…you must take the A train… Saturday, Dec 29 2007 

Hello my babies!

Now that a certain friend of mine has pointed out that the fact that I say this all the time is weird, I have decided to endeavor to say it more often.  So Ha.

Well, I am back in Brooklyn and I am sad to say that my vacation is now over. Oh, man.

My flight back was fine, the only wrinkle being that the security people at Portland International Airport caught on to the fact that my ID has been expired for 6 months (they didn’t notice at JFK). It wasn’t a big deal, I just had to go through the “special screening. Which mostly meant that I walked through the puffer machine (that’s their name for it, not mine). Also a tired looking lady went through my overstuffed bags with a swabby thing.  She managed to get it closed again with no problems, so that was fine. The only really irritating thing was that the supervisor fellow who was showing me through kept calling me “young lady”, which kinda made me want to kick him in the teeth. I would have preferred a nice formal “ma’am”, or even”miss”. Condescending old dude. Bah!

Whateves. I’m back now, and after sleeping all day yesterday, I went to work an eight hour coat check shift today. Oh, man, do my feet hurt. It was super busy today, I think they said we had 3000 people come through. That makes for a lot of coats. Made some okay tips though, so I might not have to visit the bank until later this week, when I have more money to put in instead of a mighty need to take it out..

Am gonna be poor this month, I think. Was worth it tho. A delightful vacation. I wish I’d had more time to visit with everybody, but at least I got to see most all the people I’d been hoping to see. Next time I’m loaded with spending cash I may try to make it to LA too. But since I was already hard pressed to visit three cities this trip, adding a fourth was pretty much impossible.. Alas. Next time!

I caught my cat using my roommate’s litterbox. And she came into the kitchen to say hi to me. A kittycat breakthough! Now it seems she feels comfy coming out into all parts of the house. This is most excellent.

Also she is very fat because I was gone for over a week. Codependent yo-yo dieter cat…


…fields and floods… Monday, Dec 24 2007 


My Christmas Surprise has been a rousing success. I have shocked my maternal unit thoroughly. I think I may have made her cry. Excellence is mine!

For, you see, the tree I trimmed yesterday- ‘Twas the tree of House O’Brien. I am on Ye West Coast for Christmas! And my mom had no idea until I walked in the door last night. Heeheehee!

I flew into Seattle and spent a few days there with some of my college peeps. Then I took a greyhound down to Eugene and stayed with ye Kelly and her folks, and spent time with my Dad and sibs. Man, an eight-hour greyhound ride… with a two-hour layover in Portland. Ye Gods, but that sure did suck. I did get a few more pages of my story written though. So not entirely useless, I suppose.

A key highlight of the past few days was when I went and had a drink with Stephen. He’s Ginormous and over 21. Crazy! I had a really good time drinking with him. He even sang Beatles songs for me. It was awesome.

I was so happy that I got to see most everyone! Thanks so much for coming out, folks! I had a blast with all you people. It was so good to catch up with my old friends. Can’ even begin to describe the awesome.
Special thanks to Kelly and Tegan for their awesome editorialness. And their willingness to let me sleep on their floor. I hope I didn’t drool on your pillows too much.
Now I am re-inspired to write. It’s madness. Madness, I say!

Currently I am at my Mom’s computer in Portland, and there is Christmas festivity on the horizon. Then I fly back to New York on the 26th. I’ll probably have to work on the 27th. Whoohoo!

I was gonna try to work the word “flamergency” in this post, but I couldn’t find a good way to do it.

…Adeste Fideles… Sunday, Dec 23 2007 

Yes, my babies. Nothing of consequence has occurred and there is absolutely no excitement to be had anytime soon.
Oh, it’s such a lie. Hahahaha!
Trimmed a tree last night. I thought there would not be enough ornaments, but there were more than enough. I don’t know what I was worried about. Anyway, I had a delicious Christmas martini and sang me some carols and it was all very festive.
Still working on my story. Had a quite a lot of downtime the other day and I knocked several pages out unexpectedly. I’m also rewriting a significant portion of the middle of the middle that had previously sucked. So that’s good.
I sure do spend a lot of tiem on teh internetz…

All hail the potato queen! Coincidentally, she’s also my Evil Overlord. Hail!

…then down shall go butler, bowl and all… Thursday, Dec 13 2007 

So much… holiday cheer… Christmas is everywhere, I can’t escape! It’s horrible!

Actually I’m sort of loving it. I put up some lights in my room and I’ve been playing all my Christmas tapes.  I finished my shopping this week, and today I wrapped presents with gaff tape because I forgot to buy scotch tape. All this holiday business is making me poor this month. I don’t care, it’s worth it.

Tomorrow I go to the post office. I’m so organized! I win!

Yesterday was the office Christmas party, at which I took full advantage of the free food and open bar. Oh, delicious tequila! I got made fun of because I was carrying a saltshaker around all night. I didn’t want anyone to steal it, you see.  I shouldn’t need to say that I had fun. Haha!

The smell of Christmas trees makes me mightily homesick. Ah… the Douglas fir. How I have missed your scent!

It gets dark so early! I do not like this. Since I prefer to sleep late and I normally work in the after noons, I only get about two or three solid hours of daylight. It’s kinda making me crazy. I never know what time it is! It’s always dark!

I turned the heat on in my room. It is nice and toasty warm in here, and cold throughout the rest of the house. Bah.

I hope the snow holds off until next week. It’s been all slushy and gross, but I’m not ready for the dirty piles of white stuff yet.

I should finish cleaning my room, but I don’t wanna. Maybe I’ll draw some naughty pictures instead.

My life is awesome.

…dream on, dream on, dream until your dream comes… Saturday, Dec 1 2007 

Howdy folks and folkesses! Chaps and chapesses, etc. Mmm… chaps.

Anyways, life is good. I got my book back this week. Some of you will know what that means. It’s stupid, but it was really important to me. Now it is done. Sigh.

In less cryptic, but possibly more stupid news, I finally took drastic action and wiped out my computer yesterday. It seems to be running much better now. If it starts misbehaving again I’m gonna be forced to call in my warranty. And I really don’t want to do that.

And now all of you more computer-savvy people are free to laugh at me, as you negotiate the horrors of these next paragraphs. Be you warned.

The problem is that I didn’t actually know what I was doing. I was frustrated and thus in a hurry, but I’d been very careful to back up all of my word files and such. But I did not think (and I’m not sure I would have known how) to back up any of my programs. Which is rather inconvenient but not entirely disastrous. The thing came with XP, and booted right back into a clean copy, so that was fine. And things like Mozilla I just got off the internet again. My bookmarks needed a combing-through anyway…

All of my game files appear to be gone- sad, but I was thinking to restart with a new character in BG2 anyway, so that decision just got made for me. The real pain in the arse is that all of teh 1ll3g4l softwares I had are now floating in the ether. Notably Photoshop (d’oh!) and my copy of Office. I had forgotten that my office was bootleg, so now I feel stupid. I can’t really read all of those word and excel files I so painstakingly saved until I get a replacement, now can I?. I may even go so far as to get a legit copy. Of Office, but probably not photoshop. That’s too rich for my cereal. Bah.

What else is going on… my roommate loves Cowboy Bebop. Also I have borrowed a bunch of Dreamcast games from a coworker, and have thus spent several eye-bugging afternoons playing Quake. Good explodey times, yes yes.