…was a miner, ’49er… Sunday, Apr 27 2008 

Oh joyous news! I have received a most exciting package! My Computer is back, and it appears to be all fixed. This new fan whirrs nicely. Hooray, hooray hooray! This is such a big weight off my mind I cannot even tell you. I must get through these costuming projects so that I can enjoy it more fully. You know, doing time consuming things like story writing and silly games and wiki abuse. Sans the massive procrastination guilt and/or sleep deprivation, both of which are threatening to rear their ugly heads again this week..

Now I am at home watching Deadwood and sewing. Well, not sewing so much as cutting up t-shirts and trying to drape them creatively in anticipation of future sewing. Also I am freaking out a little because I feel like I’m a week behind. I think I may have mentioned this before. Anyway..

I don’t remember what I’ve mentioned in my previous posts, so I’m gonna run down a list.

I got my NY State ID in the mail and my picture is kinda funny but ok.

I went to the museum with some friends and was gonna invite them home for dinner but I didn’t because my stove isn’t working because the gas is off because I didn’t pay a bill because I didn’t get one because I thought the keyspan energy account had been transferred to my name but it had not, so I fixed that, but the gas isn’t back on yet. Fail.

The weather has been beautiful so I have been wearing dresses all week and I look hot, even if nobody appreciates it properly but me.

I have rediscovered the joys of shaving cream. My legs no longer itch so bad. This is good for all parties involved. Or party, rather, seeing as the plural form is generally reserved for items greater than one. See previous paragraph. Too bad. Oh well.

I sure do spend a lot of time on the Lower East Side. And the trains are kinda far away there. Lots of walking. Muscley calves. This is my lot in life.

Making evil plans for the summer. Can’t wait! Must get through May first.

Oh, and I have a dentist appointment on Thursday. Am toying with the idea of postponing it, but am admittedly inclined to perhaps just go and get it over with. I think it may depend on how screwed I am for time and money come Tuesday or so.

My life is wild excitement, I know. I can tell by the ferocious activity in my comments section.


R-O-C-K in the U.S.A.! Wednesday, Apr 23 2008 

Well, kids, I finally did it. It was hard and I’m still not certain it was right, but it had to be done.

I have sent my laptop away for repairs. Now I must use the Library internet. Fortunately, the libray is right across the street from my house. Unfortunately, I only got 30 minutes at a time. This may be a truncated rant.

In other news, I fail at being a repsonsible adult, as my gas was turned off this morning. I thought that Dan had transferred the Keyspan bill in my name. I was wrong. This would explain why I had not received a bill though. Fancy that. Anyway, I renewed the account online just now, and I dearly hope that it gets turned back on before my roommate discovers how irresponsible I am.. It’s not likely, but I can hope.

I have big plans to go to the Brooklyn Museum today. It is bright and sunny and I am wearing a dress! I’m trying to get some vitamin D on my legs so they won’t be so embarrassingly pasty. We’ll see how that goes.

I feel super behind on my costume shows, but I gotta keep reminding myself that they are both only paying me for two weeks of work, really, and I should stop feeling guilty. Still, panic shall soon ensue, I suspect. They first one goes up first week of may. Which is, like almost here. AAAAAAaaaa….

Okay I must stop writing or I won’t have time to read any webcomics.

…and they live by the air… Tuesday, Apr 8 2008 

Success was mine at the DMV today! They accepted my birth certificate and my w2s and my diploma and my credit card and every other piece of identifying paperwork I could throw at them, and I should be receiving my New York non-driver ID in the mail sometime in the next two weeks. I am also an organ donor and soon to be a registered voter in the state of New York, so Hooray.

I don’t know what my picture looks like though, that’s gonna be a surprise. I did look nice, I was a little dressed up and my skin was clear and I had a good hair day. I did have a headache and I don’t remember smiling though. So we’ll see.

I also did my taxes yesterday. I did so much freelance (read: untaxed) work that I now owe the federal government the astronomical sum of 35 dollars. Have at it, Uncle Sam! Don’t spend it all in one place.

I was glad to have these two days off, as I had be mightily cranky all week was starting to take it out on my coworkers. I feel a little better now that I’ve had a day to chill.

Boys that make breakfast dates with me and then cancel them last minute are Fools and make me mad.

I got up early for you! And shaved! And you sent me a cancellation message at 4 am the night before- while I was asleep? Grraarrrrr!


Anyway, I gotta start working on this next project- I just got the script in the mail and supposedly can get out petty cash anytime. Means I get to buy fabric with other people’s money. Hooray for that!

Not ready to get excited about it yet, but I need to pretty soon. pump up the motivation and all that.

Man, I had the nicest dream this morning. I was setting up camp with a bunch of you lovely people, and we were singing, like we do, and there were lots of nice cute boys around, and they were helping me carry heavy things and setting up the tent, but the best part was that they were singing too. And we had two gigantic awesome pavilions and I was explaining to someone that my mom made them.

I believe we sang twa corbies and someone was harassing me for the Krechma but I wouldn’t do it because it was still daytime. Then somebody handed me a drink, and I woke up.

Anyway, it’s totally dorky but it cheered me up immensely. Did I mention the plentiful array of cute boys? Man, I wish I could dream them up more often.

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this lately, but I love my new roomate more and more every day. She is so sweet!

I may be offline for a while here soon, as I must put my laptop in a box and send it to Massachusetts. Supposedly they will send it back to me all fixed. I don’t know how long that will take and it makes me nervous. But I gotta do it. My life will improve immeasurably once my computer works at full capacity once again. I can get back to work on my story, for one thing..