I’ll make a supersonic man out of you… Thursday, May 3 2012 

Oh holy crap look at this adorable time capsule! Man, what a chronicle of my twenties.

I feel I must explain. But wait, there’s no time for that. Let me sum up.

2010 sucked balls. Vacuumed massive hairy spheres.  I spent it being super poor, artistically unfulfilled, and extremely unhappy at my stupid dayjob that I couldn’t afford to quit because the economy was total crap. There was only one good thing happened to me in 2010, and his name was Phil.

I met him at the office Christmas party, the one I would have missed if I had managed to make it on a plane to st. Thomas like I was supposed to.  Since I was unable to get out of NY, I dressed up real nice and determined to make the most out of a night of free margaritas. Halfway through my third drink I didn’t give a crap about anything anymore and informed the quiet green-eyed new guy that I thought he was cute. Apparently a clumsy drunken proposition can turn out to be an effective if unsubtle strategy, because we spent the night making out.

We got married last weekend. And we’re moving to Seattle in the fall.

New York City, you were good to me for a while. I don’t regret in the slightest making the move here. But I’m done with you now, we’re finished. It’s time I went home. I need to be closer to my family again, and the hell if I’m putting any kids of mine through your insanely stressful school system. I want to pay less rent, have a garden, and smell fir trees again.

2011 sucked less, but only because I could see the light at the end of the tunnel. I was in love and small things in the rest of my life were slowly improving.

I got to a place in my writing where I don’t automatically hate everything I produce. I’m still not very good yet but I am at least better at it than I was.

My day job only got worse all the time, so I cut my hours there in half and found a new part time job, one that pays a bit less per hour but is a lot less stressful and a much shorter commute. I finally quit that stupid first job a few months ago and have been supplementing my income with babysitting instead. I’d been there for over five years and that is far too long to be in a place that I knew was a total dead end.

My career sputtered ‘coz the economy went bust, it’s the same story everywhere so I try not to feel too bad. I don’t even know that I want to work in theatre anymore, a lot of the things I loved about it are more profitably found elsewhere. I still want to go to grad school some day, but I am not entirely certain what for. But I have the next decade, nay, the rest of my life! to answer than question, and if I want to reproduce my genes sans unnecessary complications I had probably better get on that first.

Phil hates NY and has wanted to leave for years, and now seems as good a time as any. We got a timeline mapped out for the next 9-12 months, taking everything one step at a time. This summer is gonna be a lot of hunkering down, saving our pennies, and getting boring grownup tasks out of the way. I’m gonna get a learner’s permit and finally learn to drive, for example. And on September 1st we are piling all our worldly goods plus my cat into a uhaul and heading out west.

It’s gonna be all symbolic and romantical and junk. I can’t wait.

…an army made of you… Friday, Jan 29 2010 

Well it has been a fair bit of time since I’ve posted, so here it is, I suppose.

Been working a fair amount- I got called by NYU at last! They must have found some overhire money from somewhere, coz there I am. It has been nice to put the boots back on for a few weeks. And even better to take them off again.. 

In similar news, remember how I was all going to reapply for grad schools this year? Well, after much self flagellation, I have put that plan on hold. You may recall I mentioned a list of things I had written up, things to do that were not grad school? There are a lot of awesome things on that list. Things that I really want to do. And I only got through about 30% of them. So I am giving myself more time.

And it my resume really isn’t different enough from last year’s, since the economy’s been so stinking bad and I hadn’t been getting as much freelance work as expected. Also I really should get my finaces in better order before I go back into school and screw them all up  again…

But mostly I just wasn’t feeling it. Wasn’t motivated, was inspired, and not at all ready to even consider packing up and moving cities again. Gonna give it another year. I’m 25. I got some time.

In the interim I am writng like a crazy woman and starting up the sewing machine again. Also I have a boy now. Life is really pretty sweet.

