..where the deer and the antelope play.. Thursday, Mar 29 2007 

I know that you are all terribly excited to see tiny, pixelated pictures of my new place. Well, they don’t nearly show the place in its true glory, but there you have it. Note my total lack of furniture. view2.jpghall.jpgliving.jpgpiano.jpgroom1.jpg


…the bright blessed day, the dark sacred night… Sunday, Mar 25 2007 

I have news! I am moving to Brooklyn. Tomorrow, in fact. Hooray!

I found a place on Friday, and I’m picking up the keys on Sunday, and moving the kitty officially on Monday. I’m so excited!

The place is 2 blocks south of Prospect Park- it’s gonna be beautiful in the spring. I share with one other person- he’s my age, a musician, (there’s a frikkin’ Grand Piano in the living room!), is very clean and apparently likes to cook a lot. We clicked really well when we met, nor weird tension or anything, and that bodes really well, I think. We talked about cats a lot for one. He has a big fat silver tabby. The cat is very friendly and a lot like Iso in personality, so I feel that they are gonna get along swimmingly.

It is at the top of my expected rent scale, but that’s okay, because I think that living like a grownup will be worth it. And paying a little more in rent will just encourage me to go out and make more money, right? Something like that. The living room is Huge. I could throw a party if I wanted! I’ve never thrown a party by myself before… The place is well laid out- the bedrooms are on opposite sides, so there’s plenty of privacy. The bedroom is big enough that I could have a queen size bed if I want. There’s a nice closet too. The bathroom is big and pink. It’s gonna be awesome.

Now I can get on with my life! And people can come visit me! There’s plenty of floor for sleeping on. I bet we could even find couch space if we wanted.

Now I need some furniture. And to get my stuff from Connecticut. I have an air mattress to sleep on for now, but it’s gonna feel really grown-up to have a need to buy a bed. I hear tell of awesome thrift stores for bureaus and bookcases and such. And people just leave things on the street all the time apparently. But I also have to buy things like sheets and towels and laundry baskets… Oh, I’m so full of joy! I hope I have enough money. Bah! I’ll find the money. I can always sell some more t-shirts.

Well, needless to say, I’m feeling really good right now. I will email everyone with my new address tomorrow, so that you know where to send my postcards and such.

…Ain’t nothing like the real thing, baby… Thursday, Mar 22 2007 

Here’s the rant I tried to post yesterday and failed..



So a few days ago I was feeling like crap and therefore decided not to rant and depress you all. For, you see, I have yet to find an apartment I had really wanted last weekend to be my final days of search. And it was not to be. Which made me mad. You know, how one thing in your life goes crashingly awry, and you not only spend the day brooding on it, but on all the other minor things in your life that suck rocks too. Things that are fine to deal with on their own, but once you start worrying about all of them at once your world seems like a horrible pit of doom.. Anyway, that’s how I felt a few days ago.


Yesterday was infinitely better, however. I got another job! Well, a short-term gig, to be precise. Someone sent me an ad for a costume design assistant, and I met the lady yesterday, and she gave me the work right away. And after the meeting I had a good three hours before I had to be at work at my dayjob, and since I was already in Manhattan, I had to find something to do. Oh horrors! So I went shopping.


I bought myself two really awesome spring dresses- both sort of 50’s style, with the big skirts. One is this awesome Kelly green chiffony stuff, and the other is a nice black and white rose print. Both of them make me look as if I might actually have a chest. Haha! I also got a really cute miniskirt in this delicious pearl grey that’s all over the department stores right now. I have never owned a skirt this short. It’s a scandal!

Or maybe the scandal is that I have really nice legs that I never show off. It doesn’t really matter.


It’d been a long time since I’d bought myself something frivolous. Especially new clothes. And brand-new never worn department store clothes too! I think the last time I did that was when I bought my swimsuit.  I was feeling pretty good after that.


Today I spent all afternoon in the fashion district. I don’t know if I’d mentioned this, but the fabric stores here would make a few people I know think they’d died. Although you have to look like you’re important when you go in or you get crappy service. Anyway, I was running errands and collecting swatches for this designer I’m now working for. I was feeling very much the woman about town in my black velvet jacket and new skirt. It was day of triumph for The Minnick. I had a slice of delicious pizza, and some cheesecake even. An excellent day!


I’ve decided that I am finding an apartment this weekend, dammit. It’s gonna happen!

…I’m going to build me a log cabin.. Wednesday, Mar 14 2007 

Hey hey,

Still looking for an apartment here. Getting most frustrated because I keep feeling so close.. Went and saw two awesome places on Saturday, and I finally got word last night. One set went with someone else (and I’d been the first person they saw, so I guess the Christmas tree rule didn’t apply here), and the other said she didn’t want to make a decision until next Sunday (meaning that she liked me but is holding out for someone better, I guess). Arrgh.. So it’s another week of ad-answering and interviews for me. Bah!

I feel like I’ve done all I can do, too. I got a credit report, several paystubs, I write good email. I’ve even saved up enough for a basic first/last/deposit, so I could write out a check then and there and not have to borrow money first (Yay!). It seems like it’s mostly luck at this point..

