… he keeps what others throw away… Tuesday, Aug 28 2007 

Excitement abounds in the world of Annie!

Also, most of us seem to have somehow Failed at our Challenge. Must be harder than certain people thought to blog Every Day.

My friend Laura is staying with me while she finds an apartment. Well, she got super super lucky and found one yesterday!! After only three days of looking, inconceivable! We celebrated yesterday by going shopping, like the frivolous city girls we are. I bought new work shoes and an adorable vest. So now she’s moving to Astoria on the first, and I will be able to dance around alone late at night in my underwear to Cake without embarrassment once again.

I was supposed to have today off, but the boss asked me if I could come in an extra day because they are short handed. So I of course said yes because I am a fool.. But I guess I gotta pay for my unnecessary shopping trip somehow.


…that mixed-up little person still in love with you… Saturday, Aug 25 2007 

Oh, I am am almost on track with the challenge, sort of. I guess.

My friend Laura from Seattle is here and exciting times are afoot. Coconut rum has been consumed, and scandalous actions were imminent. Monday I have the day off and we are so going shopping.

I worked an 8 hour day today on very little sleep and I so just spent four hours vegged out watching Project Runway.

Also I made Mac an cheese sort of from scratch and it was Yummy.

I love Cake!

…the green light flashes, the flags go up… Thursday, Aug 23 2007 

Oh my babies,

I have returned from my drunken foray into the wilds of Virginia. I wish I could have stayed longer. Alas, for I have to work tomorrow.

Much fun was had by me! It did not get sunny ever, though we did go swimming for all of 20 minutes. It was, shall we say, brisk.

I am The Decider! I made lots of decisions.

I did not make it to Williamsburg, that will be a trip for another day I think.

Got a friend from Seattle may be staying with me this week because she’s moving here and her housing plan fell through yesterday. Excitement! I’m looking forward to seeing her though. It will be fun.

I also got all of my packages from amazon. Now I have new CDs to listen to. Hooray! The Beatles and Edith Piaf and Cake. How’s that for a combination?

…we both kicked off our shoes… Thursday, Aug 23 2007 

Well, I’m still in Virginia.  Is good! We went to a Toys R Us and I was delighted at the array of action figures and the adorable tiny kitchen supplies. Also we are playing a lot of drunken Starcraft. Whoo!   €i LOVE ANNIE

My blog just got hijacked by Robyn.

There was other stuff that happened but I’m to distracted to write about it.


…Oh, yer drunk, yer drunk, you silly old fool… Wednesday, Aug 22 2007 

We are playing wii and shooting not-innocent bunnies with plungers. Also Matthew is drunk and will not shut up. He insists he is proud of his beach ball and that he would jump if he was a bunny that industry is nothing but problems.

Devin says that it’s his party and he can cry if he wants to.

Robyn says she likes the word N00b.

Also we went to DC today and walked by the Washington and Jefferson monuments, and visited a modern art museum that had some cool light sculptures. And we had delicious sushi. Hooray!

…Hey hey hey, goodbye… Tuesday, Aug 21 2007 

Fine, then Kim. Challenge me, will you? Be prepared for a week of nonsensical blog posts!

I am currently in Fairfax, Virginia, making a raid upon the House of Devin Vega. Fool that he is!

Virginia is very green. It is also unseasonably rainy this week. I seem to have brought the Northwest weather with me somehow.

We had vietnamese food at a resturant in Georgetown last night. I had carmelized pork. Was pretty good. I also had Young Coconut Drink, which was amazingly delicious.

Devin and Robin have a very nice apartment. I want it to be warm and sunny soon so we can go swimming in their pool. I haven’t been swimming in Forever.


… je ne veux pas travailler… Friday, Aug 17 2007 

Exciting News! I have work through September! I had a TD guy from NYU call me out of the blue yesterday. He had my resume lying around and needed another scenic painter for the first two undergrad shows in the fall. He couldn’t even remember where he got said resume. I guess that means it must have been good, since he was impressed enough to offer me the job anyway.

This is most excellent. I’m not even the charge, which is just fine with me for a starting gig, especially as I have not touched a paint brush bigger than my pinky in about 6 months. All I have to do is show up with paint clothes at 9am on the 4th, and I’ll have a legitimate 9-to-5 painting gig for three weeks.  Yay! So hopefully I will meet some new people  who can get me more paint work in the future. And it will be fun, and I will make myself a little money.

I bought a fifth of coconut rum to celebrate. Delicious.

I have an hour to kill before I have to pick up this slacker friend of mine from the airport. That is one long ass train ride too. Hope it stops raining.

I did laundry yesterday, and tidied up my room a bit. Poor Iso hates the vacuum, but when she ran outside to get away from it MoMo attacked her.  Big meanie.

Also picked up my package from the post office. Thanks Mom!

…been lovin’ you too long to stop now… Monday, Aug 13 2007 


This week is slow. But I always say that , so I know nobody believes me  anymore, but I always feel I tell the truth. I’m like Conan O’Brien when he says “We have a great show for you tonight, folks.” Yes yes.  Just like Conan.

I think I have made a huge mistake in my silly Baldur’s Gate game and gone on to the 3rd and 4th chapter too soon, and I erased the pertinent saved game last week so I can’t even go back and redo the damn thing. Ack. Oh well. I guess I’ll have to keep plugging along in order to finish the story arc, and tell myself I’ll do better next time.

Still making snowflakes at work. I have also taught some of my coworkers the secret to six pointed paper, and thus the coat check wall is festooned with other people’s creations as well.

I have sold more bunny shirts to unsuspecting new friends. I have also renewed the domain name and gotten back in contact with my website guy. The site is still down at the moment though. I’m waiting to hear back.

It has cooled off a bit here and that is a blessing. I almost bought an air conditioner the other day, but when I went down to the appliance floor at sears, the place was dark because they were running the lights at half power for some energy saving reason, and the sales guy down there helping someone else was creeping me out, so I left before I had to talk to him. So I didn’t buy an air conditioner, and I went home and blew a bunch of money at Amazon instead. Guess I know where my priorities are.

Waiting out till the end of August at this point. It’s been a lazy summer.

… but mr. logic tells me it ain’t never gonna happen… Saturday, Aug 4 2007 

Hideeho, neighbors!

I have learned many things this week. A most gratifying experience.

First thing I learned was how to take a commuter train to New Haven, Connecticut. Next I learned that New Haven is a “hole with Yale in it.” Also it looks a little like Eugene OR. Except that Eugene is a better town with a smaller college in it.

New England is really cute. My friend Jill and I took the circuitous route to Cape Cod, NH. It took us 7 hours to get to Falworth. It took 3 to get back, because it was dark by then so we took the highway. It was a very satisfying day of driving aimlessly around. Now I can say I have seen some of the East Coast that is not the greater NYC area.

Providence, RI looks a lot like Portland OR. At least the part we drove through did.

We also drove through several towns whose shopping districts looked a lot like downtown Ashland.

Jill made fun of me for comparing everything to places in Oregon. But this time of year, everything is green and such, and it does look like Oregon except that there are more people per square mile and the houses are all at least three generations older.

Old coastal clapboard homes are awesome.

The Atlantic Ocean is Beautiful, but still I contend it is on the wrong side.

And that pretty much sums up my tour of New England.

It is hot and yucky here and I have yet to buy an air conditioner. I am a fool. I should have sprung for one weeks ago. Now I may not get a chance to until Monday. Blarg!

The Flies come into the house through my window, and Iso is falling down on the job. She seems to think that it is too hot to be hunting insects, and all she wants to do is sit in the corner and sleep. Lazy cat.