Gonna go visit Kelly again next month, looks like. Since there’s an airline what owes me a trip to st. Thomas.. I have to call them. I hate calling. Have to do it. Bah!

But I am gonna get me some rum on the beach!! Yessssss!

wishin’, and hopin’… Wednesday, Dec 23 2009 

Well chaps and chapesses, I realize I have not posted in a great long time. And, since I amd trapped at the airport and have a lovely tale of woe to share, why not?

So I am SUPPOSED to be on a beach drinking rum right now. I am not. This makes me very sad.

I missed my flight yesterday morning, because my trainride that was supposed to take an hour took two, and then I got in the wrong line. And there were no more direct flight to St. Thomas that day. The next flight I could get was a connection in Miami, but that wasn’t for like eight hours so i figured I’d go home and come back. I got all the way out of the airtrain, went to buy another metrocard home, and realized my wallet was gone. So not only was I not drinking rum on a beach that afternoon, I couldn’t even go home and have the nice meal and a cry like I planned to. Instead, I got to file a police report and cancell all my credit cards.

But there was some light! The police officer was super nice. (Also, kinda hot). I got sent to travelaid and they gave me a metrocard so I could get home that day after all. I had a meal and a wee bit of a nap, hung out with the kittycat and all. Then tromped back to the airport to get there before the ticket counter closed. That way I was checked in for my stand by flight in the morning already and did not have to stand in line and risk doing the same thing I’d done earlier that made me miss my original flight. I then spent the night on a cot next to baggage claim.

To no avail! I was high up on the standby list, but the flight was overbooked and I did not get on it. Now I am a determined airport camper. For I am sticking around to see if I can get on either connecting flight to San Juan, in which case I have a confirmation for a flight to St Thomas in the morning. If not, I will be even higher on the list for that same direct flight in tomorrow morning…

Yes, for optimal travelling experience, do not try to fly standby on a holiday week just after a snowstorm. There were 75 people on the standby list for the flight to Miami this morning. And they were bumping people and  calling for volunteers becasue the plane was smaller than the one that was originally booked. Impossible!

So here I am, stressed out and very tired, waiting in the airport with my fingers crossed I can get on a plane before Christmas. If my ass can just get on a plane my vacation is saved…

One good stroke of luck though. I lost my wallet, but I still have my ID. It was in my pocket coz I’d taken it out to go through security. So I can still  travel and I won’t be too screwed when I get home. I was even able to go to a bank and get a little cash to buy trashy magazines and airport food with. By the time I get home (if I ever get to leave), I may even find my new issued cards in the mail. So it could be worse.

I miss my wallet though.. there were some sentimental things in there. And now I don’t really know what to do with my cash, it’s sort of floating homeless in my empty sad purse.

So that is my tale of vacation woe. At least I am not passportless in China though. But I hate airports. Love flying, hate airports.

At least the christmas music they got pipinng in is reletively inoffensive.

So cross you fingers and wish me luck y’all! I need to get on a plane!!

…more wenches and mead… Friday, Nov 6 2009 

All right fine. It is true, two whole months is a long time to go without a post. It’s like I’ve been distracted with facebook or something. Lame excuse, I know. But yeah.

Anyway, I also for a long time felt like nothing truly of interest had happened- er, at least that I want to share with everybody anyway. Been long enough now I am surely able to dredge up some news now, what?

Full disclosure- some of this is gonna be copied and pasted from emails. Sorry mom. I am a lazy blogger.

I am having computer again and facebook messages do not always want to load properly. I think that Egil’s HD is to blame because I can hear it
clicking when it freezes. So that means I’ll have to take it back and
prolly get a new one. At least I am not a total fool and bought the
warranty. I do have back up all my word files and pics first though..
Big pain in my butt. Also these computer problems are totally cramping
my ‘stay up late and write’ binges. How am I supposed to get my word
nerd on? Writing it out in my scribbly handwriting on paper is just not
the same.

