…is the loneliest number… Thursday, Oct 25 2007 

Been a busy week, my babies. Much has been done.

My baby seester was here! I put her back on the plane on Tuesday. We had an awesome week. Much shopping and hanging out and vacation stuff. She did have to follow me around at work a few times, but she didn’t seem to mind.

Continuing the little sister theme, we also had a special guest star in the form of my favorite Evil Overlord Tegan O’Brien. She and her friend Christine took time off their massive homeworking and met me for dinner. Thus they were entertained by tales of my exciting move and somewhat less exciting love life. Poor things.

My kid’s show is opening tonight, and I am finally happy with it. I felt really behind all week, but after some sewing frenzy last night and some good shopping luck this morning, it seems to be okay. Now I just have to run wardrobe all day tomorrow, and again on Saturday night, mostly because there is a massive amount of kids and I don’t trust them to hang up their clothes themselves. And then it will be done! Hooray!

Also as of today I am sick. I have a dry cough in my chest and it makes a horrible noise. I hope it is just a dust allergy or something. I feel fine otherwise, so meh.


… you’ll be swell, you’ll be great… Monday, Oct 15 2007 

Hey folks. Life is good. Even if I do have a bit of a cold. It’s enough to make me cranky and cause my nose to get all dry and itchy, but nothing that’s bad enough to keep me home from work or nuthin’. Stupid viruses.

I just spent 80 bucks at the Trader Joe’s because I had no food in the house, and also because my baby sister is coming to visit me! She arrives tomorrow, supposedly. I’m so excited!

Today was an exciting day at work, as we officially changed our uniforms. We used to have to wear khakis. Blech! But after much agitation, it was finally announced that we were to switch to black pants. And so today was the first day of the switch. I have dubbed it Black Monday. It was a time of much rejoicing!

For, you see, not only is black much easier to keep clean and professional looking, it makes me feel less like a corporate stooge when I wear it. Also, we all look Much Hotter. I know my ass looks good in black. So does everybody else’s, apparently. The sexiness of my coworkers has upped about 60-75%, I’d say. For both genders. Oh yes.

Also the dude I sort of have a crush on showed me his tummy hair today. Hot! I love tummy hair. Good thing most guys have it.. ah… it makes me so happy. Eeeee!

And now for a tangent.
I have burnt many souls this week. It’s been a good time.

Fall is officially here as it has finally gotten cold. I have broken out the scarves and sweaters. So Happy! I loves me the scarves. It helps break up all the black.

I still love the bed. The view is much better from up here.

…Hey, Mister, can you tell me?… Tuesday, Oct 9 2007 

Oh happy day! Actually it was kind of a so-so day. I went to work which was okay, and then I came home and cleaned my room only to discover a roach infestation under the futon (BLLAAARRRGH!), requiring me to go out into the pouring rain and buy a can of Raid and spend a half hour DESTROYING the pernicious little buggers until I was satisfied they were mostly all dead.

But with a very happy ending! For I had received in the mail a very large box. The large box made MoMo very happy. Silly cat loves boxes. But the contents of the box are what matters to me… ForĀ  I have acquired a bed!

That’s right, I am the proud owner of a full-size Premier AeroBed. Yes, it is an air mattress, but a fancier, more stupendous air mattress I could not find anywhere on the internet. It stands two feet off the ground, has the good warranty, and you inflate it by plugging it in and pushing a button. Which I did, at first opportunity. And it is awesome. I loves me teh interwebs! And it has been a long time since I was so happy doing as mundane a task as putting sheets on a bed. Now it is all set up and cozy. Looks mighty grown up to be having a bed, says I. I think Iso likes it too. She has already anointed it with cat hair.

Tomorrow is my day off and I have big plans to do housework, and laundry, and to finish the paper work for the UYT show I’ve been procrastinating on. Whooo… But I also have a new bed! Did I mention that already? Well, too bad.

…sure would be a shame if you don’t share… Monday, Oct 1 2007 

I have some excellent, awesome, totally splendid news.

I have the day OFF tomorrow! The first one in like, five weeks. OH, Joy and Rapture!!!

I have big plans to do a whole lot of Nothing. Oh, sure, I should do laundry. And I ought to clean my room. And perhaps take a look at that script for the show I’m working on this month.. But I feel that you and I both know that I am unlikely to do all of those things. In fact I will consider it a good day’s work if I even get to one of the three.. And the one I will most likely do would probably be the script reading, because that does not require pulling my tired muscles out of bed.

Ahh… bed. I may spend some time on the internet tomorrow looking to purchase one. What with the month of consecutive 7-day weeks working, I am now comparatively rich. For the moment, anyway. Most of that money is spoken for, so I can’t go too crazy with the impulse shopping that is oh-so-easy here in New York.. But I do need to buy a bed.

I also paid off my ER bill a few days ago. Now they can stop sending me sad letters about how I or my non-existent insurance company owes them six hundred dollars. Stupid peritonsilar abcess! With that kinda cash I coulda bought an iphone or something. Bah!

The weather has gotten cool and it is lovely. Iso likes it so much she comes out and runs around in the hallway. I had to put the collar back on her because she has expressed an interest in running out the front door. No, kitty! Stay inside! but I’m very glad to see her get active. Maybe she will lose a little of that weight.

I should probably take her to the vet and get her shots updated while I have the cash.. Oh, the excitement of adult life.

Went to the Strand and came out with fifty dollars worth of books. Yay! And I have a plug- a rarity on this page, as faithful readers will no doubt recall.. But among my purchases was Marjane Satrapi’s Persepolis. And I am just telling you all now, YOU SHOULD READ IT.

Seriously though, it’s awesome and ought to be required reading for all American humans, especially those who might think that war with Iran would do anyone a lick of good. Also it made me laugh and then cry like a baby. So. Good.