustrating day today.

So I went out merrily shopping today, and I had every hope that my luck with such things was gonna turn. Not so!

My most urgent quarry- a pair of heely shoes, women’s size 5. Once again, my director thinks that shoes with wheels in them is gonna be a great idea on stage. I must admit I was a little unenamored of the idea, considering what happened last time I had a director that really wanted these.

(For those that perhaps do not recall, I spent two days trudging about looking for them, finally locating a women’s size 10 1/2, spending the very last of my budget on the things, only to have them get cut because the actress was not coordinated enough to make them work onstage…)

But this time she really really wanted them, hang the cost! So yesterday I promised I’d have them tomorrow. Tomorrow being today. Er.. yes. I promised I would have them today, yesterday. Got it? Good for you. I’m now confused myself.

Anyway, rehearsal starts at 11, runs to 6. I say to myself that I’d like to have them there by 2. I get out the door at noonish, thinking this will be a quick stop, as I am certain to find them at the Foot Locker next to Bodies. I stop at Bodies to pick up my check and next week’s schedule, and post a card so that maybe somebody will come see the show. I then proceed to yon retail establishment.

Oh, no. They are out of stock. All they have left is kid’s sizes, up to 3. They send me to another store. But they never had them in stock at all, and look at me like I’m crazy for asking. Apparently these stupid shoes, (that Every kid that walks into Bodies seems to be wearing), is now a passe’ fad and no business in their right mind carries them anymore.

Wash. Rinse. Repeat. And again. And again…

I busted thrice on Fulton Street. So I went uptown to 14th street. No go. They sent me to Times Square. (I must mention that I hate going to times square, unless I have no place to go right quick and can afford to get stuck going one stairstep at a time behind somebody’s stroller…). No less than 6 separate stores I went to! This involved a lot of tripping over people’s children, navigating around clumps of snotty tourists, and attempting to get the attention of many harried salespeople.

Nobody had them. I thought I was going to cry.

It was now almost 3. An hour after I had hoped to be happily ensconced at rehearsal, doing fittings.

I decided I might have to give up on the shoes. In my head I was drearily composing the embarrassed speech I was gonna have to give. ‘I know I promised you those shoes today, but…’. And I got on a train downtown.

From Times Square it is easiest to take a Q train to 34th street and then transfer to the F to the Lower East side. 34th street also boasts the giant Macy’s of Doom, and several H&Ms. I was just at the H&Ms the day before, but I hadn’t had time to scope the Macy’s for some other things I needed. So I thought that on my way back, I might as well make a stop there and get Something done, seeing as I was already late.

I never did make it to the Macy’s. The crosswalk light was against me. But right behind me as I got off the train, a Journey’s shoe store.

“What the hell,” I thought. “I might as well take a look as stand here with the traffic against me.”

And they had ’em. In the perfect color, even. Throwing 60 dollars down has never felt like such relief.

But that was the kind of day I had. Some other stuff occurred, mostly to the same frustration level. But I’m tired of writing about it, and (as the other stuff is either a- not as interesting, or b- more personal than I like to share here) perhaps it’s just as well. Suffice it to say that my dayjob is a dayjob, and that there’s a boy out there somewhere that I would dearly like to punch in the head. That’s all.

Tomorrow I must commence with the last of my shopping. To Williamsburg go I, to blend with the hipsters and make a fine raid upon their thrift stores.


… my empire of dirt… Monday, May 19 2008 


So it has been an exciting weekend of doing absolutely nada because I did not feel so good and was unmotivated. Boo to that!

I have been sleeping poorly, which is partly my own fault, as I have been staying up far too late for my own good. But I have also been consistently awakened by panic about this job interview. Yeah, that’s right, the job interview that’s Already Happened. It is so dumb! I think I was so focused on not freaking out beforehand that my body just stored all that up, and is releasing it now when it thinks I am safe. Dumb!

Hopefully I will get some better sleep tonight, and wake up all refreshed and productive tomorrow.

Saturday I went to a nice party, and thus have an embarrassing story to tell. So in the back room there, where everybody was smoking and it was all atmospheric and stuff, a couple of people were playing chess. Now, near the end of the game, the fellow that was winning had to get up and go do something or the other, and I offered to finish the game for him. “Sure,” says he, being no longer interested in this competition.

Now, I sits myself down, and I announce that I (being not only a total novice at chess, but about three shots into the Southern Comfort), am probably going to lose.

“No way,” says the populace. “This game is totally in the bag for you.”

“Oh, no,” says I, “that’s just going to make it all the more humiliating for me when I LOSE”.

And sure enough, I did. The very second move I made lost me my queen. I swear I did not see that rook lurking clear across the board! Sneaky bastard. After that there was no hope for me. Alas!

And that, my friends, is the story of how Anne-Marie got stupid drunk and lost a game of chess. Humiliation is mine.

…girl, you’ll be a woman soon… Friday, May 16 2008 


So I just got home from my Job interview! I am now decompressing from all the excitement.

