put another dime in the jukebox, baby… Friday, Sep 22 2006 

Alas! for I am back in rainy Seattle, and my vacation is sadly over. It so was raining when I flew in on Tuesday too. Most depressing.

I am stressed out because they are making some drastic management changes at work, my favorite internet cafe is undergoing some sort of massive remodel and I don’t know what’s going to happen to it, and my apartment is a mess and I really don’t have the time or motivation to clean it. Mostly it’s the work thing. I just don’t know how I feel about it, and it kind of puts a knot in my stomach. I really like that job, and I’d hate to have it change in such a way that I don’t want to be there anymore. Gah. And did I mention that it is raining? Well, today it is sunnier, but it’s been yucky all week and summer is definately over.

I had a wonderful time in California! Much delicious food was eaten, and much much fun was had. Heehee! Life is good. It is going to be a lonely sad October..


Always on the sunny side… Monday, Sep 18 2006 

Today I am wandering the grounds of UC Santa Cruz. Matthew has some T.A. training thing this afternoon, so I am foolishly left to my own devices. I spent some time in the science library reading journals of abnormal psychology. It was fun. I love libraries.
The campus is sort of arranged like a summer camp. When you first bus in it looks like an old western movie set- there’s historical wooden barns, and a cow pasture, and gnarly old trees and scrub brush. Also the grass is brown. I wanted to put on a sinister black hat and rassle me up some dogies. But once you are on the campus proper it is all redwood forest and wooden bridges and trails occasionally interspersed with buildings. I may have gotten lost in the woods once or twice. It’s nice here.
Yesterday we went to the ocean. It is strange to see buildings right next to the beach. We walked on the wharf and saw some sea lions. Although it would be more accurate to say that we heard them, because it was dark at the time. Noisy things.

I still can’t quite get used to the local flora. Something about the mix of temperate and semi-tropical plants just kind of blows me away. It’s mostly the palm trees. Palm trees are weird. But when you put a nice cedar tree next to a big-leafed colorful jungle flower, there’s something indescibably eclectic about it.  And boy do people here love their gardens! even if the house is somewhat unimpressive, the front yard is beautiful. There are morning glories everywhere, in all different colors too. It’s awesome.
I just eavesdropped on  a long conversation about how “the kids” these days can’t possibly be adequately prepared for the crazy mad world of today. Age is wasted on the old. It’s a beautiful sunny day and life could be much much worse, that’s all I have to say.

…California, here we come… Saturday, Sep 16 2006 

Avast, me hearties, for I am in Santa Cruz and it is beautiful here. Much nicer than San Jose. San Jose can kiss my cuticles. We got stck there waiting for a bus. For HOURS. We spent more time negotiating public transit to get from the airport than I spent in the air.

The flight itself was less than two hours. I like airplanes. I hate airports. It’s a sad state of affairs. I ended up sitting right next to a local Seattle personality- Dee Dee the rainbow lady! She was en route to the Monteray Jazz Festival. She’s this sweet old lady who used to teach 7th grade Art- but she is known throughout town becasue she dresses up in crazy rainbow clothes and jewelry- including rainbow hairdye and face makeup- Every Day. It’s awesome. I first saw her at my usher job, she came to see Mama Mia! twice. Anyway, she’s a really sweet lady and it was fun to have her to talk to.

Anyhoo, as I was saying, Santa Cruz is beautiful. There are lots of trees and almost as many quaint Queen-Anne era houses. And a Craftsman or two, but the dollhouse-looking Queen Annes are everywhere. They are adorable and make for very nice walking.

In other news, some of you will be interested to know that my mother, SKA Elaine de Montgris, has been put on vigil to be inducted into the Order of The Laurel! Congratulations, mom! You ROCK!

The Exodus continues.. Sunday, Sep 10 2006 

So I was going to be a rebel and continue to post on the Kimiweb, but after the man himself Chris Brunner made the switch, I simply couldn’t justify it anymore. Alas. Now I have to learn a new Internet thing! Damnit, I’m too old for this. Why must everything be so complicated?

How much does my title ROCK!?! Haha!

Anyway, some news. Guess who’s going to Santa Cruz! It is I! It may not so glamorous as say, Rome, but I fully intend to enjoy myself thoroughly.There’s a certain redhead physicist I intend to corrupt. Mwahahahahaha! We shall see whose maniacal laugh is more frightening.. Let the world beware!

Other than that, I’m working all the time, my cat is fat and mad at me, my apartment is a mess because I’m never home, and last night I worked the Devo concert at the Paramount, and it’s the only time I’ve ever clocked out early so I could get out of uniform and dance to the last song. Old school.