Also I have a nasty cold and my two jobs have double booked me for Saturday, so I’ll have to play too sick to work or something for one of them this weekend. It’s been a stupid week.

I did sell some bunny buttons at a party on Saturday. And yesterday I sold some to my Boss. How’s that for awesome?

I want my own apartment so I can get more bunniez to ship out.. one of many things I’ve put off until I find a place. Grrg.

I kick ass at Knights and Merchants. It’s the one computer game I’ve beaten twice. Unless you count CakeMania,  which you shouldn’t. Anyway I found out there’s an expansion game. Now I must hunt it down through the internet so I can play it for cheap.

My only problem is that I am Awesome at building towns, but I get bored when it comes time to do battle. I just don’t get the same amount of satisfaction out of annilating the enemy as I do out of building a really efficient set of farms. So I have several saved games with beautiful cities and huge armies built up and waiting to go forth and do battle, and I just can’t be bothered to take them out and go finish it. I guess in the real world I would just hire someone to do that. Or more likely, they’d hire me to set up their town so they could have the pleasure of taking out the armies I’d built up..

And that’s what I do to kill time. ah..

I have the house to myself and the day off of work today. I might have to do something devious. Like cook my own meal, or clean the bathroom. I’m so sneaky..

… I’ve got two eyes- one, two… Monday, Mar 5 2007 


So I went to bed early because I was pooped, then woke up at 2 am fully functional.. oh well. Might as well write me a post.

Strike for my kids show happened, and a bunch of us went out after. It was pretty fun, for all that I was younger than anybody there and didn’t know anyone well enough to participate in more than a third of the conversation. But the people were entertaining enough I didn’t really need to.  It’s okay to be the quiet one once in a while. And the pub we were at had a really good cider. I had two because it was happy hour. Yay!

I’ m finding it really interesting watching myself interact with new people. I never know when I’m going to be all mature and levelheaded and quiet, or when I’m going to babble my mouth off. And sometimes I babble because I’m really comfortable and the person is a good listener, and sometimes I babble because I’m terrified and I think that if I talk more the awkwardness might go away. It’s a mystery. Social skillz is hard!

I’m really excited to work for this community center again. I think that it is just the sort of place where I can kick maximum ass. The people are connected enough that it might lead to some really good work later, but it’s also a small enough operation that I have total independence to put as much or as little time into the proces as I feel the need. A good place to work for love I think. And I’m really excited about this next show- I gots the artistic fire burning. It Burns! It Burns! Oh, it burns so good!
Auditions aren’t until the end of March though, and the show goes up in June. I may need to find another project in the meantime. Moving, now, that would be a good project..

Someone at work told me that instead of just answering ads myself, I should put up one of my own. So I did that last  night. Got several  good responses even.  I also got a few that were more than a little creepy.

No, Mr. “entertainment executive”, I will not live in your loft just because you “like to support young women in the arts.” Oh, you say it’s “rent negotiable”, do you? I’m assuming that means it get lower if I’m willing to sleep with you. Hmm… oh, right. Watch me run away! Run Away! DELETE! DELETE! DELETE!

It’s a grand adventure here, I’m telling you.

…and if you don’t, dear, confess… Thursday, Mar 1 2007 

Once again I arise at the crack o’ noon to begin my day of toil! It’s not my fault! I work in the afternoons and evenings usually, and when I get home, staying up really late seems the most practical option. Being that I am after all three hours ahead of most of my friends and relations, and late at night after the family has gone to bed is the only time I get any real privacy.

Except last night when I was really tired, but nobody else went to bed until well after two so I had to stay up. I want my own place so bad..

Went to see a place last week that was awesome and I had set high hopes on it. But it’s now the first and I haven’t heard anything from them, so I have to assume they choose someone else. Gah! Now I must spend yet another week responding to ads and attempting to cram apartment viewings into my work weekend. I think it’s safe to say that I’m gettting a little frustrated.

On the bright side, the longer it takes me to find a place, the less money I’ll need to borrow to move in, as I keep earning money and my bank account gets a little bigger every week.

My costume design gig is going really well. Final dress is tonight, then they perform on Friday and Saturday. Last night was the second dress/photo call, and it look really good, if I do say so myself. I keep forgetting that I really am good at what I do. And good dress rehearsals make me all happy and excited- like a Young Frankenstein moment. “It could WORK! Mwah-Hahahahaha!”. And I’m getting all sorts of do-gooder warm fuzzies off this project, ’cause it’s working with inner-city teenagers at the local community center. And the kids are hilarious, even with all the teen angst. They make me feel cool.

It’s nice to work at an actual non-profit (especially one that seems to have their monies in order)  instead of a big-C Corporation that wishes they were. Ahem. Not to disparage my day job or anything. Ahem.

Anyway, they’re doing another show in the spring and I’m hoping that they ask me back to work on it.Especially because they’re think to put up “Marisol”, which I loved working on in college, and I think it will be awesome to see these teenagers do it. So we’ll see how that goes.

Went to work at Brooklyn College yesterday, and spent four hours drawing naked people and reading, and maybe one hour moving set pieces and sweeping. Also there was some talking to a cute boy involved. I love my life.