…singing, that water cold and clear… Sunday, Apr 29 2007 

Got a couple of hours to kill before I leave for work, very relaxing.

My neighbors downstairs are listening to The Supremes. It’s a change from the usual reggeton. I switched it up this morning by playing Kelly’s SCA music. I feel like the knowledge that someone else is likely to overhear any noise I make ought to alter my music choice somewhat, though I don’t really know how.

Made cookies the other day- chocolate chip. The baked goods themselves were sort of so-so, but the raw cookie dough tastes awesome. Good thing I only baked up half of it- now I have enough guilty sweet snack food to last me for a week.

I was gonna make tea and smoothies for my design meeting, but we got so in to talking right away that I totally forgot to offer. I guess that’s okay though. My first guest! She said that Iso was pretty. And Mo-Mo my roommate’s cat walked in while she was meeting her, and for the first time I’ve ever seen them they sniffed noses. It’s a breakthrough! There was still growling afterwards, but the fact that they at least had a semi-polite introduction for once could be important.

I just want everyone to get along.. I’d like for Iso to spend more time outside my room.

I’m having crazy artistic drive right now, and no time to do all the projects I want. Why’s it gotta take so long to paint something? Or type a chapter of my story? Or cut matte board for frames? Or make lists of business plans? Or rearrange my room? Why can’t I do all those things in one night? I gotta finish one thing and then move on to another? What?!

I guess the fact that it’s all I can find to complain about must be good.

I think I may be developing some better habits, living with another human. I am much more inclined to do dishes now. I still hate them, but the thought of my roomate coming home to a dirty sink and thus thinking less of me, well, it puts enough guilt into my spine that I will actually stop and do them. Haha! Guilt! That was the key to housework all along! No wonder I was such a slob living alone. I had a lack of guilt!

I even clean up my sewing messes now. And I never leave out paint anymore, even though I know I’ll be coming back to it the next day. One of us might need the table betweentime, you see.

I gotta wonder how much of this newfound cleanliness is gonna last once my life actually gets really busy again. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.


..girl, if you listen you’ll know what you’re missin’.. Sunday, Apr 22 2007 

Haha! Guess what kids! I just got fired! Whoooo!

That’s right, I’m all happy about it. This designer I’d been working for just asked not to come back to work on her next show, and that fills me full of joy. We’d been having communication issues, and I’d been working crazy hours, and she wasn’t paying me nearly enough to put up with her. Totally different ideas onwhat constitutes quality vs. speed. I’m so done with that. Also I basically saved her ass when she totally dropped the ball on her last show, and not a word of thanks. Screw it! Hahahaha!

I’ve never been fired before. I had no idea that this is how one might react. Well, there’s a first time for everything.

Now I get to concentrate on my Marisol project, and nothing to report to except my Bodies job. Now I will have time to buy furniture! And it has been beautiful and sunny, and soon I will have an afternoon free to go picnicing in the park and enjoy it. Yaaayyy!

The other day I made spaghetti a la Mom and my roomate declared it delicious. It was almost right too, I think the only difference was that I had to use dried rosemary instead of fresh. We’ve got plans to aquire a rosemary plant. And a basil plant too. Mmmm… herbies.

I’m having a design meeting at my house on Wednesday. I’m very excited- my first houseguest! I intend on making tea and cookies. I wonder what Kind of cookies I should make? Hmm.. I could even make several kinds- I have the whole day off.

Last night I stayed up entirely too late painting. And slept ’till noon this morning. Because I’m working from 2-10:30 today and there was no reason not to.. If I don’t take a bunch of morning shifts soon I fear this will easily become a pattern. I gets the arty itch in my fingers late at night. Life is good.

Whooo! Fired! Whoooooo!

…and she’s been living in her white-bread world… Friday, Apr 20 2007 

Curse you Billy Joel! Didn’t you know I’d get that song stuck in my head every time I see the uptown track sign on the subway?! Every Day. I don’t even know any of the words. Gah!

My roomate thinks I am nuts because I a) bought a head of cabbage to eat as a snack, and b) put bacon in the freezer. Now, I understand that the cabbage thing is a little weird. I eat raw turnips too, I’m a freak like that. But I thought that everyone put bacon in the freezer.

