…how-a how-a how-a how… Wednesday, Feb 21 2007 

Chinese New Year was successfully brung in! With much wearing of red and eating fried meat. So much fried meat… Anyway, the house was full of people and it was pretty fun.

Snow is yucky. All my east coast friends were right. It piles up on the sidewalks were you want to walk, and it’s dirty and brown and in the way all the time. Stupid snow.

Between the weather and the Random Weekend Construction, I have spent the past four days pulling all sorts of transportation shenanigans in order to be at work on time. My normal train was not running, so I had to take two or three slower ones in order to get where I needed to go. Even so I was late to work twice, once by almost 40 minutes, when a commute that normally takes 45 took nearly two hours. For that I blame dead presidents and their need to have a day. Curses!

But all that is past now and the snow is beginning to melt. We’re supposed to get rained on tomorrow. Oh goody.

I made some friends at work by bringing graham crackers and cheezits for lunch. To this I can only conclude that Junk Food makes you Popular. Which would look awesome on a t-shirt. Someone should get on that.

Still looking for a room. It’s a lot like looking for a job, except more stressful, because the job market appears to be a wee bit less competitive than the housing market. But it’s the same damn thing, really, what with the cover-letter writing and the interview process. Gah.

I want some ice cream and I don’t think there is any. Woe is I!


…she was a red-hot hoochie koocher… Thursday, Feb 15 2007 

Well, I had hoped to post again when I had some sort of news, but alas, my life is boring. I’m still madly looking for an apartment. And working. And spending too much time on the computer.

We’re scrubbing the house for Chinese New Year. Today I cleaned the bathroom. I done ownzed the tile grout! It screamed and begged for mercy, but I am heartless in my wrath. Now that bathroom is so shiny you could brush your teeth in it.

Sure am tired of looking at apartments and then not having them work out. I’d Really like to have my own place before March. I miss my stuff so bad..

Iso is excited with all the cleaning going on. She got a bath last night too. Now she is all soft and clean.

It finally snowed here! It’s supposed to be all icy and gross tomorrow. Which is sad because I have to work all day. I sure do hope the trains are running like normal.

Last night I dreamed that there was a crocodile outside on the balcony, and we were making jokes about how if Iso eats the resident lovebird, the crocodile would eat Iso. When I got up, apparently I was still asleep enough that I got up to check and see if the crocodile was still there. Now I feel silly. Crocodiles? ‘Tis a tropical beastie!

..Smellycat, smellycat, what are they feeding you?… Saturday, Feb 3 2007 

A new post! Y’all better recognize..

Life is good, and guess what happened today! I just got my fiiirrrsssssst… Paycheck! Yes, and thusly I shall pay off some bills! And now I have a paystub to show potential landlords too. Hooray!

Waiting to hear back about another potential apartment- this one is much closer to perfect than the last one I set any hopes on, so I’m a bit jittery. It’s in Washington Heights, way the heck up in north manhattan, near the Cloisters. And if I don’t get this one, I will definately keep looking in that neighborhood, because I’ve kinda fallen in love with it. The population is mostly Dominican, lots of families. And artists too, because it’s still cheap. Lots of inexpensive food markets and crazy off-brand clothing stores- could be just the place for a dirt-poor costume designer. And the Parks! Oh my! They are Beautiful. But we’ll see what happens..

I’m getting pretty antsy to get my own place. I -really- miss my stuff. I’m ’bout ready to live like a grownup again.

Everything you’ve heard about New York Cheesecake is absolutely true. Even the sell-out corporate cheesecake here was the best goddamn cheesecake I’d ever had. It made the stuff you can get on the west coast taste like stale cream cheese in comparison. Mmmm…

The Pizza here is pretty good too, haha. There seems to be a massive debate over what kind of pizza is truly canonical. Thick crust? Thin crust? Lightly sprinkled toppings, or massively piled on? I got no clue. It all tastes good to me.

Been pretty cold here (oh, the wind!), but still no real snow. Just a few flurries that leaves 1/2 an inch in places but doesn’t really stick anywhere. It’s mightly conveniant, but I still kinda feel like I’m missing out. I was promised Snow, darn it! *shakes fist*

Iso has lost weight! And she’s been very good, if a little lonely lately. Although she does seem to have a will to set personal records for stinky poopies. Why, little kitty, why??

Forget “teh”. “Becasue” is my #1 typo.