It went pretty much like I expected it to. Except that it was longer (good) and more intense (ack!). We talked for like, two hours, dudes! And he pulled up the work that I’d sent him, and was all hard assed and critquey, so I had to do a lot of explanation. And then he told me that he already knew I was skilled, he mostly just wanted to gauge my reactions in order to get to know me a little. Which I had already figured out, but still. Intense. Then he showed me the portfolios of the interns he’s hiring for the fall, and wanted my opinion of some stuff, and to tell him how I might fit in with these two people. And I had to be totally honest and say that a year ago I was at exactly the point these interns are, and I don’t know if that would be a weakness or a strength.

But in the end I got what I totally expected, which was that I might not be the best person for the full time assistant job, but that he’d love to have me on as overhire in the fall. Which was pretty much my goal in the first place. Then he took me for a tour of the building, and I got to see the shop (including the paint trap that is exactly like the one at Cornish), and meet the friendly neighborhood carpenters. And he said as we parted at the elevator that I should totally call and pester him in mid-August, so that he knows I am still in town and available, and he can put me first on the list when it comes time to hire extra help.

So that’s how it went down, boys and girls! Whew. Hooray for me!
Now I am tired and so I shall make some pasta and zonk out for a bit.

…your heart is hard as stone or mahogany… Tuesday, May 13 2008 

Man, it’s been a good week for me, and it’s only Tuesday. Hooray!

I have an interview at Juilliard at 2:30 Friday afternoon. Wish me luck!

Today I sat in coat check and made paper cranes, because nobody was checking their coats today. Now I have a string of three dozen colorful birdies hanging on my wall.

I had a friend at work make me a CD, so mow I have some new music and that is fabulous. You may expect a greater diversity of song lyrics to be found in my headlines.

Also the weather is beautiful again. Lalalalala….

…think about the sun… Sunday, May 11 2008 

Okay so wordpress hates me. Hates me! Not my fault! It wouldn’t let me on! What did I do to deserve this? I ask you.

Man, I had another super day. It did not rain, in fact it was lovely and warm and not too sunshiney. The sun came out towards the evening, so we got a lovely sunset and shirtsleeve weather. Delightful.

I had a meeting round 2ish, after which I had several hours to kill before I had to be at strike for Pippin. Not really enough time to warrant going home, as I was hanging out on the Lower East side already. So instead I went uptown through the village, up to Union Square where they have a big Cinema. Which, as I suspected, was playing Iron Man at a frequent enough interval that I was able to just walk in, get a ticket, and go in without waiting around. Sweet. I then proceeded to kill the afternoon with a thrilling display of gagetry and explosions. Yay!

After that I still had a little over an hour before I had  to be anywhere, so I took a walk through the park. Several parks, actually. I took the long way back downtown and managed to hit just about every public greenway along the way. I started at Union square, (always crowded, I go there a lot). And then a few block west I found Stuyvesant Park, which I think is the same size, but there was only 10 or so people occupying it. It  was nice, I’d never been there before. Much quieter. Kinda place you’d hold a wedding.

Then I went south and walked through Tompkins Square park, also one I’d never been too. That one was cool because there were lots of little kids and dogs, but not so many I was tripping over them. And there were some drummers and a flutist in one corner, and that sort of thing always reminds me of  SCA events, and/or Saturday Market at home.

Anyway, it was a lovely evening and I had a pretty good day.

Tomorrow I work in the morning. Booo! Then I have to go finish the strike. Booo! And I really do have to do my ‘homework’, sending out those emails ASAP. Boooooooooo!

If I can actually get some sleep tonight it won’t be so bad. I had hopes that I would tire myself out with all that walking. Doesn’t seem to have worked at all though. Oh well.

…when spry beginnes to spryng… Saturday, May 10 2008 

Man, it has been beautiful and sunny all week, but today was rainy and gross and that make me sad. I really really want it to be nice tomorrow evening, as I have to strike a show, and that means lugging my suitcase, two full length mirrors, and more than likely several big plastic bags full of clothing on the train home. Booo!

Still haven’t written that cover letter. I also have to make an invoice for to get paid for this last show. I have yet to do this either. I am so lazy! It’s harder to motivate myself when I know for a fact that both of these recipients aren’t going to look at it until Monday anyway. It’s just like homework, in fact. I should do it Friday afternoon, but I very well won’t until last minute Sunday night.. Classic.

Turned in my receipts today. I ran over budget. By a dollar twenty-five. I win!

I am also wearing a sweet green dress that was totally bought with show money. I shall however feel no guilt, as I put forward much of the cash myself and will have to be reimbursed, which is a pain. So I have decided that wee bit of harmless embezzlement is not entirely unwarranted. It was like a nine dollar dress anyway. Not gonna break any piggy banks here.

In any case, I look really cute.

I like PEDotWW! It fills my need to waste time on the internet.

I have decided I must go see Iron Man this week, or else I won’t feel included. I’m not sure when I can tho. Maybe Sunday? Hum hum.

Tomorrow I have a production meeting for Midsummer, then strike. Gonna be a busy day. Thus it was decreed, tonight I shall play computer games!

