..gonna take on the world someday.. Tuesday, Nov 28 2006 

And we’re back!

After a lovely (and far too short) visit to the eternal state of Oregon, I have returned to Seattle, where the local newshosts are gleefully verbose on the subject of the weather. That’s right, we got some snow. But it hasn’t affected me much at all, not having a school to be cancelled. I must officially be a grown up now, because the prospect of a snow day is merely inconveniant. And anyway, I haven’t seen much in my neck of the woods. The streets are dry and is just a little colder than normal. And not haveing a car, it doesn’t even change my commute any. You won’t catch me stranded on the 5 in Snohomish! Ha!

Anyway, I had an awesome Thanksgiving week. A shout out to all the people I missed- Molly and Chris and Megan and Cheryl. Molly, you are Lame! I mock your pie-bakery! You should have come out, it was an awesome good time and we missed you. Oh well. Perhaps I shall catch you all ’round Christmas time.

I am going to a life drawing class tomorrow. I’m excited. Having only one job this week has greatly increased my personal project time. And my lazy computer gaming and unnecessary sleeping-in time. Hooray!

Went to see a show with my future roomate last night. I had to do some grocery shopping afterwards, and upon witnessing my mighty grocery-shopping skills, said future roomate declared me in charge of nutritional procurement. Which works for me, especially as the trade-off was that she’ll do most of the dishes. Haha! We is gonna eat good.

Today I told my apartment manager I am moving. Can’t go back! Now I really have to leave, fer sure.

I am stuffed up with all the weather change and it is making me cranky. Warm to cold, cold to warm, my poor sinuses don’t know where they are anymore..


Tryin’ to make a living and doin’ the best I can.. Tuesday, Nov 21 2006 

Boy, I only have to use somebody else’s computer for a while to realize just how much I like having my own.. Mom’s keyboard now feels stiff and noisy to me.

Anyway, I am in Oregon for Thanksgiving festa-vitties. Iso came with me, but she’s staying in Portland whilst I go gallivanting about the state this week. It’s a nice vacation for her- she gets to hiss at the other kitties and sleep on my mom’s fabric stash all week. Spoiled kitty.

I sense impending food in my future.. So much food!

Winter’s Tale is over! That’s the show I’ve been working on all month.  No more t-shirt washing for me. I made paper snowflakes for everyone on the last day. I can’t believe it took me until the last show to think up that one.

Now I only have one little props job before I leave town after Christmas. I’m supposed to be paid for my Evergreen Paint job on Monday, which should be something over a thousand dollars and pay much of my moving expenses. Otherwise I may have to round up a gang of thugs. And I should very much dislike resorting to extortion..

I’m missing my usher job this month.  Alas, for the few more shekels it brought in every week would have been most welcome now. Oh well. I don’t regret quitting, I just wish I hadn’t needed to.

Maybe I’ll get lucky and pick up another weekend painting gig  or two. That’d be all I need, really. Just something to fill some space and pay some lunch money. Maybe I will set up some new bunny merch instead. I did order buttons yesterday. I’m very excited about that.

My future roommate and I have decided that we are going to live in Brooklyn. And I was talking to someone the other day while we were painting, and she had lots of great information on what the different neighborhoods were like and how best to find decent work. Impending excitement!  This next week I have to go about with a notebook and get contact info from everyone who has ever told me they know someone in New York..

…don’t call us, child, we’ll call you… Friday, Nov 10 2006 

I am at Seattle Center using their free-range internet, and listening to whatever this music is that the folk dancers are rehearsing to. It’s groovy. And furren-like. And old people dancing is really cute, even though I’m sure they’d be offended if they knew I thought that.
Anyhoo, yesterday I faxed in my application for the internship I want. It its a properties internship with the Manhattan Theatre Club. Today I got the nice confirmation email that essentially says “please don’t bother us, we’ll be in touch.” So at least I know the fax went through. I don’t entirely trust those Kinko’s people. Faxes scare me.

Supposedly they start looking at applications on Friday, and calling for interviews next week and the week after.
I’m scared…
So wish me luck! Although to be entirely honest, the best reason I can think of for them not to hire (or at least interview) me is if they already have a props intern from last semester and don’t need another. Because I feel pretty good about the mad minnick skills, really. My resume is lovely and my reccomends are good, and the very first cover letter I ever had to write pretty much wrote itself, which surprised me because I had prepared myself for this big scary process. And while it will be a fairly rough self-esteem blow if I don’t get the post, I have decided that if that’s the case it is a Sign From God that I should just get out there and start working actual real jobs, and to heck with this further education business (at least for now). So that’s the news.
Well, I was going to write more, but I think my battery is running low. So far that’s the only thing I wish my computer was better at, is battery longevity..

..I can make any Mule listen… but I won’t accept your pay… Wednesday, Nov 1 2006 

O my babies,

I have had the most freakeriffic tiring beat-all-down week. The Minnick has big undereye circles. It is a sad sight to behold.

I have quit my ushering job. I left in tears even, it was quite melodramatic. As faithful readers will no doubt recall, there has been a massive management change that I was most unhappy with. I received the last straw on Friday night. Upon opening my paycheck, I was most distressed to discover that they were paying me less per hour than I had previously been earning. It could have been and most likely was a clerical error. It might have been worth dealing with if it was the only problem I’d been having with the new bosses. But it was one among many an issue. And I cannot in good conscience work for a company that has so little respect for its employees that they can’t even get a payscale correct. No matter how much I love the job. And I did love that job. I’m pretty cut up about leaving this way.

But I had been promised a promotion, which hadn’t really felt like it had happened, and to discover that I had not only been denied a raise, but they had cut my pay, I couldn’t help but feel a sense of profound disrespect. And to add insult to injury, they couldn’t even spell my name right. I could forgive a forgotten hyphen, but not the lack of “e”. So I went home at intermission, and told the boss I wasn’t coming back. And that’s that.

But I’ve been getting lots of other work lately, work that pays more and that I like (mostly) just as much. And I figured that I can make a better impact by leaving than I would have by staying. They hadn’t been doing well at listening to what the employees were saying all along, and maybe if they understand that their gross incompetance and lack of professionalism has lost them at least one of their best workers, they won’t be so quick to screw over somebody else.

In the meantime I have been working several other jobs and traveling back and forth between my house and Seattle Center a lot. It’s far enough away that I usualy try to catch a bus, but the transit system here is so stupid that if I miss my bus it’s about the same amount of time to walk as it is to wait for the next one. And if I’m walking I don’t feel nearly as frustrated as I do if I have to wait for a freakin’ bus that’s going to be late half the time anyway. So the long and short of it is that I have been walking up and down Denny hill a lot. I have massive thigh muscles of endurance. Constitution +1! That’s for all my nerdy friends out there..

The great New York adventure approaches with rapid speed- every week it seems more and more real. Ack! Ack!