Hark, ye mortals! For this is the last post I shall make before leaving. So many goodbyes.. so much to be done…

I had a lovely Christmas with the friends and family units- and a heartily felt sorry to those that I only saw briefly, and more so to those that I missed- namely Laura and Molly and Jacques.  Alas!

But there was cookies (so many cookies!) and candy (so..much…candy..), some Dr. Who, an ass-whomping in Cattan, verbiage mockery, nerdy, nerdy presents, a silly hat, and an overall muchly good time was had.  I also aquired a mattress to sleep on, and made my dad cry.  Oof.

My cat is very happy to see me, but she’s going to be feeling the Hateful Rage of Cat in about six hours now, so I’m letting her enjoy herself while she can.

I must let the world take note- I am a Genius. And many of my readers shall soon see why, as the battle of the LOTR desserts shall soon commence.  For, being unable to partake of the cake-eating festivities, I have yet endevoured to make my prescence felt in the entries of both prime contenders. And thusly was genius wrought! Mwahahaha!

The upshot of all this is that some one owes me a nice long post with pictures, detailing the results of said handiwork.

My plane leaves tonight and I must commence packing. No time for nervousness now, too much to finish… aaaaaaaaaa..