..gittin’ swallered by a boa constrictor.. Saturday, Dec 30 2006 

I am here! And to those who did not get my email, I’m sorry! My address book is scattered across four different email accounts and I wasn’t able to collect everyone I wanted to. But the gist of it was that I am here and the plane ride went swimmingly, and I had a freaked out stressful day yesterday because I thought I had a place to stay and didn’t, and also I am much too poor. But life is looking up a little now.

So I found a place to stay with an internet friend of my mother’s, and they are lovely people and I think it will be okay for a while. I can’t stay here indefinately because it is crowded and I don’t want to make an ass of myself, but I mostly need work more than anything. My paltry savings are proving insufficient, just as I had predicted but had not really allowed myself to admit..
I hate playing the damsel in distress card so very much (HATE IT!), but it sure can be amazingly effective. There seems to be a world of wonderful people out there.

Iso loves it here, which makes me feel a little less like I’m totally over my head. If the cat can handle it, so can I, right?

She is having a right good time. Yesterday was very exciting- she got to spend the afternoon with two other kitties, and everyone got along swimmingly, which is good because said kitties belong to a potential roomate. The place I’m staying now has no other cats, but it does have a bird. She seems fascinated by it but she has yet to make any foolish attempts. She was totally fine on the plane- the valerian knocked her right loopy and she got more sleep on the redeye than I did. I discovered a hate for aisle seats- nowhere to lean, so I can’t really konk out so good. So I mostly watched cartoons and stuff.

Today I wandered about into Manhattan and dropped off an application or two. I love the subway! I only got on the wrong train twice today- I was doing good.

I have to stay here at least a month because I bought myself a thirty-day unlimited metro card. Ha!

Anyway, I am less freaked out than I was yesterday (although it is still an understatement to say I am feeling the fear), and I was enjoying myself out and about. I got off at Grand Central and they were playing lovely classical music in the station and that made me feel good.

Anyhoo, I’m still alive, and I have a place to sleep and people that feed me good (real good!). Life could be worse.


…ever since the watermelon… Thursday, Dec 28 2006 

Hark, ye mortals! For this is the last post I shall make before leaving. So many goodbyes.. so much to be done…

I had a lovely Christmas with the friends and family units- and a heartily felt sorry to those that I only saw briefly, and more so to those that I missed- namely Laura and Molly and Jacques.  Alas!

But there was cookies (so many cookies!) and candy (so..much…candy..), some Dr. Who, an ass-whomping in Cattan, verbiage mockery, nerdy, nerdy presents, a silly hat, and an overall muchly good time was had.  I also aquired a mattress to sleep on, and made my dad cry.  Oof.

My cat is very happy to see me, but she’s going to be feeling the Hateful Rage of Cat in about six hours now, so I’m letting her enjoy herself while she can.

I must let the world take note- I am a Genius. And many of my readers shall soon see why, as the battle of the LOTR desserts shall soon commence.  For, being unable to partake of the cake-eating festivities, I have yet endevoured to make my prescence felt in the entries of both prime contenders. And thusly was genius wrought! Mwahahaha!

The upshot of all this is that some one owes me a nice long post with pictures, detailing the results of said handiwork.

My plane leaves tonight and I must commence packing. No time for nervousness now, too much to finish… aaaaaaaaaa..

..put a candle in the window… Wednesday, Dec 20 2006 

Avast, me hearties!

So I am totally taking time to post when I should be at home packing. But I figured I would distribute some news to all so that I won’t insult anyone by calling one person and not another. So busy…

I got four hours of sleep last night, which I am totally jazzed about because I had intended on staying up all night, but then I hit a good stopping place and didn’t have to after all.

So here’s the deal, kids. Today is my last day in Seattle. I am in  Portland for festyness with Mom on Thursday and Friday.  Then I have a ride  to Eugene  midday  Saturday (23rd). So I am in Eugene until the 27th or 28th, as my flight leaves PDX on Thursday. The upshot is that I have Boxing day and the day after that Totally Free so far, and I sure would love to see all you lovely people.

Does look like I will once again pass Chris and Megs going opposite ways on the 5 again though. You must be fated not to see me! I am a mystery wrapped in an enigma..

Have I mentioned I hate moving? Well, I do.

That jerkwad in Auburn hasn’t paid me. And he wasn’t in his office when I went there this morning to stake him down. I have to send him a bill or something, I don’t know what else to do. I’ve already besmirched his name to everyone I know- he won’t ever work for anyone from Cornish ever, and he don’t even Know how much that’s gonna bite him in the ass. Stiff me for 1200 dollars will you! I am SO Mad. So. Mad.

Well, I must finish my errands, and go home to clean out my entire 12×14 world.

…got to move to the music.. Sunday, Dec 3 2006 

I did something very exciting last night- I bought a nonrefundable one-way airplane ticket to New York. How’s that for grandeur?

I leave PDX at midnight on Thursday the 28th, and arrive at JFK at 8:05 am local time Friday. Now I have to hope that my cat carrier will not only accomodate my fat feline friend, but will perform the simaltaneous feat of fitting underneath an airplane seat.

I’ve been playing dirty tricks on her by putting her food dish inside the carrier, so that she has to enter the dark cave of oppression in order to eat. I’m so sneaky..

At this moment I am frittering time away at the local coffee shop, when I ought to be out running errands, or in the house packing boxes. Lazy, lazy.

I have to find a pair of wheelie tennis shoes for a full-grown woman, size 10 1/2, sometime within the next six hours. I’ll let you know how that goes.

But at this moment I would like to take this oppourtunity to wish the best of luck to all of my compadres taking final exams this week. Hooray for finishing the term! And were I in a mood for pointless remonstrating, I might say this- “More thinky, less drinky!”.

But I’m not, so I won’t.

I really should be running errands now..