… a time to gather stones together.. Monday, Jul 30 2007 

Well, my dears, feels like that time again. No blog of mine shall e’er be lonely… ‘Cept I have nothing to report, really.  My life is boring.  Well, it’s either more boring than it sounds, or less boring than I can say. Meh. I dunno.

It is hot, humid,  and we keep getting thunderstorms. I am sweaty and gross if I stay inside. But I am sweaty, gross, and sopping wet if I go outside, because I will get rained on and then have to ride the humid dirty subway. There’s just no way to win.

Today I had the day off and I did a whole lot of nothing. Inked a superhero portrait for a friend at work. It looks pretty good too, the paint job came out nice. I just wish I’d have remembered to leave a border around the edge. Ah well. I guess that was somewhat productive.

And I played me a whole lot of Baldur’s Gate. Those pixely demons shall feel the wrath of my awesome pixel warriors!

‘Scuse me while I nerd out a little… but I know that at least one of the humans reading this will care. Anyway, BG2 has a bard subclass “Skald”. It’s great because the special ability song inspires your allies and makes their weapons do more damage. Much better than any of the other bard songs. So my protagonist is a half-elf skald. And she is awesome. Today I got further in the game than I’d ever had the patience for when I played it in high school. I might even finish this one. And as I can probably count on one hand the number of games I’ve ever beaten to the end (Civilization only counts as one), it’s sort of like I could be accomplishing something.

But it’s summer and I don’t wanna do a whole lot of anything. I go to work, I come home and am lazy..

I’ve started cutting snowflakes while working coat check. Not to many coats this time of year, you see, and I needed to do something with my hands. Now the entire left wall of the coat check is a lovely art-nouveauish blizzard. My coworkers have started pointing me out to inquisitive customers. “Oh yeah, over there, that’s the crazy girl who made all the snowflakes, she’s totally nuts…”. At least that’s what I imagine they say.

They make me laugh though. The people I work with are awesome. It really makes up for the boringness of the job.

I plan on seeing some other parts of the east coast this week! That’s the hope, anyway. Gonna take the train to New Haven and meet up with my friend Jill, and we’re thinking we might take a road trip to Boston for a day. It’s still a skeleton of an evil scheme as of yet. Might depend on the weather of on how lazy we are feeling. But it will be fun no matter what we do. It will be good to pull myself out of the house just for fun and not for work or errand running.

I feel tired and that may mean I need to go to bed. I don’t even know anymore. My sleep schedule is all out of whack, as I had to take some morning shifts this week and I never know what time of day I ought to be sleeping any more. I kinda just conk out for an hour or six whenever I feel like it. It’s crazy. I love summer.

And yet there’s a sick part of me that can’t wait till fall, when I’ll be working my ass off all the time again. At least, I’d better be. I feel I’ve been so very lazy… I can’t even tell when I’ve been lazy anymore! I can’t have been that lazy, I seem to have enough money. I could be delusional about that though. But there’s nobody out there going to give me a grade for the semester. How will I know I did good? It’s madness, I tell you!

People at work keep telling me I’m sure to be successful. Successful at what, however? That’s what I’d like to know.

Eh, enough of this nonsense.


… tuo da Gloriam! Friday, Jul 20 2007 

Well, I haven’t posted because there isn’t all that much I can report on here.

I have gone grocery shopping and learned a) that the Trader Joe’s on Union Square is near deserted in the middle of a thursday afternoon, and b) mango flavored ice cream mochi is Delicious.

I have also discovered that amazon.com now has this thing where you can buy something in one click, which is incredibly dangerous as you don’t have to peruse your total list of purchases before they are made. I spent something like 30 dollars without even thinking about it the other day. And that s**t adds up, my babies! So now I must take care to avoid Amazon unless I am prepared with all my mental faculties intact.

But now I have my own copy of the Henry V soundtrack (best. soundtrack. ever.), the best of The Chieftains album which is the same one I had as a kid, and coming soon my new copy of BGII. Now I will have another thing to waste away my time with, hooray!

I’m a nerd. You can all point and laugh and I don’t care.

My friend Jill from Connecticut came to visit me today, and it was really good to see her. We went and saw Ratatouille. It was Adorable. Now I have to find someone to go see Harry Potter with me.

I throughly cleaned and rearranged my room the other day and it is very nice now. Still lacking furniture, but nice.

The kitties are getting along a little better. Mo Mo still tries to beat up Iso, but she doesn’t seem to care as much, and she comes out of my room and visits the hallway a lot more often now.

And that is all the news that’s fit to print. Yes yes.


Also, my tooth broke. It’s fine now, I fixed it. Hope it stays fixed. That’s all.