I am all happy today because I only had two hours of work, so I got to sleep in, and do some much needed shopping. I bought a curtain rod, and a lampshade, and some comfy pillows for my bed (on sale!), and a down comforter. I also went to the only Trader Joe’s around and got my grocery on. It was good. Maybe tomorrow I will make it to the art supply store for matte board, and to the Strand to buy a copy that play I’m supposed to be working on.. Next step is all the paperwork, and that’s no fun. Boo paperwork!

My assistant job is almost over- the third show opens tonight- one more to go and she’s not supposed to need me as much for this one. Man am I getting sick of that job. Although the other day I was able to take notes home to my house rather than working on them at hers. It was really nice to set up my sewing machine in the dining room and have at it. I love my big spacious apartment!

..and I’ll have to find a bed that can take this weight… Friday, Apr 13 2007 

Hey hey,

Not much new to report, I guess. Working all the time. Not home enough. The cats still fight. And I really really need to do theĀ  laundry and finish my taxes and buy a curtainrod. If I get two out of three done tomorrow morning before work I will be a happy camper.

My roomate bought a couch the other day, so I am now in possesion of his futon. I don’t know that it’s any better for my back than the air mattress, but it is bigger and less wiggly to sit on. I still need some bookcases and a desk though. And I will evenually need my own bed.. it’s just a little less urgent now.

The couch is mighty comfy. I know because I spent two hours asleep on it accidentally the other night. I sat down to read and it was all over..

I have to buy some matte board and some new exacto blades, so I can frame some of my art and put it on the wall, because right now they are pretty bare. I also might get crazy and sew up some throw pillows or something to add some color to the room- it’s kinda beige right now. Feels like I’ve been watching too many redecorating shows. But roommate Dan is colorblind, so I guess it’s up to me.

Someone stood me up for an evening the other night, so I went and bought myself some new earrings. It felt like a shallow thing to do, but it did make me feel better. Other people disappoint me and that makes me mad. It’s my theme for the month I guess.

Well, I must away before I hop on another morose tangent. Perhaps I shall blog about the fragility of life some other day..

.. it don’t matter if you’re black or white… Monday, Apr 2 2007 

Well, I’ve been busy, kids. Workin’ all the livelong day, oh yes.

I got my stuff from Connecticut! I unpacked most of the boxes last night. Since I don’t have any furniture surfaces to stack things on, it’s all in neat little piles around my room. I think Iso is happier with more familiar stuff around. She’s getting braver about defending her kingdom from large grey intruders. And sometimes she’ll even venture about into the apartment if I’m out in the kitchen or somesuch.

My roomate has a nasty cold right now and I never see him anyway. We appear to have entirely opposite schedules. Which is fine.

He seems pretty awesome though. I have a good story to back that up too. I came home the other day (this was before he had a cold), and he was Cooking a Duck. A Duck. Like, really cooking it- he was making stock and everything. He says, “Hey, you want some duck?” And I say ‘Hella yeah! Wot’s the occasion?” And he says “No occasion. I just felt like cooking a duck”.

And it was delicious. Delicious, delicious duck. So juicy, and with just the right amount of crispy fat.. mmm… That’s my crazy Italian roomate story.

I’ve been working crazy hours sewing for this designer I’m assisting. It’s a good gig because she send me on errands and forces me to learn where things are. But this week is the week before tech, so it’s crazy sewing notes time. I show up at her place and there’s a huge pile of costumes to sew on. And the goal is alway to finish them before I can go home. What’s depressing is that she adds onto the pile as I’m sewing, so it sort of seems neverending..

It’s easy work, just kinda grueling. We watch the cable TV all day. Yesterday it was biblical history documentaries. Today we watched that show where the five gay guys pretty up some poor slob of a straight man for a night so he can impress his girlfriend. I don’t remember the name at the moment.

We also watched the first two episodes of The Tudors. I can’t reccomend it. The costumes are occasionally pretty but mostly competely weird and inaccurate, and the plot is not so much loose history as it is an excuse for gratuitous sex. Also it bugs to no end me that Henry is a brunette. I understand that they were trying to make a point that the young Henry viii was hot, but I don’t know why they couldn’t have found a hot redhead.

I complained about this at my dayjob and someone pointed out to me that maybe it was becasue redheaded males are generally rather goofy-looking. This made me pout for the rest of the afternoon. So what if they are goofy?! I love them! Harumph.