Been doing it anyway though. And saving on to my flash drive because I am paranoid about losing my word files now.  I’m hittng some scenes that are fairly important to the story- the kind I’ve been thinking about for a long time and am nervous to actually write them. Like no skill I have can possibly do justice to what I got in my head. It’s a scary place to be. But I gotta get it down and out of me or it’ll never go anywhere.

In other news, there’s been some crazy management shakeups at work that have been stressing me out a bit, but they’re supposed to make things better in the end. Like supposedly I’m supposed to have health insurance starting this week. I am very excited about this. It’s a tiny bit of insurance, but a little is a far sight better than the Nothing I got now. Baby needs to see her a doctor. I haven’t even had a checkup in like a decade. Man I kinda cannot wait to do that.

I did get a solid 33 hours scheduled this week, so that’s good. I had previously been operating on 25-30ish and just squeaking by. A few more hours, especially reliable steady hours, is gonna do wonders for my bank account I feel, since the freelance work has dried up so very drastically this year. It’s a bit depressing but at least I am employed. I really hope I did not just jinx myself by saying that… aaaaaa

My roomate just lost his job this week, though he actually seems much less stressed about it than I would be. Maybe coz he’s got some savings and hasn’t been here as long so he also doesn’t have as much stuff. He’s planning to move into the living room though, so we can rent out his bedroom to some unsuspecting soul and make us a bit more cash per month. This may also be good for the ol’ minnick dollar.

We do need to clean out the disaster area that is our kitchen first. We’ve both been sick for the last few weeks and nothing has been done to satisfaction. What it is though is that our counter is so tiny and the room is so small that even managable messes look like we are total hopeless slobs. Which we are not. I hope.

One nice thing about this damned recession is that all my friends are just as poor as me, so at least I don’t feel alone. Nutty artists everywhere be feelin’ the slow heat.. bah.

Also I came home the other day to Grand Jury Summons! Oh boy, Jury Duty!! Haven’t had to go yet, it’ll be my first time. Previously I have always been living out of state. Got no reason not to do it this time though. So I’ll just have to see how it goes.

Well kids, I am tired of writing this so this is all you get. If there’s  anybody even reading anymore….

…the colored lights, they brightly shine… Thursday, Aug 20 2009 

All right fine. In an endeavor to extinguish these pathetic yet strangely insistent flames of mockery, and also to avoid becoming the most uninteresting man in the world, I shall offer you this missive.

It is August. My least favorite month. It is hot and sticky and LOOONG, and as ever in August, I am Super Poor. This month is cursed.

Since I, as aforementioned, am super poor, I have been doing many small things to allay my budget shortfalls. Gone are the days of eating ten dollar lunches at the deli everyday! Away with my monthly expenditures on stacks of delicious books! No more spontaneous shopping for shiny new shoes and adorable dresses. I can’t really tell you which one of these hurts more.

Wait. Yes I can. It’s the books. I gotta have new things to read on the train or my commute becomes an arduous trudge, instead of a welcome respite in the passage of my working day.

So I’ve been cooking meals at home to take to work, this saves me much money in the food line, especially since my roommate and I share groceries and he eats out a lot. I’ve also worked out this deal where I borrow books from a coworker in exchange for food. Icelandic Chicken in particular is a big hit. So I just make extra when I cook, and receive delicious knowledge for my delicious foods.

It’s a pretty good deal. I’ve been reading a lot of science coz that’s what he brings me. Genomes  and physics and computers, oh my! It’s awesome. The last book was about famous equations and thus had like four whole chapters just on Einstein. I gotta say, reading about Einstein’s gig at the patent office, it make me feel a little better about my boring dayjob.

I painted a mural on another coworker’s bathroom wall last month and was partially paid in massive amounts of acrylic paint. So I got myself some cheap canvases and have been painting again. I did a series on blood moons coz I was in a dark mood for a while. They turned out nice though I think. Now I believe I shall switch to happier subjects. Like Bunnies. Cute adorable bunnies.