… with her head tucked underneath her arm… Thursday, Jul 12 2007 

I am officially a madwoman. Mad, I say! I sleep through my mornings write all night. It’s a frenzy, I tell you! But this story appears to be hitting a growth spurt. Perhaps it is prepubescent, if you will. Soon it will develop acne and hair, and then become moody and not want to be seen with me any more. I’ll just be too embarrassing. I can’t wait.
Today I have the day off work, and I have miraculously been somewhat productive. I finally did all my laundry for one. And picked up my package from the post office. Both of which involved walking around my neighborhood and entering new buildings. This sounds small, but you must understand I have long lived in fear of the laundromat. Which I realize is stupid, but that I feel does not negate my triumph. It wasn’t so bad actually, since it was the middle of a Thursday afternoon and nobody else was there. Also they have the big high temp dryers that take like 20 minutes to was three loads of clothes, instead of the hour it takes normal domestic dryers. You just have to watch them so they can’t set anything on fire. But I still hate laundromats.

Now I have lots of clean clothes, and also my He-He bear and blankie. A good day. Now if I can peel myself out of the apartment again, I might go buy some shelves. And then I will come home and clean my room.

This is like the most boring blog post ever. Sorry everyone. Oh wait, there’s more.

I caused a sensation at work the other day by wearing a dress and heels. I was bored and it was much too hot to wear pants, so I thought I’d wear a skirt and get dressed up a little. It was my black Audrey Hepburn dress with the pearl buttons down the front, so of course I had to wear my costume pearl set I bought for Marisol too. The shoes were candy apple red. I looked hot. But if I’d known that everyone was going to freak out I might have given it a second thought. I guess all my coworkers were bored too and didn’t have anything better to do than tease me and ask nosey questions about the hot date I didn’t actually have that night… Oh well. It was fun.

There. I guess maybe that’s a little less boring than my irrational laundromat fear.


As per request, I have uploaded a picture of Anne Boleyn in order to illustrate the song my title quotes from.
Anne Boleyn

…she’s a bum, that’s what Hal says… Sunday, Jul 8 2007 

Howdy do, folkes.

I am killing time and attempting to bludgeon myself back into some motivational fervour. Or something. Am plugging away at this story I am writing, and waiting for my business cards to arrive in the mail.

My roommate is gone for the weekend again and I have the whole house to make really messy and then frantically clean tomorrow before he gets home. I haven’t done the dishes in four whole days. I am a lazy strumpet.

I was complaining to a coworker that I had no books to read, and he volunteered that his roommate is culling her collection, so he could get me lots of free books if I want them. I of course said “hells yeah!”. Now he brings in a big shopping bag full of literature for me to take home every day. I have lots of new books to read now! It’s awesome.  I’ll probably only keep about half of them though. I like the classics and some of the novels, and there’s a smattering of decent nonfiction. However, I don’t feel the need to own ten pounds of Lesbian Erotica. I mean, there’s only so much any educational value can do to balance out my embarrassment..

Some of you owe me some email. You know who you are. I shake my fist at you!

…your demise cannot be far… Wednesday, Jul 4 2007 

It has been a Birthday. Now I am the aged spinster of 23. Who will want to marry me now? Obviously I’m far too independant and won’t make anyone a good wife.

I spent my two days off sleeping a lot, walking in the park, shopping, and visiting the Metropolitan Museum. They have a new Greek and Roman gallery. I spent an hour playing a new game. It’s “find the greco-roman statue that still has intact genitals”. Bonus points if it also has its original head! I only found one in the whole place that fit both criteria.

There was a lot of Really Cool jewelry. Carved amber is awesome. So are 3000 year old garnets.

I discovered that underneath the stairs is the special Byzantine Exhibit. They had a whole intact coptic tunic sitting in the dark. And some other really splashy bits of textile. I thought of you, Kimi and Mirm!

I also learned that when the byzantine monks ran out of paper, they used broken bits of pottery to write on. There was this piece of a white glazed jug that had like, half the book of Job written on it. I thought that was a really interesting concept and I wanna use that idea somehow. Maybe there’s a spot for it in the story I’m writing or something. Probably not though.

I did go to the arms and armor gallery and made a couple sketches of leg and shoulder pieces. It’s harder to invent armor out of your head when you know a little about it.

Oh, also I drew a lot this weekend. It’s like, if I practice and stuff, it like, gets easier all the time. Totally.

My roomate made me a cake. It was chocolate brownie. I sauced up some raspberries and ate them with it. It was delicious.

Tonight there will be drinking and fireworks. That is if I don’t fall asleep at 9 again. Stupid morning shift. Oh well. Happy Time and a Half day!