…da foot bones connected to de leg bone.. Monday, Jan 22 2007 

The most obvious headline I ever thunk up.

Yes, that’s right, I started my job at the Bodies exhibit today. Looks like it is going to be perfect. Schedules weekly, pays weekly, and the people seem nice. And it look like the work will be easy, except for when it’s hard. I also have to be a cerified fire guard. It’s essentially like taking the food handler’s test, with the little booklet to read and the a M.C. test. Except I have to know how not to put water on an electrical fire, instead of how not to kill people with food poisoning.

I had to buy khaki pants for it though. Did I mention that I haven’t worn khakis in years? Also the Old Navy distorts their sizes for vanity- and pretty drastically too. I couldn’t find a pair under size 6 first of all, and those were about three sizes too big. I may be tiny, but I am not actually a size 0, so I think they are liars. But it’s better to have pants that are too big than too small, and I happen to like the hang of them, so it’s okay.

I also worked a gig at Brooklyn College last weekend in which I mostly lifted heavy things and did laundry. It was very glamourous. But again, the people were very nice. And the show was Awesome! It was a Modern dance troupe that uses big set pieces- thus the heavy lifting. One of the pieces was a wall with big pipes sticking out of it, and that was pretty cool, but the best piece was the Giant Boat. They would rock it back and forth like a seesaw,  and then they would jump off it into other dancers. And because they had all this momentum from the boat, they flew pretty far! It was way neato.

Well, I’m hungry, so thus I end this rant.


..you’re a real tough cookie.. Tuesday, Jan 16 2007 

Ah, the laziness that has ensued today! I have in the last 18 hours started and finished I, Claudius, and am already 157 pages into Claudius the God. Let no man dispute my nerdery! Needless to say I have not gotten anything productive done. Aside from writing this rant, of course. And an email or two. And the barbaricly swift comsumption of three delicious tuna sandwiches. But I digress.

I’ve decided that my current living situation must be much like that of an exchange student. You know, from the strange exotic land of the Pacific Northwest.. But it is kinda like that, what with the family and all. I eat weird food, I complain about the time difference, I tell them when they pronounce Oregon incorrectly, and listen to remarks on the fact that in New York nobody calls it a New York steak, they blame the Californians instead. It’s all good.

Yesterday I went to the Museum of Natural History with the kid and his Mom. It was really fun. Dinosaurs are cool. Although I gotta say that stuffed animals, even  in awesome dioramas, are still not as cool as actual live animals. Dioramas are all well and good for things like deep sea squid and sperm whales, but I gotta say that real gorillas hold a lot more facsination for me than their facsimiles, no matter how pretty the painted wall is behind them. But dinosaurs, man, you can’t go wrong with giant dinosaurs.

I shall refuse to regret today’s laziness, as tomorrow I  embark on my first working adventure. It’s sure to be a four-day backstage extravagana! I will work my ass off and get very little sleep. Hooray!

I bought some tools for it yesterday, as all my stuff is still in Connecticut. But as I say, a girl can never have too many cresent wrenches. I also bought a staplepuller and a pair of vise-grips. Vise grips are just cool. I mean, have you ever really looked ’em? They’re a freakin’ awesome tool! Who thought that junk up? Whoever it was, them’s got the genius for cool, that’s all I’m sayin’.

I finally heard from the internship people- I didn’t get it of course, and they are fools, most especially so for not telling me sooner. I was most miffed because I sent them a change of address last week, on the off-chance that they had tried to send a reject letter and it got lost or something. I got an auto-reply right away saying that they had already chosen their interns and that all candidates had been notified of their status. I certainly had not been notified of anything at all, so I was a trifle irritated at the impersonality of it. I decided I was too busy doing my own thing to care. But today I got a letter from an actual person, who said that they would be more than happy to resubmit my application for the fall if I so choose. Which made me feel a little better. I guess I’ll see how this next couple of months goes, and then I might just print up a new resume and reapply, that is if I decide I still want to do it. Eh. I’d probably have a better chance in the fall anyway.

I’ve decided to learn me some Spanish- at this point I only know enough to know when I’m being insulted, and it ain’t gonna be enough. It’s a flippin’ bilingual town here, and that’s to say the least. Kinda wish I knew a little more Japanese too, since I’ll be working at a big tourist attraction. Oh well. I’ll pick up what I can, I guess.

The Dad here has somewhat of an old comic book habit, and Brennan (the kid) has been playing Ultimate Alliance all the time. So every other night I’ll have some sort of Superhero dream. If I could remember any of them I’m sure I would say they were cool, but I can’t really. I can say that it has caused me to push myself to more dramatic figure-drawing poses, which is probably all for the good.

