…non, je ne regrette rien… Saturday, Nov 24 2007 

A happy thanksgiving weekend to you all!

So I have continued the grand family tradition and held my Orphan’s Thanksgiving on Friday. It was a smash! Well, at least if anybody there was having half as good a time as I was, I am a happy clam.

And since I know that some of you like  to read of such things, I shall tell you what we ate.

I made:

Turkey- my first! Moist and perfect. Wish maybe I’d gotten a bigger one now, cuz there ain’t much in the way of leftovers.

Cranberry sauce- my best ever. And I made a ton of it so I have lots left and this makes me happy.

Mashed potatoes- slight tiny lumps, but good anyway.

Gravy- Super thick. Decently tasty. There wasn’t much of it, what with the smallness of the turkey. So it went away in the first 20 minutes. Oh well.

Mashed yams- I thought they were delicious, but only a few people ate them. Must be an acquired taste, as they were savory rather than sweet. That’s okay. More for me!

Mystery Fruit tart- I had an extra pie crust I had to do something to, so I chopped up some pears and stuff and added sugar and cornstarch and hoped for the best. It looked weird, but it was yummy.

Punkin pies- Frikkin’ awesome! I rocked the house with these, appeasing even the most snobbish of punkin pie gourmands. Hahahahahaha! And the best part is, there’s still some left. I’m gonna have the most delicious breakfast ever.

Also there  was just barely enough alcohol, and next time I will buy more in the way of mixers, and make a lot more ice. And maybe hold it on a weekday, so that more people can come at the same time instead of trickling in and out in clumps. But for my very first grownup party ever, I declare it a Success! Hooray!

Also since I have moved all the furniture, we have had a major kittycat breakthrough. I caught the two of them on my bed At the Same Time.  Getting along and everything! I’m so happy! I hope they keep it up.

Now I have a Gigantic Pile of Dishes to do before I go to work today. Gah! But that’s what I get for refusing to buy plastic cups and paper plates. I just couldn’t do it… so many dishes…

In other news, I have netflixed Cowboy Bebop and that is some good stuff. Mmmm… Tank!


…one eyed, one horned, flying purple people eater… Friday, Nov 9 2007 

Well, is a craptastic day for me. I thought I might escape my annual sinus freakout this time, since I had that cold for two straight weeks with nothing more than a drip.

I was wrong. I went home sick from work today because I no feel good. My snots is yellow and I feel stuffy and vaguely disoriented all the time… I hope it doesn’t get any worse. I don’t wanna go to the doctor!

Wah! Why I gotta be sick all the time! Is it just living in a city or what? Seems like every six weeks I gotta have something wrong with me. I try to take care of myself, honest I do. Bleeaaagggggglgh..

In other news, my roommate and I have canceled our expensive cable and replaced it with Netflix.  So far we have received “Memoirs of a Geisha”, “Hot Fuzz”, and “Monty Python and the Holy Grail.” When Dan saw “Geisha” was in the queue, he mentioned it to me. I said, “I bet you said to yourself ‘dude, total chick movie’.” He said, “Yeah, I think those where the exact same words I used, too.”

It totally was, too. And not nearly as good as the book. Pretty sets and costumes, irritating script. Oh well. Hot Fuzz was funny. God bless the British.

Now I wish I had waited instead of watching Holy Grail last night, because now I am home sick with nothing to do. Alas.

…mon coeur de moi… Friday, Nov 2 2007 

So it seems I am still sick, but it’s settled to a sniffle so I suppose all is pretty much okay. Everybody at work has this same cold, so at least I am not alone in my snifflyness.

I had a nice Halloween- I went to a party on Saturday and had a wonderful time and didn’t get home until 6 am because a bunch of us went out for drinks after. It was a good night.

I went as Circe. That’s the goddess on the Island in The Oddessey, for those of you who don’t remember any of your seventh- grade lit.  She turns men into pigs. It was awesome. I even found a porcine paper-mache prop at the theater I was working in that day. I could not believe my luck. I drew eyes and a smiley face on him and named him after one of my exes. Oh yes.

Also, I looked hot.

I am excited about Thanksgiving! I got invited to a little one on Thursday, it’s gonna be all professional contact world. I will bring cranberry sauce. I make a mean cranberry sauce.

But Friday, them’s the digs. I am throwing a party! In fine tradition, I am holding Orphan’s Thanksgiving on Friday, for all of those poor souls like me who are either far away from or don’t like their families. I’m getting excited. I haven’t throw a party in eons, and I’ve never held one here. Now I finally have a giant living room to put people in, and a kitchen to cook for them. Hooray Hooray!

Someone told me that it can be hard to get a turkey around here come Thanksgiving week,  so I went to Whole Foods and bought one today. It is a little one, but since I’ve never cooked one before it seemed safer. I also bought some extra pre-seasoned turkey bits just in case. It all fits very nicely in my freezer. Man, it’s nice to have a freezer.