…put on a brand-new shirt… Tuesday, Sep 25 2007 

Hi everybodeeee!

My body does not hurt so much! I seem to have acclimated myself to the 9 to 5 schedule and the brutal physical work. ‘Course, now that I’m used to it the job is almost over. But they did ask me to stay another week, they like me so much! Hooray! Now if only I knew when they were going to pay me…

Speaking of jobs, Congratulations Kelly! An official assistant editor! I do a happy dance in your direction.

I really really really need to do laundry. I have no time ever to do it. Ever. I should just do like my roomate and drop it off instead of doing it myself. I just can’t bring myself to pay extra bucks and let someone else clean my skivvies. It just doesn’t feel right.

It is beautiful and sunny here, and hot but not overwhelming so, and the humidity is much more bearable now. Inless we get a thunderstorm, and then it is wet and muggy. But we only get those every couple of weeks for a day or two, and then they go away and it is nice out again. I love fall!

I went out with some of my Bodies coworkers last week and did karoke for the second time in my life. But it was even more awesome because it was with a live band. Rock on! I was supposed to sing “Roxanne” ( I do a hilarious imitation of the Moulin Rouge guy) , but the MC got my name mixed up with someone else, so he accidentally made me sing “I want you to want me” instead. I went with it anyway. It was fun. My vocal chords took two days to recover, what with all the screaming. But it’s not like I make such things a habit, so I guess it’s okay.

And now the requisite personal drama… Funny story, actually.

Stupid Boy borrowed a book from me and has yet to return it. I want to call him up and tell him he can either talk to me or he can send me back my book like he promised, damnit. But I don’t know if that’s the right thing to do. I feel like I lose either way. The irony of it all is that the book- it’s Catch 22. Oho!

That’ll teach me to lend out my books. Grr. I shake my fist!

But life is good otherwise, so I can only be so mad. Still, though. What a Moron!


…you’ll get yours yet… Sunday, Sep 16 2007 

My neck hurts! Also my shoulders, and my back, and my head, and my knees and elbows and wrists… I’m beginning to sound like a language exercise, but there you go. Manual labor, kids! And I love it.

I’ve spent much of this week stenciling tiles onto a kitchen floor. It was really pretty fun, and it looks great. Did lead to one incident though. The kid behind me was working on another part of the floor with some nasty chemical substance called Bondo, and as I got a nice face full of the fumes, I proceeded to get sick enough they sent me home an hour early Wednesday. I was at a good stopping place anyway, but everyone felt bad. Nausea plus the possibility of operating a ladder is a bad plan, so we couldn’t have that. I did feel better the next day once the fumes were gone.

I have learned some new things this week. It seems that when you paint a textured surface and the paint skips over some, the little pits on the surface that get left unpainted are called “holidays”. So in the world of paint at least, holidays are bad and we try to avoid them.

I have also learned that Jacksand is nigh impossible to get of your hands once it’s dry. It’s this rubbery texture stuff that requires vicious scrubbing to remove. No cuticle is safe! And forget about getting it out of fabric.

Anyway, I’m having fun and the people seem to like me. Yhey might even keep me on a few more days if they end up getting behind at all. So a part of me wants everyone to work real slow so that I will have a few more days of work, because I am greedy and want the money..

I am also working 7 days a week, as the days I am not painting I am at my Bodies job, since even though NYU is paying me pretty good, the check has to go through a bunch of red school tape and I won’t see most of that money until mid-October. So I need that little hundred dollar check each week, because if I don’t work at Bodies I don’t eat this month.. Ah, but I am young and I can take it for three weeks. Especially since they keep putting me in Coat check where most of what I do is sit around and cut out snowflakes. Not  much call for coats to check in the summer.

Speaking of which though, it got a lot cooler this week and I am loving it. It will be scarf and jacket weather soon and I can’t wait. I loves me the scarves!

And on another tangent, I’ve said it before and I will say it again. Boys are Dumb.

And that’s enough of that for now. Stupidhead.

It is late and I must to bed. I do get to sleep in an hour tomorrow though. Hooray!

…Johnny, tu nes’pas un Ange… Thursday, Sep 6 2007 

My body hurts!

Is the second day of my painting job, and my mortal flesh has declared: “Hey lady! What you think you’re doing, lugging five gallon buckets of paint up and down stairs all day! Not to mention all the stooping and wrist activity! What am I, a machine? I’m dying here!”

Well, ’tis nothing that a good night’s sleep and some ibuprofen won’t cure. Nuts to you, body! Whatever, I do what I want! Hahaha!

Anyway, I love my new job, the people seem nice, and it’s good to get my hands dirty again. I’ve spent the last two days painting large pieces of muslin to look like dirty sheets. It’s harder than it sounds. Also kinda tedious. But I will finish that tomorrow and then they will have to find me something else to do. Hopefully something more interesting, or at least more colorful..

I gave up having nice fingernails a long time ago, what with the massive amount of pigment lodged in my cuticles, and my habit of chewing on them when they get too long… My next sacrifice may be any hope of having nice legs again. Between the spiderwebs I have acquired from standing all day at my bodies job, and the bruises and scrapes I get from moving ladders and platforms and paint buckets around, I’m beginning to despair of them. Maybe I can just wear opaque tights all the time, that could be my thing. They’re still shaped nice at least. I do have awesome calves of awesomeness, after all. And I’d better, too- I sure go up and down enough stairs.

Got a really lovely bruise up above my left knee right now. It’s a fine red purple, with a nice lemon yellow undertone.

Must go to bed soon. Me get up stoopid early these days. Also I have learned the the evening rush hour train is the suck. I am tired and it hurts and yet I will not get a seat because the train is guaranteed to be packed. Booo!

…when you find yourself in the thick of it… Saturday, Sep 1 2007 

I thought that what with all the mockery about I should perhaps post a little something.

So Laura is now on her way to Astoria Queens, and I have the house to myself once again. Even more so because my roommate is going to be gone all weekend. Much dancing will be done! Also some loud shower singing. Thus is my prediction.

My frivolous shopping sprees have finally caught up with me, as I now have less than thirty dollars to eat with until next payday. Which isn’t bad, but it’s not as good as I usually do. I’d have even less than that if I hadn’t worked coat check last night and made me some tips. Oh well. No expensive deli food for me this week- it’s bread and soup for the next six days. Was worth it though. I can’t complain.

Now I must shower and get myself to work. Whee… slept till noon again today. I gotta stop doing that or I will be a zombie next week when it comes time to get up at 7.. for my painting job! Yaaaahhhhh!