…way down in Egypt land… Friday, Mar 28 2008 

Hahahahahahaha! I must make this here announcement. Pay attention, it could be important. Actually it’s not important at all. But it must be said and say it I must and so I will.

I love Vicodin.. at least, at this very moment in time, I love it.

Also I have a big hole in my head! That’s right, I finally went to the dentist. And on april 14 I shall go forth and possibly receive 3 more. Holes in the head, that is. Today when I went in they took my x-rays and the lady saw the giant cavity I had in my top left number 17 and said that I should get that sucker out ASAP, and I heartily agreed. So they sent me upstairs to the super crowded and nutty oral surgery unit, and that’s what they did. Got that sucker out, that is.

I got to listen to the attending physician berate a circle of residents no less than three times while I was waiting there. It was just like on TV. And strikingly similar to my peritonsilar abcess experience as far as that goes.

I even had a doc come by and look at my teeth out of pure curiosity, because he had caught sight of my x-rays in the lab and wanted to know how the heck I had a giant cavity in one tooth, when all of my other teeth were perfectly healthy. He seemed shocked by this and asked me if I had a habit of storing candy back there on that one side or something. I had to tell him that it was nothing like that at all. Just that I had known about the cavity for a long time and had ignored it because I was (a) lazy or (B)scared of the dentist or (c)uninsured and poor. He was all nonjudgmental and said that it was human nature, which made me feel a little better. I do think he was a little sad that it wasn’t anything exciting. And then he had to go back to radiology where he belonged. My adorable little student doctors were confused by him, they thought he was in charge all of a sudden and nobody had told them.

So that was my day at the NYU college of Dentistry. Now I have antibiotics (BOO) and also vicodin (YAY!).

The whole thing cost me a little over 200 bucks, which is not too shabby. Most of that was the drugs, actually. Stupid antibiotics cost me more than the consultation and extraction even. Gah!

Oh, and also I may have mentioned that all of my other teeth- Perfectly Healthy. And I have really good blood pressure, apparently. So it seems I am a pretty decent specimen.

My roomate is super and made me stir fry with tempeh and there were even vegetables with it. All healthy and junk! Maybe it might partially make up for the fact that I shall be gorging myself on ice cream all week. And cake! And I totally bought two packages of peeps since they were on sale, and I have mighty plans to EXPLODE them in my microwave. Yes yes.

Life is good. Dentists are still scary but it is great to have that tooth out. Ahh…

Oh! Almost forgot. I got my official BC in the mail yesterday. It is not nearly as impressive as the one I already have. But I guess the DMV disagrees. So sometime when I have another day off I shall have to go back there and get my new ID already! And that will be  a big crossing off list item, and that is good.


…but rather to set yours beginning… Thursday, Mar 20 2008 

Okay, so I just had one of the most frustrating afternoons ever.  I need a new ID card, for as faithful readers will no doubt recall, mine expired in July. Now I totally have an entire day off, and what better way to spend it that to stand in line at the DMV? I don’t think I have to say much more about that, I know you are all with me here. But that’s not the worst part , you see. For I stood in line feeling sick for two hours, all for nothing!

They didn’t care that I had ID previously issued. It’s from out of state, so they didn’t even want to look at it. They wanted my Social Security Card, (which I had), and proof of my birthdate. Which I thought I had, being as I have this lovely piece of paper from the hospital with my footy prints on it. No no,  Footy prints are irrelevant! They are not government issue! And none of my other peices of paper with my birthdate on will do. Even though I had like, eight of them on me. Was no go!

So I went home with no new ID. Curse you, New York State DMV!

So I went home and had a cheese and egg and bacon sandwich (delicious), and looked up the office of Vital statistics for Washington state. Turns out all I need to acquire an official B.C. is 32 dollars and my mother’s full maiden name. Anybody could, in fact. I didn’t even have to prove I’m me to do it. So I drug out the debit card and it is on the way.

So whenever that comes in the mail, I shall have to find another day off to go stand in line again. This time I know which line to stand in though, so perhaps it will take me less time. Bah.

Did I mention that my teeth hurt? Well, they do. Stupid things need to finish growing in already. Wisdom, my butt.

…O’er her lily-white breast… Tuesday, Mar 18 2008 

So I can has new phone! The King is dead, long live the King!

They don’t even make my old phone anymore. I had to get the next version up. It is somewhat shinier.

Alas, for my dying cell has taken most of my address book with it. So if you ever want to hear from me again, you should call or text or email me with your number. Otherwise I do not have it anymore, and that makes me sad.

I have a wisdom tooth coming in today and it hurts like hurty. I think there might be room for it, it just need to hurry up and finish coming out. Owowowow.

Just  another excuse to drink the whisky, I guess.

Hope y’all had a happy St. Patrick’s Day!

My kid’s show opened and closed this last weekend, and that is good. It was a really fun show. It was all making fun of reality TV. There was even a Flava Flav sketch, for which I got to make fake bootys.. I may have mentioned them before. Anyway, It was fun, but I am glad it’s over, as I needs my sleeps.

Now I have a week or two just at the Bodies job, then I start working on the next two shows. “Pippin”, for the Lower Manhattan Arts Academy, and “Midsummer”, for UYT. They go up two weeks apart from each other. I shall simply have to be all organized and stuff. My month of May is gonna be fun though.

I had a friend from Seattle stay with me all last week, to interview for Tisch Grad school. Dante Olivia Smith! We’re  class rivals- I like to call her my Nemesis. She got the slightly higher GPA, but I got all the fancy sounding Scholarships, so we were always neck and neck academically. It’s good to have her around because we are all competitive (in a good way), and she’s kinda helping me to light a fire under my feets and think about grad school myself. I wasn’t ready to this year, but I think that by next winter I could very well be. So that’s in the wind. In the wind!

I have Sooper Sekrit Plans! Mwahahahaha!

You know what’s good? Whiskey and Ginger Ale. Delicious!

…But you don’t know which page to turn to, do you? Sunday, Mar 9 2008 

Geez. A mocking after not even two weeks. And with an unusually fruitful comments page even! You people’s standards are too high.

So I had a giant party last night and it was totally awesome. Hopefully we didn’t traumatize my new roommate too much. She seemed okay though. It was my coworker Cherish’s birthday, and since she lives way the heck out in Jersey, I held her party at my house.

There were novelty pastries involved. The very best kind. And of course much drinking. I set up candles in my bedroom, moved my sewing table to accommodate more seats, and people played card games in there. My very own den of iniquity, I was so proud.

I got to make some ginornmously large fake badonkadonk for the show I’m working. They went into rehearsal today. Hilarity ensued.

I’m not sure how to pluralize badonkadonk. I think it’s an onomatopoeia anyway.

My favorite word ever, onomatopoeia.

I’m tired. Goodbye.


My phone had died. Died, and dead. I had to call tmobile from my roomates phone and order a new one. I hate calling strangers. Especially evil corporation strangers that are unfairly after my cash.

Anyway, don’t try to call or text me for the next few days, because you will only be shooting into the aether.  I will announce to all when I have phone again..