Avast, me hearties!

So I am totally taking time to post when I should be at home packing. But I figured I would distribute some news to all so that I won’t insult anyone by calling one person and not another. So busy…

I got four hours of sleep last night, which I am totally jazzed about because I had intended on staying up all night, but then I hit a good stopping place and didn’t have to after all.

So here’s the deal, kids. Today is my last day in Seattle. I am in  Portland for festyness with Mom on Thursday and Friday.  Then I have a ride  to Eugene  midday  Saturday (23rd). So I am in Eugene until the 27th or 28th, as my flight leaves PDX on Thursday. The upshot is that I have Boxing day and the day after that Totally Free so far, and I sure would love to see all you lovely people.

Does look like I will once again pass Chris and Megs going opposite ways on the 5 again though. You must be fated not to see me! I am a mystery wrapped in an enigma..

Have I mentioned I hate moving? Well, I do.

That jerkwad in Auburn hasn’t paid me. And he wasn’t in his office when I went there this morning to stake him down. I have to send him a bill or something, I don’t know what else to do. I’ve already besmirched his name to everyone I know- he won’t ever work for anyone from Cornish ever, and he don’t even Know how much that’s gonna bite him in the ass. Stiff me for 1200 dollars will you! I am SO Mad. So. Mad.

Well, I must finish my errands, and go home to clean out my entire 12×14 world.