..now I know how Joan of Arc felt… Wednesday, Feb 27 2008 

Hooper do!

Lest I too, be subjected to the whims of internet mockery, I shall endeavor to procure a  post.

Uhh.. what has gone on? My new roomate has yet to stay the night, though she has dropped of several carloads of stuff, most of it while I am at work or otherwise occupied, so I have not seen her at all.

I embarked upon a quest to clean my shiny new house, and knowing that I would never force myself to do such a thing without proper motivation, I invited a few of my most cheerful friends over for dinner this week. And it worked! My house is now clean, more or less, and much fun was had by all. We consumed no less than four bottles of wine (there were four of us, wanna do some quick math?) ,and we played apples to apples away into the wee hours of the night.

I also cooked up my very first whole chicken. I stuffed her with half an orange, some onions and rosemary. She was tasty, and the perfect amount of food. I shall have to buy more whole chickens. They are much cheaper than pieces, and seem more impressive, even though they are actually much easier to cook… also Iso loves the leftovers. she’s a fan of the poultry, that one.

The other dishI made was pasta in red sauce with bacon. I slice up a few pieces of bacon into tiny bits, fry them just enough to be a wee bit brown, add some rosemary, and pour in and simmer half a jar of trader joe’s spaghetti sauce. It tastes disgustingly good for how little effort I put into it.  I’m all for cooking that looks impressive but doesn’t actually require much skill..

I paid Dan the last half of his deposit, minus the last of his half January bills. Now my former roomie and are don’t owe each other nothin’. I think. Here’s hopin’.

I guess I’m gonna have to call the cable company and get new internet set up before Kirsten moves in. I mean, unless we wanna keep stealing from the neighbors… I was gonna do it today, but I am lazy. I still have the modem, and Dan gave me his old wireless router, so hopefully I won’t need to buy any more equipment.

I have been playing more Soul Calibur. I’ve gotten pretty good with Seung Mina. I hate the writing on her storyline though. Oh well.

Okay, now this is really really nerdy… I was joking with a coworker a while back about how my job makes me feel like a Non-Player Character in some sort of horrible RPG. Because most of the the time, all I do is give the same answers to the same set list of stupid questions- just like an NPC dialog. So then the joke moved onto what it would be like to play BODIES: The RPG. Things like, if you bring someone coffee or take somebody’s shift when they need it, reputation +1! And you can lose reputation by stealing coat check tips or making an ass of yourself at the Christmas party… Somebody tells a good joke- party morale +1! The bathrooms aren’t working, -10 hp per round!

Uh, yeah. Then I got really bored the other day and started making up character sheets for certain my coworkers. Mostly just the ones I felt might appreciate the joke. Of course, now everybody wants one, and I can’t always make them out to be especially flattering. . .

I’ve thought up some pretty cool items and special abilities, though. One lucky dude got the power of Devastating Flirt. He also possesses the Boots of Badassery (+1 Str, Dex, and Char). Another fellow wields Phallic Joy (Warhammer +1), and the amulet Wiimote Azure (+2 Dex, +1 Char). He has the special ability Blessed Embrace (morale +2). My friend Liz got the Lingerie of Self Esteem (+1 Char and Con). The rogue that usually works downstairs wears the Cap of Shadows, and petrifies his enemies with the Sarcastic Blast. I myself favor the spell Song of Cheer, and wield the Scissors of Snowflake Creation.

Obviously, I have thought about this far too much. My dayjob is boring and I am a giant Nerd. These are the lessons to be learned from this.


…the colors red and blue… Tuesday, Feb 12 2008 

Dudes and Dudettes!


So I have used one of my days off to paint a giant roman column on my wall. It looks pretty awesome, if I do say so myself. If I get up the energy I will paint two more. My living room is gonna look like the temple of Vesta or something. Bwahahaha!


Today I went and did a presentation on ‘what it’s like to be a costume designer, woot!’ for a class at the Arts Center. Now, you thought you were afraid of public speaking? Try talking for an hour to a group of bored teenagers. Freaking terrifying. There were a couple who had good questions at least. And one in particular who seemed actually interested and held consistent eye contact. So I managed to make it through the hour, thank the small gods. Whew. But man, there were some scary moments there.


Also anybody under the age of 18 should TURN OFF THEIR FREAKIN’ CELL PHONES! Man, when I was in school, only the drug dealers had cellular technology. Kids these days ain’t got no respect for what they have… Does that make me a cranky old lady? Gah!


It was the second time this month that I’ve had reason to get out my giant lumberly portfolio. Makes me think like I really ought to update it. And I –Know- I need to update my resume, because it’s like a year old now. That just seems suspiciously like work. Because, you know, painting a 9 foot column on the wall is totally like playtime.


Oh, almost forgot. Today, IT SNOWED! Mounds and mounds of those tiny dry snowflakes that pile up everywhere and sting at your nose, but are too small and nonsticky to make good snowballs with. If we get any sticky snow, I might go to the park and make a snow kitty… it’s been a few years since I did that. Man. Anyway, it’s kinda pretty and I am all to happy to get out the winter sweaters I’ve had tucked in my closet all year. I may have a different opinion once I have to negotiate an extra long commute tomorrow..

Oh, and I got my new ATM card in the mail today, and deposited a couple of checks. I also made the discovery that my rent check has not cleared yet. This worries me a little. If it ain’t out of my account by Thursday I will have to write a worried email or something. Anyway, it is nice to have access to ready cash again.

…hop a freight, grab a star… Friday, Feb 8 2008 

Hi kids,

Well, I have had a productive couple of days. I moved into the bigger bedroom down the hall, and boy is it nice. I have a costumes closet and a personal closet. And a new bookshelf (at last!). Now I need a full-length mirror and some tables, and I will have a fine studio setup. I’m so excited!

I think Iso approves of the new digs too. She sure spends a lot of time on my bed looking contented. I think she also approves of having more space all to herself. And in general, she’s always approved of me being home all day cleaning. So I have one happy cat right now.

New roommate Kirsten came by today to pick up the keys, and she loves Iso too. She did however compare her to Jabba the Hutt. I said, “You hear that, cat? The nice lady just called you fat!” Iso didn’t seem to care much though. She was too busy enjoying the chin scritches. Maybe ‘fat’ is no insult in kittycat culture.

Also today I went to Queens and celebrated Chinese new year. There was wine and scotch consumed, and much delicious chinese food. Susan (the mom) did however send me home with much of it. Not only delicious meaty bits, but she insisted that I take home what has to be at least a pound of Broccoli. Because, you see, I don’t eat enough vegetables. Oh, man. I don’t particularly like broccoli. Now I have enough to last me at least a week and a half. And I will feel guilty if I don’t eat it all, too. Gah!

But it is good to have something in the house to eat that isn’t pasta. I left my debit card in the machine the other day, and I called them right away and had them cancel it, so no worries there. But it’s supposed to take a few days for the new one to come.
It’s a good thing I had just bought milk… Also the little red envelope I got tonight is a big help, as otherwise I have no cash. Phew!

Man, I feel so grownup with my very own apartment. I’m gonna paint some columns on the walls in the living room, and some fake bricks in the kitchen. Because I can. My life is awesome.