…and black widows in the privy will gladly do the rest… Saturday, Jun 30 2007 

It is Saturday! It is sunny and beautiful and I have the day off for once.

It has cooled off a little, and that is most excellent. I hope it stays this way for awhile- I’m not looking forward to August.

I went shopping today! Bought myself a bunch of new clothes, because it is my birthday on Monday and anyway I just got paid. I even bought a few things that aren’t black! Woah, Nellie!

I also went grocery shopping, which is not as exciting (or expensive), but is also good. There’s a nice little farmer’s market in Union Square, and I always forget it is there until I get off the train and am happily surprised.

My crazy artistic drive has tapered off a little and that makes me sad. It was too good to last, I guess. I blame the boy woe. Woe!

I did go and see some theater yesterday- it was good. A two-parter, the first act was a lengthy monolouge based on Aristotle’s Poetics, and the second was a modern-day version of Plato’s Symposium. The second was okay- I could have taken or left it. But the Poetics monolouge was Awesome. Well-performed, and good material. And kinda fit in with my life, being that I’m all trying to write this story with epic poetry bits in it and stuff. Also I sat next to a cute boy from out of town and held a lengthy conversation without feeling awkward. And pitched the bunniez, even. Not a bad night.

I  don’t wanna go to work tomorrow… They’d better have given me my birthday off, or else I will be sad.


…a woman’s only human… Tuesday, Jun 26 2007 

Well, I have had it pointed out to me that my birthday is less than a week away.. When did that happen? June went by so fast! So since certain parties keep nagging me for a list, I have endevoured to comply.

I always put the big expensive items so that the ones in the middle of the list look more reasonable.

Okay, here goes.

A scanner and/or a printer to hook up to my little laptop. Color would be nice. And the cartriges therein.

A light box. Doesn’t have to be big. It’s this box that you plug in and it has a light under frosted glass, so you can tape your drawings on and trace them. So handy.

Some sort of portable CD/Mp3 player. I gots no music on the train! Mp3 player would be good because it would be smaller, and therefore I could put it in apocket where I am less likely to drop it and make it die.

And CDs. My music collection is sparse. You could even just burn me copies of songs you think I’d like in some sort of crazy mix CD form, and I would be more than delighted just to have something new to listen to.

Magazine subscriptions! Time, Threads, Atlantic Monthly, Swivel, Smithsonian… I love magazines. Not the New Yorker though, my roommate gets that one, so it would be silly.

I can always use more clothing. Tank tops and dress shirts and work pants specifically.

Earrings are good. I am amassing a collection of gigantic earrings.

Necklaces are good too. I love black pearls, and malachite, and amber, and jade. And garnets and agates and amethyst.. Really, the semi-precious stones are all awesome.

Cute hats. I always need more hats.

Giftcards are good- I shop at the Trader Joe’s all the time. And I would shop at the Whole Foods if they weren’t so dashedly expensive.

Oragami paper is peachy keen.

I would love a clean real copy of BG2- Shadows of Amn. I played a buggy burnt copy for a long time in highschool and college, and I’ve gotten a hankering lately to play it again, and maybe I might actually finish a game this time.

And of course, books. Of any sort you think I’d like. Since I only have one box of my own here, I get lonely for the written word..

Sheets and towels. My bed is a full size. As will be many of my future beds, I feel. I like light green. And cream. And maybe pewter tone or purple.

Well, that’s the list I made while bored at work today. That’s all I got.

It is Bleeedin’ yucky hot out today. And it’s only gonna get worse.

…when I kiss your lips, I want to sink down to the bottom of the sea… Friday, Jun 22 2007 

Please, people. I feel your mockery is most undeserved. It has been fewer than ten days since my last post. What hypocrites have we here?! I demand a reckoning! Or at least a sheepish look. This means you, Mr. C. Brunner.

Perhaps the most exciting thing to happen this week is that I have bought new sheets.

I said perhaps.

Also I am greatly procrastinating on the bunny project because it will entail doing math. And being an art school graduate, I have to work myself up to that.

I am writing a story in which I have avoided making my characters ride horses because I have been on horseback all of twice in my life and therefore don’t feel particularly qualified to write about it. After all, I made my injured fighter dislocate his knee, because I’ve never broken a bone.. But a dislocated knee I know the workings of full well.

But I hear tell there is a stables in Prospect Park where one can rent a horse for an afternoon. I’m trying to get my worldly Russian friend to take me. Strictly for research purposes, of course.

Be you now satisfied! Mock me not!

…the blues they send to meet me… Wednesday, Jun 13 2007 

A stupid day was had by me! I locked myself out of my apartment. Had just stepped out and heard the door close behind me when I realized my purse, with my keys and metrocard and money, was still inside. So I had to sit outside on the stairs and wait an hour and a half for my roommate to come home. So I was two hours late for work… fortunately I did have my cell phone so  was able to call in. But it was a stupid day.

I’d been doing so good, too!  Got lots of sleep, a nice shower, had some breakfast.. then a 20 second brainfart ruins it. Oh well.

Still up late with the crazy artistic drive. It’s awesome.

My show closed on Sunday, it’s all done! Hooray for Marisol! On time and under budget, because I am awesome. And I totally kept all the jewelry.

Now I have a week to pay bills and clean my room. I have painting supplies everywhere! And Orange kitty hair. Iso never did learn how to use a vaccuum.

..y’all gone make me lose my mind… Saturday, Jun 9 2007 

Yay! My Marisol show is up! Opening night was yesterday, and the kids did good. Nothing broke, no big disasters, and the show Looked Awesome. And I betcha they’re gonna hire me again. Because I ROCK. I’m really proud of this one. I think artistically this is some of my best work. I am so getting pictures. It’s gonna be a greeat portfolio piece. And my New York debut! Hee hee hee.. I am all Smiliey. And capitalizationy.

In other news, I got my ER bill yesterday- it’s actually not so bad. Less than a month’s rent. So I should be okay with it. It’s money I could gladly have used elsewhere, but it’s not like I’m gonna be totally destitute. So that’s all right.

Started work at the Bodies again this week- I’d taken some days off to work on the show. Tomorrow I have an eight hour shift- and I’m standing all day. Vaccuums spheres. And then I gotta go to the Lower East Side and run the wardrobe. And then I will go out and have some drinks with the show crew. It’s gonna be a crazy long day.

Why am I not asleep? Becasue I’m a fool, that’s why.

…the rain shall never fall till after sundown… Monday, Jun 4 2007 

I am tired! I pulled an all-nighter on Friday and I think my body hasn’t forgiven me yet. It was an accident, really! I was making angel wings out of newspaper and I lost track of the time.. and once I realized there was sunshine coming through the window I figured I might as well stay awake. Bah. Got lots of sleep last night though. Maybe I just need more protein or something.

First dress tomorrow! I am excited. I spent all week shopping and making with the crafty. I think the show is gonna look good.. Heeheehee. I am on time and under budget, and there is no limit to the ass that I can kick, that’s what I feel. Hooray!

I have discovered the local NPR  affiliate on my radio. It is lovely because it plays soothing classical music late at night and news in the morning. It’s like it fits my ideal radio listening schedule exactly.

It was hot and sunny all week, but today it is raining. It’s actually kind of nice. That is until I have to walk in it.

I love my life. That is all I have to say.