Well, it’s been a nice long rant, and I’d like to take this oppourtunity to chide certain persons for their last of post.

Mock! Mock! I Mock You, all of You! And now I am crushing your head! I’m crrrushinnng your head!

I’ve been exposed to massive amount of Kids in the Hall in the past week too…

It’s just a jump to the left… Thursday, Jan 11 2007 

And a step to the ri-i-i-i-i-ight!

Hey, guess what kids! I got the Bodies job! I go in for training next Monday- the 22nd. That’ll be after my gruntwork theatre gig, with a Sunday in between them to recover. My plans are excellent..

I just hope I can get some decent hours out of this job. They said that at first they are looking for weekends specifically, with shifts in the weekday later on as they open up more.  I just hope that “later on” means mid-Feb or March rather than late June or something. I dunno. I’ll just have to be so awesome they can’t help but schedule me in a lot.

Now I am still waiting to hear about the apartment I was looking at. The one I have in mind has a window and a decent layout, I can paint the room (cool!), and best of all it is Cheap. Like, not much more than I was paying in Seattle cheap. So we’ll see.

Iso doesn’t know it, but she’s gettin’ a bath tonight.. heh heh heh.

… some folks say they’s made of mud… Saturday, Jan 6 2007 

Happy Saturday, everyone!

Some good news in Annie-Town. I got most of my apartment deposit back! They took off 50 dollars for loading becasue I left a bunch of crap in the dumpster, but sonsidering that I had been there four years and had no expectation of getting any of it back, I’m pretty happy.  Now I won’t feel so much guilt when I go out and buy some new tools and a portfolio case. The case I have right now is way too big and unweildy.

I also got a phone call about a resume. I now have a job interview with the Bodies exhibit on Tuesday. The job would be almost identical to my ushering job, so I feel pretty good about getting it. Also two of my former bosses at the ushering job (bosses that were replaced when the stupid management I walked out on took over) are currently running the Bodies exhibit in Seattle. So I’m feeling like my references might be kinda good too. A bit of luck! And I could use a little luck, yes ma’am.

I also looked at an apartment today, but I don’t think I’ll take it because while I could deal with a tiny room, I don’t think I could deal with one that small without a window. But it was cheap and the people were very nice, and it was the very first one I looked at, so it makes me think that I could probably find another just as good.

Nobody posts anymore.. I’m so lonely…

It is very noisy here what with all the subway traffic and stuff, but I’ve reached a point where I feel it’s kind of musical. I sure do get songs stuck in my head a lot. Sometimes I am forced to sing them out loud. I’m sure that my fellow commuters may not appreciate a chorus of “sixteen tons, what do you get? Another day older and deeper in debt…” but damned if I don’t get it trapped in my skull every time I have to walk three stories underground to catch the 7 train to Queens. And I find myself humming gospel songs every time I get off the train at Woodside- it must be all the churches around. I gotta get me some portable music, man.

Something smells good- I hope it’s dinner soon.

Finally, some pictures! Friday, Jan 5 2007 

Central Park and SquintingA big rock in Central ParkTrump CircleSunshine and trees

…cause there were many things I didn’t know.. Wednesday, Jan 3 2007 


That’s the noise my cat is making right now.

Well, I’m still alive and madly looking for work, but the search is going well so far I suppose. Put out lots of resumes and such, and made a few contacts. And I still have a few people left to call this week, so who knows what might turn up.

I really like it here. I like that I’m forced to be direct and instantly honest with people. I like that the subway gets me pretty much anywhere I need to go in under an hour. I like that if I get on the wrong train all I have to do is get off at the next stop and take another one.
I like that if I get lost all I have to do is ask somebody, and they’ll help me out even though I’ll never see them again.

I thought that the sidewalks here would be different, but they’re exactly the same. I only just noticed that today. I almost never look at the sidewalks here anyway, since there’s usually too many people around.

Anybody who say that the people here are rude had better have a good story to back it up. Because otherwise they just don’t know what they are talking about.

Today I learned that if you get into the subway station on the wrong side of the street and it’s one of the stations where you have to go back out past the entry to get to the other side, you can’t rescan your metro card for another 18 minutes, so you might as well go get yourself a coffee.

I also learned that a scenic artist never works for less than 20 dollars an hour. Sure would love me some scenic painting work.

The classified pickin’s are much better now that it isn’t a holiday.

I’ve been fighting off this sinus/stomach/fatique thing for the past few days- I think it’s mostly climate change and stress. In any case I feel like crap for a few random hours a day, and then I’m better for a while for no apparant reason. I sure hope my body will just suck it up and get used to it soon- it’s putting me off my game here! Stupid body.

I miss my northwestian friends. And my apartment. But I can’t miss my cat, ’cause she’s right here! Mmm.. kitty.