I am not kidding. If ever I am in a scuzzy public restroom (which is often as that’s the only kind the likes of me inhabits here), I have oft been known to grace said establishment’s collection of graffiti with my own rabbity contributions. Those bunnies shall spread throughout the hipster enclaves of Brooklyn, and shall also make their marks around St. Marks. That’s in the village if you did not know. Anyway, cue maniacal laugh here.

I am also poor enough that I am considering an attempt to sell some of said paintings. I don’t know that anyone will care about blood moons. But Bunniez, now. Bunniez will sell. People love them.

But enough about rabbits. Back to complaining about being poor!

Since I can’t afford lots of clothes shopping this season, I have continued to sew up a storm. A summer dress storm. Also I have been hemming people’s pants and sewing buttons for pocket change. So that’s good.

I think my next project will be to redye a bunch of my black clothes, because they have faded but are otherwise perfectly good and I don’t want to buy new ones just yet. I’m gonna see if anybody else at work wants their pants redyed too. Might as well be efficient with the dyepot, since it’s such a pain. Specially in this weather..

Gods have I mentioned the weather? I know you folks on the west coast been having it bad, but it is crazy hot and HUMID here and I can’t wait for it to stop. Yucky yucky!

I do have a giant fan that blows right over my bed and that is lovely even if it does dry out my eyes. And I been drinking liquids like I am Thor, God of Thunder. There’s a mythology reference for all you history nerds out there.

Well this has been a nice long post and I am tired of writing it so I am gonna stop. So there. Nyah.

…… but if you were to leave me some nice comments then I would not feel so lonely……

…fall over, fall overboard… Monday, Jun 15 2009 

okay let there not be overt mockery!

Well, it is getting on towards summer for reals here. Lots of thunderstorms. They like to occur at 3 am when I can’t enjoy them properly.

My biggest news is that both my roomates are now gone and I have a new one. He is a fellow I used to work with at Bodies, then he moved to Atlanta, but he hated Atlanta so when his job there offered him a promotion to move back here he took it with relish. Now my big empty apartment is less empty.

It is however very clean because I had a lot of time to myself when I was living alone for the past three weeks. I am super excited about this. There’s something so wonderful about the fresh smell of murphy’s oil soap on all my hardwood floors. I also got way too excited about the fact that I bought a new shower curtain. One of my roomies had torn a hole in the old one.

I have been doing lots of writing and sewing for myself. I just finished a new bathrobe at 4 am. Now that I live with a dude again I can’t just be running around nekkid -ALL- the time.. It is green with white ‘crysanthemums’ that I hand dyed myself. Also all the visible stitching is done by hand. I’ll get some pics eventually. I’m super happy with it.

Also been playing a lot of facebook scrabble. Oh, and watching old tv shows on hulu. I love the internet.

…I have dreams of Orca Whales and owls.. Monday, May 11 2009 

Well, here I am again..

Lots has happened which is why I have not blogged. Kelly came to visit me! We ate at many a resturant and spent all our money on shiny things.

Then last week my Mommy came to visit! She spent four days here and I think we spent at least 18 hours of that riding trains or buses.  We went to the Cloisters for one, which is fabulously beautiful and also far far away. We spent another day at the Met, and I really gotta get out there more often because I forget how fabulous it is.

My roommate Kirsten has moved out, and my other roomie Dante is planning to leave early June. I shall swiftly need more roommates. I got a couple of friends moving here late June, so I think what I’ll do is sublet the furnished room for the end of this month and beginning of next to make up the money I won’t otherwise have then. Nothing’s final yet though.

I need a day off to clean..

I am still sewing like mad. Dante commissioned a dress from me that I finished when Mom was here. It is bright orange, red belt, yellow lining. O so bright! I could never wear such colors.. but they look good on some other people I know.

Kelly got me wathing Battlestar Galactica, and now I have nightmares that Cylons are chasing me which is Awesome. No seriously. Awesome.

