..silhouettes when our bodies finally go… Wednesday, Oct 25 2006 

Hello, my sleep-deprived compadres! I have had sleep, unlike all of you. But envy me not, for I am sorely ill. I habe a coewd. Pernicious viral strains attack on all fronts, but yea, I shall defeat them henceforth.

‘Tis a poorly timed cold too, as I am working three (four? I’ve lost count) jobs and scrambling not to double-book myself. Alas!

At this moment I am working in the gallery, where the comfy chair and cocoa are most welcome. A fine respite from painting, ironing, and directing people to their seats- all things that must be done standing up.

I cleaned my apartment! Well, it’s not Really clean, but it is cleaner. And my cat has lost some weight. Hooray!

In the process of cleaning, I have successfully packed up a large box of books. I have a lot of books… And sewing supplies. I’m a little afraid to open my closet. But as it all must be ruthlessly secured in cardboard soon, I shall endeavour to conquer my fear.

I’m tired and I wanna be at home in bed with my kitty…


..Whoop-de-whoop… Tuesday, Oct 17 2006 

So I have had the bestest week this week- also I have been trapped in 20th-century Olympia, WA, where there is limited cell phone service, and can you believe that The Evergreen College doesn’t have any internet in their theatre building? Damn hippies. I was cut off from the world!

Anyway, the reason that I was in Olympia is thus- I got a call from a designer I worked with a few weeks ago- I was her costume minion then, but she is more known for her scenic designs and I foolishly told her that I paint as well as sew. So she calls me and say “OMG, they haven’t hired a painter for A Winter’s Tale, can you come help me paint this week?” And I said “hell yes!” because I am sick of wardrobe gigs and have been dying to get my hands into some nice gooey paint. Also this designer is awesome and I wanted to work with her again. Because she is Hot Stuff. I made friends with her dog too. He’s a Jack Russell (just like Rowen, mom!) and very well behaved and cute.

The catch was that the show goes up at Evergreen before it comes to Seattle Center, so the company put us up in Olympia for the week. It was kind of like theatre camp.  They put us into this huge empty house, which had towels and blankets and soap, but no shampoo. The soap was really crappy too, I washed my face and hair with it, and not only did it not clean so good, it stripped my bodily moisture all away, so my skin is both broken out and really dry. This is not supposed to happen. I have oily skin, always have. Applying moisturizer is as foreign to me as curry on toast. But I had to do it yesterday, because I swear I was molting into a new exoskelton. So between that and the obligatory layer of smelly paint all over, I’ve been feeling kinda unfit to occupy space with other human beings. Good thing I’d been hanging out with all the hippies there at Evergreen..

 I have been having a blast! I do loves the paint. I got to do some sculpting too, and I used both a power sprayer (like they use to paint cars) and a big dyevat. A big, big scary dyevat, and I figured out how to use it myself, and the dyejob and cleanup went great. And I learned some new techniques (who knew that laundry starch was such a useful paint surface?) and am genuinely thrilled with the work. The design is beautiful and the pieces are incredibly fun to make. And it’s been really great to see firsthand how a really successful designer lives and works, and how to get there.

So this project has sort of inspired me to pursue the scenic art more fervently, and lay off the costume design until I have a better network and the time to go to grad school. Because scenicly I love the Craft just as much if not more so that the Art, and Scenic Artists (some might call them set painters) can get decent steady work much more easily than young inexperianced designers can. And I’m feeling kind of all or nothing about costumes lately. If I do costumes for the rest of my life, I want to walk into a nice big shop with drawings and swatches and tell the peeps to “build this”. Stitching is not a love-filled career for me, and I don’t have the skill or the patience to be a cutter or draper at this point. And Costme Designing is still a long-term career goal, but the tools I need for that I won’t have for at least another six years.

So screw it, I’m a Scenic Artist. I will still go to New York, it will be a grand adventure that I can’t afford not to do right now, but I will only stay as long as I’m enjoying myself. I will do paint and props, because those be the jobs I can get that don’t involve washing anybody’s tights. And if I get this internship I want, it will be an immediate place to hide out and network for a while. But a good painter can get work just about anywhere, and I think that is what I need to do while I can still travel and my knees and back and hands are still good. Because it is brutal physical labor, painting, and I can’t do it forever. Now is the time!

..and it’s all those little things that I fear… Sunday, Oct 1 2006 

I throughly contend that it’s the small things in life. Like right now, for example. Watch me use the internet! Hahaha!

I have a deskjob! I’ve never had a job where I sit on my bum and use the internet all day. It’s great. I am babysitting an art gallery/store while the owners are on vacation. I have keys to lock and unlock, and I handle large sums of credit card money.  I’m responsible! It still feels like such a lie.. Mostly I sit here, and read, or draw, or naallbind, and people come in and out, and once in a while someone will buy something. It is deliciously boring.

My ushering job is still weird. So we are merging with the company that does our security, which could be a good thing in the long run, but right now it mostly means that we have multiple new supervisors and nobody knows whose job is what this month. The boss kept telling us that nothing was going to change, and it’s such an obvious lie that I don’t know that I have much respect for him anymore.

 But I figure that the noisier I am now about things that need to change or stay the same, the better for everyone later. So I’ve been making a bit of a nusiance of myself, and I don’t care. This thing has been so poorly handled from the beginning that I am astounded at the massive failure in management. It was announced at the worst possible time, in a suspiciously noncommunicative way, and the people who would be the ones to make the transition smoothly have not been given the power to do so. So I am full of the cranky, and I don’t care who knows it. I love that job, I do it because it is fun. I am not being paid enough for it not to be fun. I can make more per hour elsewhere. They’ve got nothing on me.

 Next weekend I am running wardrobe for yet another local theater.  It pays pretty decent, and I can do my “paid by the hour” dance too. But the great thing about it is that when the guy called me, he said he got my name from three entirely different people. That made me feel really good. I have a good reputation! People like me and want to get me jobs! Maybe this freelancing thing doesn’t have to suck.

I had to upgrade my cell phone plan because I got tired of paying massive bills when I went over my minutes every third month or so. My life is fascinating, I know.