* edited because wordpress hates me today.

…dance all night, stay a little longer… Friday, May 9 2008 

Pippin has opened! Tomorrow I get paid. Saturday I strike. Also Saturday a meeting for Midsummer. Stacked these projects right atop another, yes yes.

The kids did good! The show looked okay. If I’d had more time and money it would have been even better. But for what it was I’m happy. ‘Done’ is a project’s best virtue, as my teachers used to say.

I got another email from Juilliard this morning. Seems all job applications have to go through HR before interviews can happen. So tomorrow I must write up a cover letter to go with my resume, and send that off. I hate writing cover letters. It’s just so hard not to feel like anything I say is gonna look desperate and insipid. But I’ll figure it out. Had me some okay ideas for phrasing in the shower this morning. Maybe I’ll just take another shower, and get it done that way.

Man, I’m tired. And my feet hurt. But life continues to look up!


I would like to point out that though my timestamp says May 9, that is because I am three hours ahead of you and did not get online til just after midnight, my time. And I am still the first person to post today! So nuts to all of you!

…Shout it out, to the highest tower…. Wednesday, May 7 2008 

Final dress is done! And I only have two smallish notes to do before tomorrow’s opening! Oh, life is good. I felt so good about the costumes that I stayed late and helped the set designer for a few hours. I am just that special. I painted a banner and upholstered a chair. Above and beyond! It was fun.

So I sent out my resume and a whole bunch of pictures of my work to the guy at Juilliard this morning. And he sent me a nice thank you and an attached official job description. And here’s the scary part- it looks like a job I could do. Sure, I only have two years of Prof. experience, rather than 3-5, but otherwise? Totally all within my power. Aaaaahhhh!

So he wants to set up a time to interview! Now if I only had my dayjob schedule for next week worked out. I’ll find that out tomorrow I guess. Man, this is so exciting.

Also he even mentioned in the email that they are always looking for overhire. So my plan to at least get in doing that seems to be setting up nicely.

I can feel the lightening shooting from my fingertips, and hear the wolves howl along in perfect harmony as I laugh maniacally. It’s been that kind of day.

…get the show on, get paid… Tuesday, May 6 2008 

Oh excitement! This week is proving surprisingly fruitful, even if it wasn’t PEDotWW.

So last night I got an email from one of the guys I work for at NYU, passing my name along for an assistant scenic charge job at Juilliard School. That’s right, THE Juilliard. So of course I thanked the emailer right away, and I phoned the dude at Juilliard this morning. I was surprised at my own quickness, as this sort of phone call usually takes a few days for me to grind up the courage to make. I totally wrote myself a script and did it though. And it was scary too, I have expected to get a voicemail and leave a nice message, but the guy picked up after two rings. Usually that throws me off, but I stuck to my script and it was fine.

Anyway, it’s a real live grownup job, full time for 9 months of the year, and probably benefits too. Juilliard has a fairly good rep on that. It’s also supervisory, they have two paint interns whom the guy described as “usually highly skilled”. Whoa crazy adult-like job!

So tonight when I get home I have to update my paint resume, and find at least three good jpegs of paint work I feel proud of. Then I will email them and cross my fingers for an interview.

Now I admit it may be a bit of a long shot to get this particular gig, being young and just out of school and all. Also the guy said they were shuffling some staff around and thus were still working up the exact job description. And with the job description up in the air still, I’m not sure I’m what they’re wanting. Maybe they need someone who is also a master at paperwork and excel files or something. But who knows? I do have the advantage of I very well might have been the first person to call about it, it’s not officially up on the employment needed boards yet.

But in any case, I bet that if I can at least get an interview, I can have them at least put my name in their overhire pool. That way if they do go with someone else, I might still get work there on an as-needed basis, which at this point would be just fine for me.

But you know, I certainly won’t turn down a full time job with bennies!

Now I must pack my bags and head towards 2nd dress rehearsal. I have to carry two full-length mirrors on the train! Aaaahhh… I deserve a freaking medal, that’s what.

… practical as salt, modest to a fault… Monday, May 5 2008 

Whew! A long night of sewing, followed by a determined trudge of a day. First Dress was upon me!

I felt a little behind, but the things that got onstage looked great, and for the most part the actors seemed happy. The director loved everything too. And the run today was the best I’d seen yet.  It’s starting to look like a show.

When I got home I had two exciting pieces of mail- one was the long awaited check from NYU. Hooray! Now I shall be certain my rent check won’t bounce,  regardless of what random date in the middle of the month they decide to cash it. Phoosh! The other was the official recognition of my voter registration. Now I shall be all set to make the party happen in November. What is sort of exciting is that I will have to go to the polls and vote in a booth, for the first time ever. I’d always either been absentee or vote-by-Mail (God bless Oregon!) before.

Today I have decided that yes, i do indeed like green tea ice cream. It’s one of those foods that was strange enough to me that I could not decide. But I had some with blueberries at this swank joint on 14th street today, and that was that. It hit the spot. Delicious.

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