She also brought me some new music and that is the bestest thing ever. Anybody want to get me a present? It’s easy. Just burn me a CD (or 8) with whatever on it. I guarantee I won’t have heard some of it, probably don’t own most of it, and will in any case love you forever.

Just sayin’.

Well that is my blog post for today and I have thus averted all mockery. Whoohoo!

… and when she’s done she’ll feed you to her cat… Tuesday, Apr 21 2009 

Hi Everybody!

Well, I have big news, I guess. I got my results from NYU and they were not the ones I wanted, so I am not going to grad school this year after all. But after a weekend of thinking and talking to people about it (not to mention the drinking and boys), I’m actually pretty cool about it now.  It’s another year of freedom! And next year when I try again, I’ll be more prepared to entertain offers outside of New York, so that’ll be another card to play.

And since I really felt the interview went well, I have decided that what they are doing is hoping I’ll come back next year, when they can give me lots more money ‘coz I’ll be a repeat applicant. It’s happened before- my friend Simms got in that way on his second try, so there is precedent.

Anyway, I was sad for a while, but all will be well.

I made a list of things to do this year that are not grad school, and there’s some pretty awesome things on it.

I said not to mention the drinking and the boys.

I am super excited becasue Kelly is coming on Friday! And after she leaves, Mommy! This is gonna be all sorts of fun.

I have to find at least one new roommate this month. I want to do it when I am not so busy because the process is such a pain. Not looking forward to it, trying not to stress about it prematurely. So that’s that.

All of this involves me cleaning my house. It never ends!

I was supposed to have a date tonight but he just cancelled ‘coz he’s stuck at school. Lame. I was already shaved too.

Maybe I will make another pie instead. I wonder what I got in my house?

… she’s actual size, but she seems much bigger… Monday, Apr 13 2009 

Oh my lovelies, I have returned!

My computer is still broken and I still have to fix it. But today I did what I’d been thinking about anyway and bought another. It is a tiny little netbook, just for going out and about and writing upon. It was super cheap and I totally walked into the store and out again in15 minutes ‘coz I knew exactly what I wanted. And now I have the internet again, so I can do things like order parts to fix my old one..

Other than having no CD dive, it seems pretty much like it is a mini version of the acer I already have. But it gets 7 hrs of battery life and it weighs less than a hardcover book. Also it is a lovely prussian blue.

I have named it Egil.

My other project for today was to clean my kitchen. Not as exciting, I know, but boy did I feel like I’d accomplished something. I even rubbed the walls down wwith bleachwater. They were filthy. Now they shine.

Tomorrow, the Bathroom! Dun dun dun! Also, laundry. And maybe a pie. Maybe. I did buy blueberries yesterday.

I love it when I have two days off in a row. I get so much more done! If I only have one day off I always end up just sleeping all day.

I am very excited for the impending visitation of one Kelly O’Brien. And then the week after that, my Mommy! I can’t wait. I sense much delicious resturant food in my future..

…and I’ll watch ’em roll away again… Saturday, Mar 28 2009 

Stop mocking me! My computer is broken and I haven’t gotten around to fixing it yet. 

Not like there’s a lot of news anyway. I’m still waiting for that call or letter from NYU, and that’s really all.

Been making a lot of pie, I guess that’s news. Last week was sweet potato. It was a big hit at work, but I don’t know that I’d make it for myself ever- little too much world of starch. Tomorrow I got big plans for cherry pie and everybody is excited so they better turn out. I was gonna make ’em from scratch but the grocery was out of frozen cherries so I just bought canned. It’ll be fine anyway I’m sure.

Waiting waiting waiting. I want mid-April to be here. Stupid March. At least the weather’s getting nicer. I wore a skirt yesterday, and that is a beautiful thing.

Oh and my cat is losing major weight. I thinks she likes the spring too. Also she is on the eat-only-food-you-don’t-like diet and that is the only thing that ever works for her. We had a kibble battle for nearly three days. I won. Yes yes.

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